Xaltar is a Catholic Worship group than spans many musical styles from Pop to Punk, Reggae to Rap, Headbanging to Ballads. Our songs touch on subjects that are uniquely Catholic, from Confession to the Blessed Virgin Mary.


Rob and Scott were introduced by Father Scott in March of 2005 when they got together for a jam, and Xaltar was born. The band stays true to it's Catholic faith, writing songs about Our Lady, The Blessed
Trinity, The Sacrament of Confession and other subjects that are uniquely Catholic. It's Xaltar's hope that their music, which spans any and all styles, will bring you closer to God, and to His Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ. God Bless You!


Xaltar (release date Easter Sunday, 2006)

Set List

45 Minute set. Combination of original songs and
sermon from Father Scott.