My music is heavily influenced by bossa nova & jazz, but also by rock & post-punk music. Such different influences make it difficult for me to fit a specific genre, so I prefer to use the vague 'fusion' term. Probable adjectives? Introspective, melancholic & meditative, but never mopey.

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En el silencio

Written By: Javier Garcia-Salcedo

In silence my heart will call for you.
In silence I will claim no one else but you.
When rain happens, when snow falls, as long as the sun shines,
You will find me waiting for you, at the edge of reason.

Lalaia Lalaia Laia

In your path, serene and clean, which I will embrace
I had the chance to enter and lose myself, evohe!
Those times when I complained about not being able to see, while I was the genie of my mist,
I couldn't see it was you I was searching for, what I needed in order to be alright.


In silence, my heart will call for you...