Wylie Toms

Wylie Toms

 New York City, New York, USA

Cabaret folk with hints of belligerence, Wylie Toms hearken to Talking Heads with simple pure melodies and eclectic instrumentation. Wylie Toms have a sweetness that is deceptive, a brusqueness that is sexy, and an energy that is compulsive but generous.


Wylie Toms began in May of 2010 with members from various regions and musical backgrounds making for a diverse, eclectic, and ever evolving sound and presence. Since their inception, they have played throughout the New York City area, traveling to surrounding regions, playing in communities such as Local Correspondents, The Whisk & Ladle SupperClub of Williamsburg, Sunday Night Sinner's Club, Catweazle, and the unStandard Saloon.

Their music ranges from simple folk songs with lyrical yarns, dramatic brooding pieces, to exercises in absurdity with noise and heat.

With piano, banjo, guitars, saxophone, clarinet, bass, drums, organs, and harmonies, the Wylie Toms have been likened to Rufus Wainwright, Tom Waits, Beirut, Nick Cave, Talking Heads, Leon Redbone, and The Walkmen among others.

With their debut album slated to release in October of 2010, Wylie Toms are always looking forward. In the words of Playwright and Poet-Laureate David Hopes, "There is a future there."


Debut Album coming October 2010.