Xavier Hawk

Xavier Hawk

 Delray Beach, Florida, USA

Xavier Hawk is a raw, tribal, techno-sonic medicine man. Imagine Jim Morrison, Tribe Called Quest, and Damien Marley rolled into one.


Xavier Hawk is a raw, tribal, techno-sonic medicine man. His music has been featured on National Geographic, independent Movies, compilations, and DVD’s. His one of a kind approach to musical theatrics weaves techno, tribal, jam, and hip hop influences together into a shamanic journey that involves the viewer and incorporates them into the spontaneous journey. Xavier Builds his beat on stage with a looping station, incorporates audience sounds, didgereedoos, drums, flutes, and guitars, and then freestyles prayers by rapping, chanting, and singing.

His sound is truly one of a kind, and the individuals in the audience come away from the ceremony transformed and healed. More than singing about his devotion, Xavier Hawk actually leads a creative and unique ceremony where the people in the audience direct prayer through the music that goes out and cymatically affect change and heal the planet and the beings that dwell here.

In the culture Hip Hop an MC’s skill is judged by his ability to freestyle. What makes Xavier Hawk’s shows truly remarkable is his ability to freestyle entire shows, from the music to the lyrics, with such precision and lucidity that audience members never know that the entire show was manifested on the spot. Xavier Hawk is truly a Master of Ceremony.


Let Em Know

Written By: Xavier Hawk

Let Em Know

Yo I aint tryin to be the next James Dean.
Im the white brother aint no other,
best you’ve ever seen.
Im a warrior, warrior
from the far away lands,
come to the new world,
walkin the path of the red man.
Sustainable human values
what don’t you understand,
c’mon children we goin
to the promised land,
so come on take my hand
and keep the radio close.
With love and with courage
bring the truth of the most high.

Let Em Know from the mountain top to the valley low
Let en know from uptown to the ghetto

I come with the word
Speak the voice of the ancients
I come with the word
of the seventh generation
I come with the word
To heal every nation
I come with the word
The ROOT of creation.
As below so above
you know this all been written
so let your will be done
on earth as it is in heaven.
Comin from up from the bottom
Screamin power to the people
If you cant get with this
You just plain evil

Let Em Know from the mountain top to the valley low
Let en know from uptown to the ghetto

Exceptional Souls
Traveling the globe
To let em know
With a reservoir of hope
Flowing interdimensional
More powerful than weapons that explode from generals
Can we control our future is our destiny set in stone?
Everywhere we will go
You’ll never be left alone
Devoted to preservation
of every ones treasured home
Im talking about the planet earth
our beautiful sacred mother
The planet that gave us birth
how absurd is it not to love her
And honor and cherish,
cause many people don’t care,
they just make it safe and convienient
and put the blame on America,
But its up to every single functional individual.
Its getting critical
You stupid if you don’t get the clues.
This aint just crazy talk
It is a movement to save us all
It starts with you it aint about
Chop and Xavier Hawk
The crusade is on
Get involved don’t just play along
So come on strong and march
In the fight for the greatest cause

Let Em Know from the mountain top to the valley low
Let en know from uptown to the ghetto


Xavier Hawk- "Return of the Thunderbird" (c) 2004 the Thunderbirds Global Action Team.

Xavier Hawk- "Thunderbird Hotel" (c) 2005 the Thunderbirds Global Action Team

Xavier Hawk- "b-sides" (c) 2006
The Thunderbirds Global Action Team

HawkBlade- "HawkBlade" (c) 2007 The Terranhawks inc.-- gets airplay on UIC College Radio and NPR in South Florida.

Xavier Hawk- "National Geographic" (c) 2008 the Thunderbirds Global Action Team -- synchronization for National Geographic Explorer

Xavier Hawk - "Peace Begins with Me" (c)2008
The Thunderbirds Global Action Team

Set List

Xavier Hawk's set list is an eclectic mix of 21st century tribal sounds blended with pop lyrics in a danceable flexion. Running time is 45 min to 2 hours. Spontaneous guests and jamming have been known to occur and keep crowds bumpin for hours.

Didjeridoo and drumming intro> Let em Know> Ghost Dancers>Prayer>Peaceful Warrior live> See Jah> Flow like the river> Riders> Healin> Most High> Drum Jam> Freestyle Jam> Zion> Riders> Will not Die> Fallen> On the Wind> Ride> Believe> Thunderbird> Boom Boom> Jam Out.

Alternate songs:
No Woman No Cry
Children of Life
Rebel Yell
and many more!