Blended Jazz and Blues Genre, a little moody, emotion driven, softly delivered. Developed over the last few years from arrangement based to emotion based. Heading to the New Blues.


Started as a Lead Singer for a rock band in Germany in 1969. Took a break in 1970 and never came back to it until 2002. Our stage breaks are much shorter. More details at wyred.bluestube.com.


Wyred has prduced 4 CDs and 1 Double CD. These are primarily arrangement efforts in Jazz and World Fusion. More of the Blues element starts appearing in the Double CD (Looking Back) . Wyred now has enough recent material for his first Blues/Vocal CD.

The First 2 CDS did very well on NCRA particularly in Ottawa where Wyred was living at the time of their release. Number 1 in Jazz for a few weeks on the Campus charts above Diana Krall.

Set List

Current Wyred originals would include
Take a Pill and Walk Away
Connected to it All
Snake in the Grass
I Can't Wait for Ever
Big Contender
Lost Message
Back Again
Something on My Mind
Check it Out
The Way its got to be
Take a Pill and Walk Away
The remainder would be standard 12 bar blues material.

Sets would be 60 minutes with 15-20 minute breaks. 3 sets maximum.