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Xanda Howe

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Press quotes: "breathtaking vocals, filled with heartfelt emotion"||"roller coaster of thrills and spins"||"a rare gem"||"confident and seductive"||"captivating with catchy hooks"||"Oozing smoky sexiness"||"a genuine artist..inspired"||"in the tradition of Annie Lennox"


Xanda Howe is probably one of the most lyrical and cinematic singer-songwriters to have emerged in recent years. Often likened to Kate Bush and Jewel, Xanda's music is moving, poetic, dramatic and contemporary in a paradoxically timeless fashion.

Her songs are like soundtracks to films as yet unscripted - listening to her music can be a rewarding visual experience once you allow yourself to be drawn in. Just imagine rolling credits as you listen...

Despite sounding like that Human League song, 21 year-old Xanda was discovered while working as a waitress. Songphonic Records’ boss Osman Kent, was a regular diner at the restuarant where Xanda worked, and was persuaded to hear her demo.

Osman then invited her to record some tracks at his studio and was so impressed that he offered her a development contract on the spot. Xanda was mid-way through her degree at the time but decided the opportunity was too good to miss. So she quit Bath University, signed up to Songphonic and spent a year writing and recording.

These sessions produced a collection of songs that are dramatic in style and her debut album, And How, is probably one of the most moving and evocative releases of 2004. Co-writing all but two of the eleven original songs, she demonstrates an incredible depth and maturity for her 21 years. Her musical influences range from Joni Mitchell to George Michael, Annie Lennox to Damien Rice, but it was her moving rendition of a Tom Waits' classic "Time", that clinched her recording contract. The original audition recording is included as a bonus track on the album.

Born in South Africa, her family moved to the UK when she was 3 and settled in Surrey. Xanda has been entertaining audiences from a very young age, singing, acting and playing sax, and always wanted to be a performer . She is also a trained actress and teaches aerobics.

Earlier this year, Xanda performed at the legendary Ronnie Scotts club in London, and also played at the British Radio Academy Awards. She has been busy promoting her album in Europe with a hectic schedule of TV, radio and press interviews and loving every minute.

Xanda is midway through recording her second album, scheduled for release in 2006.



Written By: Xanda Howe/Nick Mitchell

Woke up this morning
Felt like I’d hit my head
And I was spinning
I was turning away.
Searched my face in the mirror
Did a double take
It was clear, so clear,
I wasn’t there today.

Left the back door open,
Forgot my shoes, feeling undone
And I went walking,
I went walking,
To catch some air.
Felt the breeze circle round me,
Felt the trees breathing with me,
And I was free
As it started to rain.

Pieces of memories
Separated lives suffering
I never knew I needed all of this time
I never knew I needed all of your time.
If I sit
Quiet enough
For long enough
I’ll find my fragments

Thought he blew a kiss from the doorway,
Then I caught myself before I fall away.
I stood cold.
Did I imagine the warmth?
Shed my clothes
In the shower,
Walked the room for hours
It takes the dawn to realise I was always alone.


I hear the rain on the windowpane, patter
Sit and watch as all these fragments scatter
From my mouth, from my head, all these thoughts fall
In the silence I see them dance gold
I knew so many times what I wanted to say
Knew all of the words that I wanted to say
I’m picking up my pieces
Thank you for your patience
I’m picking up my pieces
These are my fragments


Tears Roll

Written By: Xanda Howe/Nick Mitchell

The bags are packed stacked at the door
Holding all that came before
If they could speak
What a tale they’d tell
Hurried hands push bags in the car
Rusty and broken it won’t get far
Far enough from here it seems

So desperate to leave, no time to spare
Lungs can’t breathe, they need more air

There’s a hole inside my chest
It burns deep with every breath I take
All my time, don’t leave it behind
Hold her hand, don’t squeeze so tightly
As I watch her choke and fight
As the tears roll down.

I tell her it’s always for the best
The need to move and never rest
We’ll get there, I swear, in the end.
“Are you ok?”
“Shhhh. Please don’t talk. I need a second to clear my thoughts.
Where’re we going this time dear?”

So desperate to leave, no time to spare
Lungs can’t breathe, they need more air


Find my heart it bleeds inside this dream
Moving on we’ll find another scene
Something better
But this time’s strange she turns she says to me
“I’ll go on but what if there’s nothing more for me?”



Written By: Xanda Howe/Osman Kent

The smoke
Seeps under the door
Through the keyhole
Searching for her air
Her space
No more
She’s closed

The light
Filters through the blinds
Disturbs the shadows
Warming the darkness
She’s left

He tells her he must go
Trips over her heart
She left open at the door
Closing it behind her
She stands invaded
Shutting it behind her
She stands invaded
Invaded in her soul
Invaded,invaded, invaded

The voice
Cracked from many years
Fills her head
Breaking the silence
The sound
That soul
She knows


Feelings held at length
Swell up inside
Push to the shore
The flood
Her tears
She’s lost



And How - Debut Album
Knowing Eyes - CD Single (airplay and streaming)
Running Away - CD Single (airplay and streaming)


Midnight Poet
My Beautiful Friend
Sugar's Running Out
Knowing Eyes
Feel You

Set List

Tears Roll
Running Away
Feel You
Driving Me Mad
Just Me

Set: 45 minutes approx. No covers performed