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The best kept secret in music


"Wynn Peery Band Caught Live at Whitey's"

The Wynn Peery Band is a national touring band on the brink of big-time stardom. On November 1, 2003, I first covered
this original country band at the Ham Jam opening for Tracy Byrd.
Since then, leader, and singer-songwriter, Wynn Peery has been to Nashville to record his music and the band has
toured the United States. Recently, Wynn has included his wife, Lyndie Burris on lead vocals.
Lyndie is an experienced professional vocalist with a multirange voice of exceptional quality and power to cut through the
mix. Yes, Lyndie is vivacious, pretty, and possesses natural stage presence. She belts out the band’s repertoire of
original music along with hubby Wynn Peery, who also sings with quality pipes either solo or in precise harmony with
Clearly, Lyndie is an asset to the band as a charismatic front person. Wynn has been working Lyndie into the band as a
full time member. Lyndie also performs her own wildly popular solo act when she’s not fronting the WPB amalgam.
Lyndie was the first winner of the national television show Gimme the Mike produced by Channel 4 in Jacksonville.
In 1997, Wynn won the finals in a singing contest held for many weeks, which included a trip to Nashville to record his
first album on Magnum Records. A dozen original songs were recorded but the company folded, leaving Wynn without a
finished copy of his album. Later, Wynn managed to rerecord his material, which he could use to shop for another label.
Since then, Wynn has made many big time contacts to possibly distribute his latest CD project. Presently, he is talking to
major labels about signing his group and has a new recorded CD ready to release. Meanwhile, Wynn continues to
relentlessly tour the Southeast to promote his original music. Wynn exudes confidence and positive vibes. He’s an
example of the power of positive thinking and dedication to his dream..
Wynn was the subject of a documentary intended for HBO. The film titled Country Boy exposes the behind the scene
struggles of an artist trying to break into the big time country genre. It chronicles the disappointments and setbacks and
feature’s Wynn’s original song She’s Gonna Get It Right.
The WPB’s lineup is an assemblage of experienced professional musicians including Wynn Peery on guitar and lead
vocals, Lyndie Burris on lead vocals, Mike Calderin on lead guitar and vocals, Rick Jungclaus on drums, Joe Matt on
guitar and vocals, and John Griffin on bass.
Together this country rock band’s ticket to ride is Wynn’s savvy songwriting. He creates catchy potential hit songs that
could crossover but are squarely aimed at the country charts. He continues to write and tour, building up a massive
repertoire of solid original material ready for the road.
The band sounded especially tight at Whitey’s last Thursday night. They played mostly original material but some covers
to accommodate the management of the club that requested some rock’n’roll, which the WPB played with authority.
As Wynn well knows, the key to maintaining a long career in the viciously competitive country genre is long-term hit
songwriting talent, which he possesses in spades. If an artist can consistently place hit songs on the charts, then that
artist quickly becomes a household word and stays around for a long career.
So many country artists are one hit wonders, and quickly fade from the spotlight. The fans have an attention span of a
gnat, so unless that artist is always out there touring and writing hits, the fickle fans quickly forget them and switch
allegiances to the next hunky dude dating a movie star. Hey, if the shoe fits. Those gorgeous leading ladies such as
Nicole Kidman and Rene Zellweger gotta have their sexy country stars to show off. But when they discover their lover
boys are touring most of the year and have groupies lined up to spend the night with them in their buses, the thrill is
gone. The gypsy lifestyle of touring musical artists is hell on domestic bliss. - Rick Grant, EntertaingU

"Ham Jamming with Tracy Byrd and Wynn"

Ronnie Munsey and his Ham Jam Barbecue Contest have been traveling around the region looking for a home. Last
year, the Ham Jam, one of the Southeast’s most prestigious barbecue contests and fairs, was held at the World Golf Village,
which turned out okay, but the limited access to the venue backed up traffic for miles, especially the night that Governor
Bush paid the Ham Jam a visit on his reelection campaign…
Access to the St. John’s Fair grounds and Ham Jam was much easier this year, with plenty of parking... The headline
acts were Tracy Byrd, The Marshall Tucker Band, and Trick Pony...The two-mile hike from where my car was parked to
the stage was an unexpected benefit of the trip.
On stage, when I finally completed the survivor hike challenge, was a country performer named Wynn with the Tytus Hale Band.
Wynn is a recording artist, musician, guitarist, and actor who recently landed a record deal with Magnum Records out of
Las Vegas, Nevada.
As an actor, Wynn was cast on the upcoming television show called Divemasters, Inc., which is scheduled to be filmed in
and around Jacksonville. He auditioned for a character named "Cowboy," a Jax Beach singing lifeguard and was hired
on the spot.
Wynn released is first CD after he won a contest in 1997, in which the first prize was recording time at a Nashville studio.
This led to his deal with Magnum Records.
Cut to 2003, Wynn has joined forces with the Tytus Hale Band as front man and lead singer. This is a hard driving country
rock amalgam with a great female fiddle player. The group sounded taut-as wit. It was a rousing opening act for Tracy
Byrd who specializes in traditional country music. Of course, they closed with a Skynyrd song which got the women of all
ages jiggling their buttocks. - Rick Grant, EntertaingU

"Wynn Peery Band Revs up Cowgirl Saturday Night at Anchor Cafe"

To pump up his Cowgirl Saturday Night promotion, Hal Dawson, owner of the popular Anchor Cafe on 103rd Street, hired rising
country artist Wynn Peery and his band to usher in this special event during which women in cowboy hats drink free on Saturday
nights. Yeha to that, Hal! Let the fun begin.
Yes, I was there to chronicle the action and cover Wynn and Company play a fusion of rock’n’roll and country music for the
Anchor’s Saturday night soiree. Wynn is well aware of the Anchor’s roots in rock’n’roll and made sure he satisfied the serious
rockers who patronize the club.
When I met Wynn before his first set, we discussed the state of country music in today’s music milieu. We agreed that the only
difference between country, pop, and rock is that in country, artists can play more ballads. Otherwise, there is no difference. Wynn
endeavors to change that trend, and bring the fans back to more traditional country
The last time I crossed paths with Wynn was at the Ham Jam two year’s ago when he opened for Tracy Byrd. It was a memorable
Covering country acts has always been a pleasure for me because they appreciate the press. Country artists never place any
stupid restrictions on taking photographs or interviewing the artists. They know who brought them to the dance—their fans and the
media— and they treat their patrons with great respect. That’s why they maintain household word recognition status longer than
other genre’s artists.
Backing Wynn are his experienced top notch band members: Gerald Bullard on bass, Jerry Bach on lead guitar and synthesizer,
Matt Jacobsen on drums, special guest Lyndie Burris on vocals, and Wynn Peery on lead vocals and guitar.
Each band member is experienced, multitalented, and dedicated to making this project work on a national level. All the players
sing backup harmonies. Wynn is signed with Magnum Records which has developed a complete promotional package for Wynn’s
career. His signing party was held at 8 Seconds nightclub on Dec. 31, 2002. Since then, Wynn has been touring nationally with his
band to back up his album, Country Boy.
Jerry Bach & Wynn Peery Lyndie Burris
Presently, Wynn is working on a new reality documentary intended for HBO.
The film titled Back to Country is a behind the scenes expose’ on the struggle , disappointments, and career milestones
experienced by several up and coming country artists.
The documentary also presents Wynn’s efforts to bring the basic country roots sound back to country music, which has gone more
into rock’n’roll and pop. The documentary reveals how hard it is to break into the big leagues and how Wynn and his
contemporaries work relentlessly to promote their careers.
Wynn and band sounded taut and road-seasoned at their Anchor show. Wynn brings up vivacious Lyndie Burris to sing certain
songs. Of course, Wynn has many originals, but for his Anchor gig, he mixed in his original music with popular country covers and
southern rock. They played the obligatory Skynyrd’s Three Steps right away. Hey, it’s Jax’s anthem.
Magnum Records has been very supportive of Wynn’s career. He recently landed a Bud Light endorsement and is booked in
Vicksburg, Mississippi. July 4th, Wynn will perform at the Jax Zoo with Channel 4 hosting the event. In August Wynn is embarking
on a Midwest tour.
One of Wynn’s most notable achievements is holding his band members together for a long time. Changing band members
frequently sets artists back while they break in the new players. It’s advantageous to keep the same band members for as long as
possible. The rule of thumb: The longer the band members stay together the tighter the band becomes.
Clearly, Wynn has made the right moves to break into the higher echelon of the biz, with platinum selling product and major tours.
Landing the Budweiser endorsement was a significant step in on the stairway to the top of the hill. Meanwhile, Wynn forges on
with a hot band and top people behind him. Hi tee-shirts say on the back, "got Wynn?’ This slogan might become prophetic when
millions of people have Wynn's music. - Rick Grant, EntertainingU


Single - "Country Boy"- received airplay in Florida and Montana
Single - "She's Gonna Get It Right"
Currently working on new album


Feeling a bit camera shy


Wynn, a new country performer, recording artist, musician - guitarist, and actor, has hit the club scene like a whirlwind. He is a talent capturing the hearts of fans everywhere he goes, especially the ladies.
His style has a strong crossover influence of Country and Southern Rock. This presents a new and unique genre', virtually a new sound that been called Southern Fried Country. It developed naturally from his exposure to electric groups like Lynyrd Skynyrd, 38 Special, Montgomery Gentry, Big Engine (a new southern rock sound) and several other East Coast groups, all with truly original sounds.
Wynn's electric personality, charisma audience contact, vocal quality, and original style, draws the audience into his performances creating an ongoing demand for his showmanship. His natural acting persona, television and movie roles, are synergistically skyrocketing his music career. His presentation and style are uniquely his, not a duplication or copy of some other already successful performer. He is truly a one of a kind original.
Since his discovery, Wynn from the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee has toured all across the country from Montana to Florida bringing with him his own brand of distinctive “rocked up” country.
Like most highly talented artists, Wynn had performing in his blood, beginning with his teenage years. At thirteen, he was singing and learning to play the guitar.
After entering his early 20's, he started performing in public and developed such a following of local supporters, the buzz landed him many opening performances for such distinguished artists as Tracy Byrd, Hank Williams, Jr., Buddy Jewell,
Billy Dean, Holly Dunn, Charlie Daniels, Joe Diffie, T.G. Shepard, John Michael
Montgomery, Lorrie Morgan and Sammy Kershaw.
Through the years he has developed a talent, not only for performing, but songwriting. He's authored several originals to be included in his upcoming album, and co-written with others including the late famed Michael Shipley.
His recordings have a real likelihood of reaching a high position on the Country charts. He's played top clubs nationwide, including the famed Ham-Jam held in north Eastern Florida. Currently, he and his band are touring nationwide hot spots while his new album is under development.
Timing is vitally important for success, and everything has been orchestrated to leverage his exposure to help create a huge industry buzz pushing him onward in the public limelight. His time is NOW!!!