A real life BrotherSister duo combining electronic sound design, string arranging, pagan like melodies, animation and beat trickery to make whimsical and sometimes bleak tale-like tunes. Based in Adelaide Australia but more at home in a suitcase.


"Sounds like a chamber orchestra playing electronic, classical, and folk music remixed by prefuse 73." VENUS zine (USA) winter 2006.
The music of BrotherSister is made by Dante and Xavia Nou, a pair of multi-instrumetalists with a taste for electronic sound design, string arranging, pagan like melodies, animation sound tracking and beat trickery. Heralding from Adelaide in SA, this sibling duo are just as at home in a suitacase, having lived and worked with performers and musicians all around the world.
Stemming from many generations of musicians, or Estonian and Australian heritage, they started playing and recording as children. But the project only really began in 2005 with Xavia based in the USA as a resident and touring cellist and Dante working in the UK with a travelling street performing company. Making a studio of any room with some peace and quiet, the pair compile songs by sending files to each other across oceans and cities, layering melodic acoustic instruments over electronic beats and sounds, creating an evocative mix of whimsical and sometimes bleak tale-like songs.
“gentle guitar pop to gorgeous lullaby-like atmospherics...[BrotherSister] experiment more than most big named acts of similar ilk” Rip It Up (AUS), February 08
BrotherSister have been received warmly for a sprinkling of shows in the USA and AUS with band helpers including Ryan Manolakis, Nat Wiseman, Jeremy Lutito (jars of clay), Matt Slocum (sixplense none the richer) and Kirk Cornelius. But kept their heads down in adelaide in 2007, to finish their anticipated second album- 'The Wunder Tales'. (”wunder” referring to a place where a collection of rarities and curiosities are exhibited). Following in the self produced footsteps of their debut self titled EP,'The Wunder Tales’ has kept in the international tradition with mastering completed in Nashville by Marc Chevalier and artwork in NYC by grammy award winning design firm- SHILO ( who are currently working on the the bands second music video in NYC.

2005.10.10 WRVU nashvile 91.1 FM,
12005.10.15 The Family Wash east nashville tn
2005.10.12 Grimey’s instore, nashville tn
2005.10.19The End, nashville tn,
2005.10.24 Hair of the Dog, nashville tn
2006.6.10 The Grace Emily, adelaide sa
2006.9.29 The Basement, nashville tn
2007.12.21 The Wheetsheef, adelaide sa
2008.2.12 Radio Adelaide 101.5FM
2008.2.15 The Jade Monkey adelaide sa

CONTACT: +61 (0)424 9544 68


The Wunder Tales - full length (self-released; 2008)
Brother-Sister- mini album (self-released; 2005)

Set List

we comfortably fill a 25-40 minute set, all original material from both albums...
Still Run
Garden Moon
Given Truths