X27 is the rhythmic dream of two musicians obsessed with mixing pure, potent dance rock with grungy pop. Dark, yet delightful, heavenly, yet menacing, X27 produce an alluring sound that have every hip shifting and and every heart oozing warm caramel-laced blood throughoug the city.


The initial chronicle for this rock n roll beaty occurred in 2001 amongst the crumbly rubble of 90's Chicago No-Wave forerunners Duotron, with which Rikkeh handled both guitar and vocal duties. While thrift shopping, Rikkeh and Carmen happened upon a rare find in the thrifting underworld: a fully functional, cheaply priced Fender bass guitar. The instrument was quickly purchased and the two had no other choice but to startr creating music together. X27 was born.

X27's sophomore album, "antilove", was released June 12 on Narnack Records and was recorded by the ingenious Steve Albini. The album's opening track "Da-na-do" establishes a rambunctious dance party that no one leaves until their problems are dead of solved.


"Your Neu Favourite Band" Narnack Records (CD)
"The Me EP" Narnack Records (7")
"antilove" Narnack Records (CD)