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• “Mundo Real” (Velas Records 2000)
• “X Moré” (Velas Records 2001)
• “Delirium Tremens” (Bis Music, 2002)
• “Civilización” (Nuevos Medios, 2005)



X-Alfonso, singer, composer, bass and keyboard player
and video artist, is a revolutionary who renews today’s
musical panorama, representing a break and, at the
same time, a bridge between traditional Cuban music and
the XXIst Century. Not surprisingly, in Cuba some compare him
to Prince, others to Brian Eno, Lenny Kravitz or David Byrne.
Comparisons apart, he illustrates the enormous vitality of the
new musical scene on the island, which is more known for it’s
older musicians. If we had to describe X Alfonso in one word,
that word would be talent.

X Alfonso is one of the most important musicians from Cuba
today. He doesn’t have any limits when it comes to using different
expressive resources (music, video) or styles (Cuban son,
rock, rap, hip hop) to create his own particular view of contemporary
music and transmit his vision of Cuba, his life and the
rest of the world.

On his live performances, X Alfonso becomes a scenic animal,
combining a powerful drum and percussion base, with keyboards,
electric guitar, vocals and samplers, that with the use of
nowadays technology and synchronized visuals created by himself,
creates a truly energetic and uplifting experience!
In Europe he has performed in Spain, Italy, England (La Línea
Latin Festival, Barbican, London 2006), Holland (Amsterdam
Roots Festival, 2006) and Germany (Popkomm 2005, Berlin).
He is currently preparing his next album called “Revoluxión”, a
CD/DVD that will feature new songs and also new video clips
and a documentary about the current music scene in Cuba.
X Alfonso is quickly becoming a well known artist worldwide
and one to follow for sure!

Country: Cuba
Genre: hip rock son
Representation: worldwide
“Best Latin Newcomer and
Best Original Soundtrack”
2006 Spanish Music Awards
“Equis “X” Alfonso uses successfully traditional
Cuban rhythms, the fusion of complex structures,
Caribbean hip-hop and a subtle sprinkling of
atmospheric and simple electronics”-