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Los Angeles, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | MAJOR | AFM

Los Angeles, California, United States | MAJOR | AFM
Established on Jan, 2011
Solo Alternative Singer/Songwriter


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"Music Connection Hot 100 Unsigned Artists of 2012"

Alexander Cardinale has been named 2nd in Music Connection Magazine's Hot 100 Unsigned Artists of 2012! An honor he was bestowed with for the last two years consecutively. - Bernard Baur - Music Connection


For the 2nd year in a row, Alexander Cardinale has been nominated and WON by the HMMA for Best Song in a TV Show, "Traffic Lights" on 90210. - Hollywood Music In Media Awards

"Runaway Stars interview - Alexander Cardinale"

Alexander co-stars in Runaway Stars, ironically playing a music MANAGER, and not a musician. - FILMAKA.COM

"For Publicity Information"

Sarah Allen Publicity: 310-210-0841 - Contact Sarah Allen Publicity: 310-210-0841

"Alexander Cardinale cruises with his new hit single Made for You"

You might say that pop singer Alexander Cardinale is cruising to success with his new hit single “Made for You.” Actually, a lot of thought, talent and work went into the making of the tune. But among all the accolades and rewards the song is bringing to Cardinale, there’s one particularly interesting tie-in; Royal Caribbean Cruise Line has chosen “Made for You” to be the theme song for their latest multi-million dollar television ad campaign. And that sails Cardinale’s song into virtually every home in America.

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Courtesy of Alexander Cardinale
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Alexander Cardinale "Made for You" cover
Courtesy of Alexander Cardinale
The cruise line tie-in is not the first time that Cardinale has made himself known through television. His songs have been heard on popular shows such as “Castle,” “The Mysteries of Laura” and “Rookie Blue.” And while none of his music was involved, Cardinale also appeared in the goofy horror film “Apocalypse CA” which was recently shown on the SyFy channel.

The sentiment of “Made for You” is fully explained by its title; the song is simply about undying love for a soul mate. That comes across clearly when the song is just listened to; watch the music video though and the song takes on additional emotion. The video portrays a lifelong love relationship that begins with a boy/girl friendship that progresses to young love and then marriage, a kid, middle and eventually old age. To make things even sweeter, all of the stages of the relationship are filmed at the same place, the couple’s favorite outdoor spot, next to a big tree that perhaps symbolically represents endurance and longevity.

The video for “Made for You” is a little deep but Cardinale’s motive is not to get his listeners involved in deep thinking. “Xander,” as Cardinale likes to be called, is a pop artist and “Made for You” is made to get listeners smiling, just like they will be if they take that Royal Caribbean cruise. - Examiner

""A somewhat shaggy, bespectacled singer/songwriter..."

"Refreshingly talented... a somewhat shaggy, bespectacled actor & singer/songwriter he splits his time between both careers..." Daisy Carrington - New York Observer - Daisy Carrington

"Pop star Alexander Cardinale talks about new hit single 'Made for You'"

Los Angeles, CA

Pop star Alexander Cardinale talks about new hit single 'Made for You'
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Pop star Alexander Cardinale talks about new hit single 'Made for You'
Courtesy of Alexander Cardinale
A catchy melody and a sing-along chorus are the hallmarks of a great pop song but the most enduring tunes seem to be the ones that also make an emotional connection. Alexander “Xander” Cardinale’s current hit “Made for You” has all of the above, and the video for the song, portraying a lifelong love relationship, really strikes a sentimental chord.

“Made for You” is a cut from Cardinale’s upcoming Digital Youth EP and while it is the biggest thing he’s done so far, Xander is far from being an unknown. Previous Cardinale compositions have found their way into TV shows such as “Castle,” “Rookie Blue” and “The Mysteries of Laura” and Royal Caribbean Cruise Line is currently using “Made for You” in a massive TV advertising campaign. And while he’s currently giving this part of his career a rest, Cardinale is also an actor, most notably having appeared in the somewhat kooky feature film “Apocalypse CA.”

We interviewed Cardinale by phone and he turned out to be an affable and unassuming guy, qualities that are also palpable in his music, especially “Made for You.” Here’s what Xander had to say, exclusively to

AXS: Tell us about your role as “Hank” in “Apocalypse CA.”

Alexander Cardinale: I’m really embarrassed by it! But if you like really avant-garde movies that don’t make a whole lot of sense you’ll love it. I think the director (Chad Peter) was trying a little too purposely to be weird. I wish it was a little bit more commercially-minded, but I think that the movie itself is exactly what he wanted. He’s a good friend of mine now and I totally defer to his vision. My character was basically the guy that was kind of the comic relief and also the voice of reason at the same time. There’s this crazy sh*t going on; there’s like this giant storming through the town and it’s kind of like one of those “apocalyptic giant” movies, and there’s these drugs that people are taking that makes them do crazy things. And there’s body switching! One of the male characters and one of the female characters switch bodies. “I’m a boy! No I’m a girl!” It was really weird. My character didn’t have any of that. My character was just the brother of the lead, and was kind of the voice of reason, like, “You guys are idiots! We gotta get out of town! You shouldn’t do drugs!” That was a weird experience. I was really focused on acting when I did that a few years ago; I’ve been almost exclusively focused on music since then.

AXS: And speaking of music, you just wrapped up a tour with Melissa Etheridge. What was that like?

AC: It was a really good show. She’s the most talented person I’ve ever seen live. Everyone that I invited to come see her, whether they’d heard of her or not, everyone walked away with the same experience which was, “She’s so f*cking amazing!” I think she’s the most underrated guitar player in the world. She doesn’t really get credit where credit’s due being a guitar player. I learned a lot from her. I started that tour having toured the country two other times with national acts and I thought I was hot sh*t. I thought that I knew how to perform live. In hindsight, I started that tour a complete idiot and I ended the tour knowing so much more about performing live and so much more in my own skin. Even my wife and friends, who saw the final show in L.A., were like, “Dude, you were more a rock star than we’d ever seen you.” And not because I was embodying the rock star image, but because I was more comfortable in my own skin, making people laugh, being casual. I attribute the entire learning experience to watching Melissa every night and talking to her; we had dinner together every night.

AXS: How do you unwind and readjust to home life after a tour?

AC: It’s really hard. It’s kind of like living a double life. I have an 11-month-old daughter, my first child, and I was gone for six weeks. It’s really weird to go and live a life on tour where you’re working till 2:00 in the morning and up till 4:00 in the morning, then you get home and you’re up at 6:00 in the morning when you went to bed at 8:30 at night. It’s really different. But, how do I unwind? I don’t think I do unwind. Right now I’m just so focused on being a parent to my little girl. That’s my life. It’s nice that “Made for You” is taking off so that I can be with my daughter, and maybe I’ll be able to make money at this!

AXS: The video for “Made for You,” showing the relationship of a couple from childhood to old age, is really touching. And you actually have family members acting in the piece, right?

AC: Yeah. My brother is the 20-to-30-something guy with the little baby, and his wife, my sister-in-law, is the girl in that same sort of age range.

AXS: Did you come up with the storyline for the video?

AC: Yes. I was on tour with Melissa. I had nothing to do with the shooting of it; I had to sort of executive produce from the road. I had the idea, what if two people sort of had a spot that was their spot from a young age and all the way through their lives. A sort of schmaltzy, over-romantic idea but I thought it would be a good idea for this music video, especially being that the song is a very romantic love song. The whole thing was shot in my hometown, which is Monterrey, California.

AXS: How much of the sentiment in “Made for You” is drawn from your own personal experience?

AC: The song embodies a lot of what I was feeling about my daughter because I wrote it at a time when she had just been born. But it’s a little bit of a mix of both relationships; my wife and daughter.

AXS: With all the action with “Made for You” you probably won’t be an unsigned artist for much longer. Is there anything in the works that you can talk about?

AC: I don’t know if I’m allowed to talk about it. But I’m hoping there’ll be support soon. If not, I’m going to continue to do what I’m doing. I’d love to have support; I’ve been doing it all on my own for the past 10-years. - AXS

"Tunecore Live Presents Alexander Cardinale @ Bardot"

Capping off our night was an energetic performance from Alexander Cardinale. With the crowd Cardinale shared his brand of sentimental, carefree, folk-tinged pop that delighted all in attendance.

IMG_3196 - Tunecore

"One of the brightest stars you haven't heard about yet..."

"Xander delivers true passion and commitment. His lyrical devotion resonates deeply with the nurtured accents of The Lumineers and Phillip Phillips. ...the backing vocals and tambourine give it that porch stompin', folky Americana feel. This song possesses all the ingredients (required for) a number 1 hit!"
Sharmilla Tredgar - NY Examiner - Examiner


Digital Youth - EP (TBD)

Made for You - Single (2015)

One Shot - Single (2013)

Traffic Lights EP (2012)

Sick of Dreaming - EP (2010)



"Made For You" has been consistently in the Top 10 & Top 20 rotation on SiriusXM radio station "The Pulse" with 600 spins and almost 25,000 units sold since being added to heavy rotation in March, 2015. With only one station playing the song, Made for You rose as high as #78 on the U.S. Hot AC Top 100 radio chart (Mediabase)

Made for You is now playing as the house music in over 23,000 movie theaters nationwide every day. 

The song is also on every in-store music playlist at: Target, Costco, Best Buy, WalMart, McDonalds, GAP & a dozen more stores nationally.

Just THIS QUARTER alone the official 'Made for You' music video has been played over 12 MILLION times on TV's at Costco's, Wal-Marts's & Target stores nationwide. 

Alexander recently finished a 30-city national tour as the featured opening act for legendary recording artist, Melissa Etheridge.  He's also toured the U.S. multiple times with pop artists like Nick Carter, and YouTube juggernauts, Pentatonix (RCA Records).

Alexander Cardinale is a California native, and was raised on the central coast in Monterey. He now lives in L.A. (and NY) where he works as a professional singer/songwriter, recording artist & actor. He had small roles as both a musician on the soundtrack, and onscreen actor in David Fincher's 2011 biopic "The Social Network."

Alexander has his own recording studio located in North Hollywood. There, he and his long time producer/co-writer Morgan Taylor Reid, write and record Alexander's music as well as music that they have licensed for Commercials and Film/Television projects around the globe. Alexander also co-writes songs for other artists. His music partner Morgan Taylor Reid, has found success producing other artists as well, including MAX, Plug-In Stereo, JoJo, Bridgette Mendler, Fitz and The Tantrums and the newest Backstreet Boys album.

Recently, Alexander's Made for You was featured in the closing scene of The Mysteries of Laura on NBC.  The song was used by Royal Caribbean cruise lines on their national TV commercial, and a major soft drink company is about to launch a massive global tv campaign using Made for You as its antheme. His songs have also been used as featured music montages on hit shows One Tree Hill (CW), the season premiere of ABC's Rookie Blue and multiple episodes of CASTLE. Other highlights of Alexander's songs include episodes of The Ghost Whisperer (CBS), Friends With Benefits (NBC/Universal) and the new 90210 (CW).

He has built a dedicated and active following online. Alexander has almost 500,000 fans on his Instagram, Facebook & Twitter fan pages, alone! The word seems to be spreading via electronic grass roots about his music.

The HMMA (Hollywood Music in Media Awards) awarded Xander with Best Song in a TV Show, for his song "Traffic Lights" featured in 90210. Alexander also WON the USA Songwriting competition.

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