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{No~Guttz~No~Glory} but in my teenage life I had both so I set out ~2~win the prize. @ that time in the city. we already had ~2000~Street DJ's jockin~4~the1 spot the best was DJ Seville the rest I wont name cuz they don't matter. what did matter was they were in my way So they had~2~B~Removed I had a love ~4~music a hunger that could not be suppressed lucky~4~me DJ Seville had a thing~4~my sister . then ~1~day he ask me do~U~want~2~ learn the true Art form of a DJ. I said yes {Now this is what I've been waiting~4~} a true master controls the tempo of the party I mean any~1~can spin records but it takes a true master~2~learn the art of Scratching without knowing how in the hell~2~do it he told me...that part of the art I had ~2~learn on my own. the skills given ~2~me by DJ Seville was the art of mixing/ tempo control/ finding the right window ~2~come in on a mix..still till this very day a lot of DJ's choose the wrong window but I wont drop any names I have a little more class than that but I will tell you that most of them are at your local radio station...yea they got a degree but that don't mean nothing ~2~me because they cant mix.. they mix like there drunk or something~2~make a long story short I learned the mixing skill in 10 min's flat. then everyday I practice... DJ Scotty the jazz funk master open up my eyes~2~selecting the finest flavors of jazz,& R&B,DJ Seville did the same I knew then I was being primed~4~the take over. tapes whent out~2~all hoods the word got thick The letter ''X'' was on the move from house party~2~house party they hell my name XAVIER D. X. T. The Steel City Basement Partys Sissy & Celeste H. ,Jalane Whiteside, Mona & Pam White, Tammy,Tracy,Stinky,Terry, Uncle Benny R...& more,Club~2~Club/////Club 303/ Club Daddy-O's / The Elk's/ The Farrell Center/ The Masonic Hall/ The VFW.. the take over was like a wurl wind the comp parted like the red sea they had ~2~ give it up they had no say in the Matter as the 90's came. so came change drugs soon flooded the club scene & I wanted no part of that . Good Soldier's Never Die we just fade away. later I flipped the script & started a recording studio called Square~1~Productions/ artist / SirjioThe Entertainer/ XAVIER D.X.T., Dre Scratch, Tha ~1~,Dj Dee,Kidd Pyro, Dj Quick Silva, The Flesh 'G'/ Kev $/ Zack Metreaux./ P.O. E./ No Joke Productions/ C~4~/Lost Origin/The Plez/ The Lost Soulz.....& My New Studios X~1~Productions.com The House of Giuliano The House of Cormega & The House of Cortez. Lost Soulz Studios


We, at Blaqwolf Entertainment Group, are proud to present an interview with one of the most talented producers in our area. His whole life revolved around music. Wide ranged, He can do it all. Hip Hop, Dub, Rock, there really are no boundaries when it comes to Michael Giuliano. It's time for Us to stand up and take notice to this supreme hit maker. Ladies and gentlemen heres a glimps of Mr. Giuliano. Michael is the C.E.O. of X-1 Productions based in Farrell, Pa. We choose Micheal for an interview because we feel that he and X-1 Productions can help usher in the respect that Our area deserves. When asked to described X-1 Production, He replied "Everyone has there on niche. Everyone has their own sound. But mines is Hypnotizing. Tapping into the inner soul" Follow along and learn more about Michael Giuliano and X-1 Productions. Blaqwolf... Where are you from? Micheal Giuiliano... I come from the city of Farrel, Pennsylvania. Blaqwolf How did you get your start in the music profession? Micheal Giuliano Well...Music has always been a part of this family (Giuliano) for as long as I could remember. Growing up, My brothers had a funk band and I would always sit in on the jam sessions. I had a love for music, a hunger that could not be suppressed. However, I never put myself in a box. I listened to everything from Pink Floyd to George Clinton to Chopin to Thelonius Monk. As a martial arts student, I also Turned towards the Eastern meditational sounds often heard in the natural outdoors. Blaqwolf You can't get no deeper than that. Who were your influences? Michael Giuliano Prince, Chuck Mangione, Styx, Nat King Cole, Johnny Mathis, Stevie Wonder, Average White Band, Earth Wind and Fire, Rick James, Ozzy Osbourne, Spyro Gyra. Blaqwolf Who would you like to work with one day? Michael Giuliano Ice Cub, Dr. Dre, Snoop, 50 Cent, Eminem, Ludacrise, Gnarls Barkley, Mary J Blige, Omarion, Amerie, Ashanti, Jon B. Blaqwolf Are you a family man? Michael Giuliano Yes, I'm a proud father first. Blaqwolf Do you believe our area can become a major force in the music business? Michael Giuliano YES! Blaqwolf Describe an accomplishment, professionally, you are most proud of. Michael Giuliano Being the most sought after producer in my area. Blaqwolf You mentioned martial arts. What is a Dragon Master? Michael Giuliano I have an extensive background in both Chinese & J