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"Buffalo News Article 10-26-07"

In August, by the canal in Tonawanda, Kansas played to a packed "house" peopled by some serious, seasoned progressive-rock fans — and, in many instances, the offspring of those dyed-in-the-wool prog-heads. Here, musical dexterity and ensemble virtuosity were not merely tolerated — they were required, desperately sought and eagerly embraced. It was the perfect audience, then, for Jim Wynne and his band.
Wynne has been around the musical block a time or two. He has earned (rightly) a reputation around these parts as a top-shelf musician, a fleet-fingered bassist and keyboardist and one of those rare beasts able to handle both at once. Seeing Wynne performing with various bands over the years has always been part witnessing of physical miracle, part diving headlong into the body-rattling joy of the low-end thump and wallop.

Wynne is a musician's musician, surely, but he's also a people-pleaser. Which, I suppose, makes him a bit "old school." Naturally, the audience on that August day, full of Kansas freaks who'd soon bask in the Mahavishnu-meets-Southern rock glory of that band's sound, ate up Wynne's new project, aptly christened the Wynne Band.

Wynne picked players of his own caliber for this project. Drummer Corey Kertzie, who is, for my money, the finest "jam band" drummer around, is a tenured member of Sonic Garden and former member of Wild Knights and Juggling Suns. Singer Peter Vogt fronted God's Children and Lucid. Jamie Holka grabbed top honors in the North American Guitar Competition, deservedly, and claims his influences as Jeff Beck and Pat Martino, which makes perfect sense once you've heard him play. Chuck DeRose has played with Crash Paradise, Hazy Daze, Pale Face and the In Crowd, and it's his blues-based work that serves to anchor the wild virtuosic flights of both Holka and Wynne. If this sounds like some sort of supergroup, well . . . so be it.

On Saturday, the Wynne Band celebrates the release of its jaw-dropping debut disc, "Hurry Up and Wait," in Club W, 199 Delaware Ave., beginning at 7 p.m. Guests the Little Mountain Band and the Feast will keep things more than interesting in the early hours. Check out the Wynne Band at www.MySpace.com/wynneband.

--Jeff Miers - Jeff Miers

"Buzzalo.com Online Article 10-11-07"

BUFFALO, NY (October 11, 2007) – The Wynne Band may be playing its last show at 7p.m. on Saturday, October 27 at Club W in Buffalo, because bassist/keyboardist Jim Wynne expects to be abducted by aliens.

Tickets will be $5 for those over age 21 and $7 for under. Attendees will receive a show that will be more than their money’s worth! Club W and The Wynne Band will also be celebrating Halloween on this night at the show. There will be a costume contest and some fun prizes given out during the night.

Depending on the time the Mothership brings band namesake Jim Wynne aboard for Outerspace destinations, most of the band members will be available after the show for the release of the Wynne Band’s original debut CD, “Hurry Up And Wait,” which includes a dynamic cover of the Beatles’ “Eleanor Rigby.”

“Hurry Up And Wait” is currently being featured on 107.7 The Lake and fans may make specific requests to the station at (716) 362-1077.

The Wynne Band’s improvisational rock and jazz jam sessions draw thousands of devoted fans to shows from Western New York. While Wynne’s imagination may be playing tricks on him, his songwriting genius is well known among those who celebrate the hard rocking, inspirational, and comical Wynne Band music.

“Jim may be right. He may be leaving us for Mars or Ozone Number 7 or who knows what. We’ll certainly miss him,” said teary-eyed drummer Corey Kertzie.

With more than a decade of national festival and club circuit success The Wynne Band also features vocalist Peter Vogt, whose music has been featured in several blockbuster films and national television shows; talented guitar wizards Jamie Holka and Chuck DeRose—none of whom are “scheduled to leave the band or the planet anytime soon,” according to Kertzie.

Wynne band members have a “musician’s band” reputation and have shared the stage with rock royalty including Bob Weir, Stephen Stills, and have even performed on-demand for Buffalo Bills quarterback J.P. Losman. The band recently played before a crowd of over 5,000 with Kansas.

Well-known local jam bands The Feast and The Little Mountain Band open the show Saturday, October 27, at Club W at 199 Delaware Avenue in Buffalo. The show is from 7 p.m. to midnight and is and 18 and over show. - Buzzalo.com

"Buffalo News Article 8-24-07"

Lately, the WYNNE BAND has been on a roll. In past months, members of the local jazzy rock band have jammed alongside the likes of Stephen Stills, Pat Travers and Billy Sheehan. On Saturday night, they will open for one of the biggest names to play the Molson Canal Concert Series: classic rockers Kansas. The free show gets started at 5:30 p.m. at the Tonawandas' Gateway Park.

Jim Wynne, namesake of the band and its keyboardist and bassist, took some time this week to discuss influences, improv and instruments.
I've read that you guys define yourself as a "musician*s band." How is this different from other acts out there today?
"Well, we smile at each other when we're playing. We look happy. (Laughs.) It's not about us, it's about the instruments. It's like the instruments are the feature, and the way we play the instruments happens to be the feature, but it's not something that we think about. You can't be vain. If a performer is vain, I think no matter how sophisticated their audience is, they're still going to be able to spot sincerity. You can play three notes in a song, you can play a million notes in a song, but if you're sincere, that's what's going to come across. "

Can you describe a typical rehearsal? I hear that you guys play them in the studio.

"Our drummer Corey has an up-to-date recording studio. At this point in life, all of us have enough freedom on our instruments that we can just get together and improvise together and so for that reason, we'll run the recording machine so that later on we can harvest it. There's a lot of songs that have been harvested through that process. Because initially when you come up with an idea, there's going to be a lot of inspiration behind it, and you want to harness that. It's almost as if the instrumentalist isn't even playing it, it just comes through them, and that's why it's wise to record."

Did Kansas have any influence on you guys as band?
"Absolutely. Not only Kansas, but a lot of people of that generation. But to single out Kansas, when you look at the vocals that the group still does together, I'd say that there are a lot of musicians that whether they realize it or not, are heavily influenced by Kansas. The guitar, bass, keyboard interplay, that's something that Kansas casts a pretty long shadow. Their vocals are just amazing. "
- Molly Hirschbeck


Album: "Hurry Up And Wait". Released October 2007.



They are anywhere from age 16 to 50 and they keep coming back for the jam sessions. They keep coming back for the energy, the inspiration and the humor.
They keep coming back for the music. And many of the ladies keep showing up hoping to take one of them home.

These are the devotees of The Wynne Band; loyal fans who pack a venue and fill the till, as the band leaves everyone wanting more. Every show is their last show because that’s how they play—for tonight only and (maybe) never again.

They are a rock group, a circus, a soap opera, a guerrilla theatre, standing on the shoulders of giants: Beatles, Dead, Yes, Genesis, Hendrix, Zappa. And they have jammed with Stephen Stills, Bob Weir, Rob Wasserman, m.o.e., Lance Diamond, and many other musical celebrities.

When it comes to jam bands, Wynne uses everything from mind-blowing guitar wizardry to African drums to deliver their own brand of music: rock, jazz, blues, Latin, and even dead-on cover tunes. This is one of the reasons why they were the winners of the International Online Battle of the Bands competition from Zbands in July 2007.

Since it’s inception in 2005, Wynne has rapidly created a buzz from Western New York to Montgomery, Alabama, playing packed festivals, benefits, nightclubs and bars. Known as a “musicians’ band,” Wynne combines the unique talents and influences of Corey Kertzie, Peter Vogt, Jamie Holka, Chuck DeRose, and Jim Wynne, all natives of Western New York.

Corey Kertzie’s dynamic drumming style—a mix of rock, African and Latin—made him an integral part of some of best jam bands around: Wild Knights, Sonic Garden, and national touring artists Juggling Suns. With influences from the Grateful Dead to Yes and Genesis, Corey has been invited to share the stage with Bob Weir, m.o.e., and Rob Wasserman, to name a few.

Peter Vogt’s vocals led God’s Children and LÜCID in signature tunes in many blockbuster films and national television shows (Vegas Vacation, 1000 Acres, Man of the House, X-Files, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, J.A.G.). Peter’s diversity and range in vocal styling helped him earn the Buffalo Music Awards “Best Original Male Vocalist” honor several times. He has a dedicated following of fans, supporters and peer musicians from all over the world.

Jamie Holka is one of the fastest yet creative guitarists around, a rarely seen combination that earned him top placement in the North American Rock Guitar Competition. Jamie counts his main influences as Jeff Beck and Pat Martino.

Chuck DeRose’s melodic guitar work helps bridge, and even anchor, Wynne so the diverse and sometimes riotous band doesn’t fly off the stage. He has played with Crash Paradise, Hazy Daze, Pale Face, and The In Crowd. Chuck’s influences include Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Wes Montgomery, and the Beatles.

The band’s namesake, the enigmatic Jim Wynne, helps turn their work from music to masterpiece. His bass and keyboards constantly push the envelope as Jim strives to make the music more engaging and intrinsic. He has played with Lance Diamond, Gamalon, Mase, and the Universal Grille Band.

While each band member is a great source of entertainment on their own, together they create a unique and tantalizing experience like none other, leaving a lasting impression that turns audiences into devoted fans.