Simon Dylan "Ian" Xander Thunder Presents: Grammy Voting Member Jude Hunter Thunder and BMI Publishe

Simon Dylan "Ian" Xander Thunder Presents: Grammy Voting Member Jude Hunter Thunder and BMI Publishe


Grammy Voting Member and BMI Artist Xander 7 and Planet X Band from Ante-Diluvian Entertainment out of the Desert of Perdition comes the Future Sound of Alternative Rock & Pop Music!!! The Seven Thunders and Seven Xanders have arrived to free your senses!!


A very brief Biography from Simon Thunder Dolphinboy Music BMI Published and Active Grammy NARAS Voting Member: JT Thunder...:0) "This is my online electronic press kit. I do not subscribe to industry dogma as it relates to musical opportunities, receiving votes or other Grammy, BMI, or SonicBids philosophy!" I am not interested in anything but building a bridge over the chasm that separates the indie realm of music to the corporate media or radio propaganda from ignoramic information traffickers of art in cohoots with industry agendas. If you are not open to a mutually beneficial change and peaceful co-existence in the context of creative endeavors in business then don't respond. I hope you will endeavor at the very least to do something useful for humanity and this planet!

I have been a Viola player since age 3, a piano/drummer/bassist since age 5, a composer/writer since age 7, a guitarist/harmonica/melodica player since age 12, A video/television actor since age 15, a performing stage musician/Method stage actor since age 16, a mandolin/flute/synth programmer player since age 18, a photographer/session musician since age 21, a producer and engineer since age 25, and a filmmaker, videographer, editor, and graphic designer since age 29. I like to do suprise unannounced shows under various trademarked names. Perhaps, you will have the opportunity to meet Simon Thunder a name that you can trust at a venue soon or see him in another format in the very near future. Fortunately, my patient integrity and unwillingness to sellout has been rewarded now that technology has caught up to industry standards. Take care until then. Ciao! Ja Ne!

A more accurate representation of the scope of my being in addition to business and artistic affairs is that I am a fairly well-balanced individual. I have a high degree of education and I am currently a PhD student. I played sports and won trophies and awards in football, wrestling, and track. I have acquired skills and practice yoga, aikido, kung fu, and tae kwon do. So, yeah I am athletic, artistic, educated, and spiritually inclined. I am interested in further growth and evolution in these areas and more.


"Simon Dylan Hunter Jul(Ian) Xander Thunder"

Dolphinboy Music BMI Independent Guerrilla Street Team Army & L.A. Grammy Voting Member's Legendary Experience and Mark of Excellence for the 51st & 52nd Grammy Awards Wreaking Havoc in the Industry Everywhere and Anywhere!!!

Hi there, (1st round possible nominations for the 52nd Grammy Awards in Short Music Video category. Check out the Legendary indie 34 song/4 album/ 5 band brand name submissions in 13 diverse Grammy categories and 1st possible round nominations for the 51st Grammy Awards that was reviewed and approved for 1st round possible nomination by 150-200 industry professionals and voted on by just 6,000-8,000 allowed and approved voting members of which I am one of the select few. Thanks! Stay tuned for more to come soon... :) Keep up to date at as well!

Thank you for taking time to read my email update. You can watch my new Music Video "Suicide Or Famous? by Simon Dylan Ian Xander Thunder" which is been accepted by the 52nd Grammy Awards into this year's voting for nomination process as a short form Music Video and has been reviewed and accepted by 150-200 industry professionals. (Yes, I am solo indie artist! See u there? )

Samples are available at myspace video, itunes, and you tube. , , , and . Thanks!

You can also view my film profiles and the Biography of the most prolifically legendary and notoriously dangerous uniquely indie authentic non-sellout/non-poseur artist at and . Stay tuned for more at my main site!!!

BMI Published Dolphinboy Music Indie Artist & Active L.A. Grammy Voting Member Simon Thunder would like you to view Ian Dylan "Simon" Xander Thunder - New Music: Suicide Or Famous? & Oxygen Detonation's Sonicbids EPK! -Cheers, JT Thunder :0)
You can read my biography at and sample music video Suicide Or Famous...? A Seattle Music Video Interview with Simon Dylan Thunder by Jul(ian) Xander Thunder!!! (For Henry) from Dolphinboy Music BMI Published Writer and active L.A. Grammy Voting Member! A sample of my new video is up now on youtube and myspace.

My full biography, sample video music at , , , and . Further info, video, music and pics are located at, ,www


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