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My name is Craig Cade aka Wyze Man. I am a hip-hopper with clear distinctive lyrics and a bold tone. In short, God meets at the mic. Years of being in this music business and performance in venues across Texas and Lousiana is allowing me to debut as a veteran in this field. I am a native Houstonian.
If I'm not out teaching or preaching, I'm out reaching.


Good vs. evil

Written By: wyze man

Daily we are bombarded with the choices in our mind what we choose to receive and what we choose to leave behind. the devil in your left ear, the angel in your right though your counsel choice is up to you you've no choice but to fight!!!
Good- in order for you to escape the mental trap this warning is gift wrapped. rhymes wrapped in a spiritual gift a gift encased in rap, there's a mental coup de tat for your mind of the worst kind, mutiny man the target: your soul getting left behind.
evil - man ain't nobody after yo mind to have you left behind. you gon let this outsider call you a backslider? would somebody whose for ya, annoya with all that paranoia? please tell him give it up so we can live it up.
Good- like a badly dressed child I can't let you go out like that. let me explain the difference between living lean and living fat. If you choose do well God accepts you just like that, if you live fowl sin's on your porch like an old door mat.
evil- Do this and do that, tell me where the party's at please tell me when he's done so we can go have fun. tell me why youre worried bout this little bird what you tryin to be a little nerd. A guru, cryin boo hoo, a little bitty punk goody two shoe?
Chorus Good vs evil the gauntlet's thrown down, you must choose sides in this mental showdown,. would you trade your brain for a little cash and fame?
evil- man take the cash and fame after all it's yo brain.
Good- No time to quibble and dribble about whose mind this is, Yeh, it might be yo brain but your mind is His(his?) No not that sin ridden wicked instigator who always acts like he cares then burns you later.
evil- o contrare, mon frer saying that I don't care when it comes to those good times man didn't we have our share? all the frills, chills, grills in the land of the trill, all those cheap thrills tell me how did that feel?
Good- all that is, is lust of the flesh, pride of life, lust of the eye. all that really amounts to is just one fat lie. feelings only stay for a moment they are not built to last, by the time you try to hold that high, the feeling's past.
evil- there he go again talking about sin and being born again, tell me if youre not a player how you gonna ever win? even the Bible calls you a little god ain't that right? so a little god is able to do what ever he wants to ain't that right?
Interlude- the line has been drawn in the sand THE TIME OF DECISION IS NOW AT HAND!!!
Good- Enough of these lies from the lord of the flies your soul cries I can't love soft gotta get tough , gotta take the gloves off!! I can plainly see youre still not with me cuz if you were you'd see, i'm trying to set you free!
evil- we all bound by something there's no such thing as free, you gotta believe in something why not believe in m...
Good- SHUTUP!!! though sin seems natural its not part of your true make up. the flesh destroys the Spirit gives life, which side will you take up. please tell me hey what I gotta say so you won't throw your life away. when it comes to sin God is like a broken radio. HE DON'T PLAY!! Christ gave His life cuz no one else could give it: so you could have a brand new life the least you could do is live it!
Set your affections upon things above love cuz sufficient to the day is the evil thereof/focus alone on things pertaining to the Throne, cuz each day has enough trouble all its own. A DIOS!!


Current CD entitled 'The Standard" mixed and soon to be mastered for radio play. Recently working on hip hop soundtrack for an independent film that is to be filmed in Houston.

Set List

Sets are typically 20 minutes with four to five songs. Whorocdaparty, Truthsaya, Sinner Come Home, Gimme Gimme and Flippin'.