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To Rachel or Sharon

Written By: Wynn Walent

When I talked to Walter, I could not believe it. I stopped in my tracks and I hoped oh that it wasn't
you who had done it,
your beauty was real, and your sadness made sense when I thought, I knew it was you.

Oh Rachel or Sharon whatever you'd rather be called now,
I'll call you that.
Your paintings and pictures when I didn't know you, I just knew you well enough to be so sad when I heard you'd done what you did.
You did what you did, and I'm sorry that no one was there.

Ah (Refrain)

Religion was hatred. It seemed so far away. Religion can kill things.
And it killed you that day. It killed you it hung you in your parents bedroom no angels were there, and flowers were tied in your hair.


My painting's heart, and the poet's walk. It's numbness was grey and you'd never even been there just pictures you saw, and you knew I was coming. You smiled with your modesty glowing when I looked at you.

And when you were happy your eyes still seemed sad, always looking around for the father that you never, had to presume, that this world was not real, 'cause your demons had crowded your vision to only see black and grey, and blues in my picture. Your demons had clouded your head maybe now you'll see red.


Well a grandmother's death can't be tragic my dear, no matter how much you loved her or wept for her memory but Rachel oh Sharon you've stopped a whole line. Rachel your children are dead, maybe now you'll see red.