Wyndfall plays high-energy celtic & folk rock music. Their love of performance is immediately engaging, whether spinning tales of love, or maybe love lost, or firing an instrumental at the crowd.


"This quartet has mastered the art of melding melodies. They essentially finish each other's musical sentences, filling in the blanks, smiling all the while." (Lancaster Sunday News)

Wyndfall's sound fuses elements of rock, celtic, classical & jazz into a fresh acoustic sound. They drive ordinary songs into new places. Acoustically oriented, this blend of neo-classical blues layered with whimsical vocals "summons the ancient troubador" in all of us.

Their love of performance is immediately engaging, while bringing accurate performances of traditional music to audiences east to west, north & south. Wyndfall’s varied repertoire swings from Irish traditional songs to jazz to formal classical pieces — incorporating improvisation everywhere possible!

Wyndfall has opened for Gaelic Storm, Blackmore's Night, Bela Fleck, & Grey Eye Glances. Bands that have opened for Wyndfall include Stacy Earle & Empty Hats. They shared the bill with The Chieftains, Saw Doctors, Pat McGuire & Davy Spillane for St. Paddy's week celebration in New York City. They have headlined at music festivals across the country. Their original compositions have won awards and have been featured in theater productions, children's museum productions, commissioned for original theater pieces, & featured at the Boston-Prague New Music Festival in Boston. Their originals & original arrangements were also featured during a performance with the Shippensburg College-Community Orchestra.

Recent venues include: Theater of the Living Arts (Philly), Westbury Music Fair (NY), Red Lion Pub (Manhattan), Big Buck Brewery (Detroit), Tulsa Mayfest, Four Green Fields (Detroit), 75th Street Brewery (Kansas City), Kilkenny's Pub (Tulsa), Penn State Music Festival, Paddy Reilly's (Manhattan), HMV Record Stores (Manhattan), New Directions in Cello Festival (WI), PA Renaissance Faire, Harrisburg Artsfest, Hoggetowne Medieval Faire (FL), Appalachian Brewing Company (Harrisburg), Celtic Fling (PA), & more!

Wyndfall’s influences include Jethro Tull, Bela Fleck, David Grisman & New Grass Revival, Turlough O’Carolan, JS Bach, John Coltrane, Miles Davis & Paul Simon.


Garden of You

Written By: Chris Laughery

I can feel you in the garden,
in the stick of summertime.
There’s something ‘bout the memory
of your passion makes me rhyme.
I can see your face as clear as day,
shining through the pain.
I begin to smell the bouquet of you
and the tears fall like rain.

I swear sometimes you visit me,
I feel you in my heart,
thoughts of you so fuzzy warm
though we’re ages far apart.
I only see you in my dream
and in the garden, too,
so innocently hidden in the
forbidden Garden of You.
With your lips so silky sweet,
I can almost taste the heat,
I wonder if we’ll ever meet again,
in the Garden of You.

I found an old photo
in the attics of our love,
my inner cat played tit for tat
with your cuddly little dove,
round and round so playfully
on the wings of desire,
soaring into eternity,
raging with the fire.

Here’s the health
to all the ones who shared
my path along the way,
may we meet again with merriment,
all in the month of May.
May we laugh and love the whole night through,
let morning make us fall.
We’ll wake to find the ache behind,
and it’s not a dream at all.

Katy's Rambles

Written By: Tom Reese

Sweet just like the breeze,
brought by an early spring,
whispering melodies,
songs that the birds can sing.
Then the shadows fall over a golden field,
Katy is calling you.
Come take her hand.

Katy you’re there,
when the darkness takes hold of me.
Katy you’re there,
when the others refuse to see.
You are a joy to the ones that have set you free.
Open your arms to her,
come take her hand.

To her place we’ll go down by the tannery,
in through the tavern door,
open for all to see.
I’m reminded of days with my family,
walking to town on a warm summer’s day.

We’ll take all the rhymes buried in memories,
spoken in fairy tales,
hardly a mystery.
You will find your place,
Katy will call your name,
and you’ll go sailing on,
singing her song.

Katy it’s you that has shown me my destiny.
Katy it’s you that has shown me how love should be.
You are afloat on a sea of tranquility,
open your arms to me,
I’ll take your hand.

Waltz of the Young Girls

Written By: Tom Reese

Watching you at dawn,
through my sleepy eyes.
I will sing a song,
in three quarter time,
as you start the dance,
touching me again,
and giving me the message that you send.

Join me through the day,
moving like the wind,
watching children play.
Soon they will begin,
learning sa they sway,
following my song,
now all the little children will belong.
As I watch the dance,
waltzing through an early morning moment
with a joyful song to sing.

Now the day is born,
songs are in the air,
children we adore move without a care.
Everybody needs healing purity and
blessings for our spirits to be free.
Seasons slowly change,
and we reminisce,
'bout the little girls
dancing through the mist.
Still the song remains,
melodies appear,
and memories protect me through the years.

I recall the joy
when I close my eyes,
I watch the dancer spinning gently through my day.
In a solemn place,
others play my song of sweet surrender
hoping that you choose to stay.

Now the evening breeze
carries me away,
I am all alone
as my memory fades,
still I see you dance,
slowly 'cross the floor,
with all the graceful beauty I adore.
As the evening falls,
darkness fills the room,
shadows slowly fade,
hiding from the gloom.
I am all alone,
'till I sing my song,
then all the little children sing along.
They all know the words,
and the haunting melody
surrenders as the conversation ends.

Now the day is done,
and I slip away in silent slumber
till the morning comes again.

Watching you at dawn,
through my sleepy eyes ...


A Second Wynd (2004).

Piper's Dream (2002).
"A highly listenable CD" (PittsburghTimes)

Several tracks from this CD were chosen for "The Tartan Apple," by Skye Films.

"Katy's Rambles" was selected for an international compilation CD (New Age Voices) & for the Shriner's compilation CD.

Set List

Wyndfall's musical repertoire ranges from Turlough O'Carolan (the "Bach" of Irish music), to traditional folk tunes & songs, to contemporary songs & originals. They cover songs like Jethro Tull's Kelpie & Cup of Wonder; Nights in White Satin; Dave Brubeck; Beatles tunes & others.

Our selection of repertoire varies depending on the venue. We offer a mix of originals and traditional songs from Ireland, Scotland, America, & more. Performances are from one to three hours, with a variety of programs available.

Concerts: One hour programs can feature all Irish music or all classical music. See www.wyndfallrecords.com/wyndfall.htm for more complete program listings.

Festivals: 60 to 90 minute sets.

Clubs: We play three sets of approx. one hour with 15 minute breaks.

Sample Set List:

John Barleycorn (trad. Irish)
Fanfare (Couperin)
Cup of Wonder (Anderson)
Far Away (Jung)
Dance Upon the Shore
Bold Doherty (trad. Irish)
Katy’s Rambles (trad. Iris