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Xave Ruth (2012)



Xave Ruth hasn't decided yet whether he's a musician or a comedian and plans on keeping it that way. His live show involves songs, stories, stand-up comedy, characters, and (on-stage) costume changes.

Xave's music makes fun of pretentious hipsters, angsty teenagers, religious fanatics, and many more, and Xave is only able to fully lampoon these people because of previous phases in his own life as a a pretentious hipster, angsty teenager, and religious fanatic.

The songs themselves are strongly rooted in pop-rock, but dip into whatever style suits the topic: sultry bromantic R&B, bleary-eyed Pacific Northwest forest-folk, straight-ahead heterosexual rock.

Xave has taken a great deal of inspiration from other comedians-whose-songs-are-actually-decent-and-not-just-3-chords-with-shitty-singing like Flight of the Conchords, Tim Minchin and Tom Lehrer. His stage persona has been strongly influenced by hundreds, nay thousands, of boring singer-songwriters with a distinct lack of any sort of stage presence.

Xave has performed at Aeolian Hall in London, Second City and the Comedy Bar in Toronto, and launched his debut album at the legendary El Mocambo, gracing the same stage once occupied by the Rolling Stones (and also upwards of seven hundred and forty million lesser-known acts.)