BandEDMNew Age

raw//analog//atmospheric sound waves that will take you away into another world that you have never been to.


Already coming from a saturated//dried out//stereotypical music scene and playing a style of music that is not very ordinary to the ears. X3SR, brother duo, Brandon Seralena and Eric Seralena somehow seem to set themselves apart from the Miami music scene. With only being together for barely a year and a half, the amount of success these boys have covered is none the less, surprisingly astonishing. With already 2 releases under their belts and blog//magazine interviews from Italy, France, Germany, and even the states, it’s only an upward motion of pure success coming from X3SR as time goes by. As far a their live performances go, prepare your ears for a euphoric, time travel as the sounds of raw analog acoustics, punchy guitar and bass tones set an atmospheric vibe. Keep an eye on them, as you all will be in for a treat~~~