Banging electronic dance music, with bass heavy rhythms and sexy hooks. Orbital meets Daft Punk and has a rebellious love child.


Amadou Isaacs / Xan, is a Vancouver based sound guerrilla who draws his inspiration from cyberpunk nihilism spliced with epic themes steeped in mysticism.

Xan’s first EP: The Adolescence of Mars features a number of artistic collaborations, including vocalists Leah Martin and Justine Ross, who deliver delicately crafted, darkly beautiful songs over viciously dirty & infectious rhythms.

The video “A Black Night” was animated by Crystalbeard Collective artist Ben Jacques, and takes place in an extra dimensional alien 8 bit world. Xan has been featured on several broadcast such as CBC Radio 3 and college radio stations such as CiTR’s long running Shadow Jugglers, as well as performing at the outdoor electronic festivals Shambhala.


The Adolescence Of Mars EP

Set List

60 minutes of original electro and breakbeat inspired dance compositions.