Xavier Hawk
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Xavier Hawk

Delray Beach, Florida, United States | INDIE

Delray Beach, Florida, United States | INDIE
Band Alternative Rock


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Return of the Thunderbird"

Xavier Hawk's music is a Hip Hop adventure into the so-far-uncharted lands of the future. It is a blend of Native tribal rhythms, heavy beat, unique instrumentals, street heavy justice, and divine inspiration. This arena-destined Hip Hop speaks the stories.

- Heather's Hip Hop Haven

"A New Direction for Hip-Hop"

A very unique and entertaining vision. Boldly going where no one has gone before. I love number 11.
- Sourceguy


by Renda Writer

Call it coincidence, call it irony, or call it fate. However you might label it, it sure is metaphorically convenient that hawks are known for their far reaching eyesight, and local artist Xavier Hawk is known for possessing unrelenting creative vision.

His vision for the future includes plans to take his Thunderbird Global Action Team around the world for an interactive, educational, and entertaining series of adventures. These plans stem from the fact that Xavier Hawk envisions a better tomorrow for all sentient beings. In his line of sight a better tomorrow is possible, but only through empowerment today. According to his motto, "Salvation is right now."

This is where his music comes in. As the cornerstone of his whole movement, Hawk’s music serves as a motivational soundtrack that is closely aligned with the goal of having his Thunderbird Global Action Team serve as “the world’s first high profile research, rescue, and recovery corporation.” All of his live performances are prayers - musical and spiritual reflections of a man opening himself up to a higher power and channeling it through improvised song. Whether he’s chanting, singing, rapping, beat boxing, or playing a didgeridoo or guitar, he always captivates the crowd, which lasts long after the show is over. A live Xavier Hawk show is what he calls, “a shamanic experience,” people come away changed.

After having galvanized the local South Florida scene, Hawk has recently kept a low profile while recording his next album and refining his plans to replicate his successful formula for community building and take it nationwide. The Thunderbird Global Action Team will carry out these plans in its adventures, visiting local communities and reminding them that the people that they themselves are the real heroes. The belief is that regular people can become real life action heroes through right thinking, guided empowerment exercises, and service to humanity, all the while being entertained. People are introduced to the divinity within themselves and are taught how to be the best they can be.

Always far ahead of the digital curve, Xavier Hawk’s penchant for staying on the cutting edge of technology has allowed him to integrate his overall vision with the technical tools needed to make it into reality. His vision for himself, his Global Action Team, and for everyday people like you, is being materialized and updated daily with music, videos, e-mail newsletters, CDs, song downloads, and interactive adventures, that you can take part in at xavierhawk.net. The reality show following the formation of the team is in production now, and a national tour - powered by two veggie diesel solar tour buses, both equipped with full service recording studios is taking form for this summer.

These plans may sound grandiose, but then again that is what vision is. Having vision means having goals and also having faith in your abilities and talents, seeing them as tools for reaching these goals. Some people have vision, and some people don’t. Xavier Hawk has far reaching vision, just as his name suggests.


- Wemerge


Xavier Hawk- "Return of the Thunderbird" (c) 2004 the Thunderbirds Global Action Team.

Xavier Hawk- "Thunderbird Hotel" (c) 2005 the Thunderbirds Global Action Team

Xavier Hawk- "b-sides" (c) 2006
The Thunderbirds Global Action Team

HawkBlade- "HawkBlade" (c) 2007 The Terranhawks inc.-- gets airplay on UIC College Radio and NPR in South Florida.

Xavier Hawk- "National Geographic" (c) 2008 the Thunderbirds Global Action Team -- synchronization for National Geographic Explorer

Xavier Hawk - "Peace Begins with Me" (c)2008
The Thunderbirds Global Action Team



Xavier Hawk is a raw, tribal, techno-sonic medicine man. His music has been featured on National Geographic, independent Movies, compilations, and DVD’s. His one of a kind approach to musical theatrics weaves techno, tribal, jam, and hip hop influences together into a shamanic journey that involves the viewer and incorporates them into the spontaneous journey. Xavier Builds his beat on stage with a looping station, incorporates audience sounds, didgereedoos, drums, flutes, and guitars, and then freestyles prayers by rapping, chanting, and singing.

His sound is truly one of a kind, and the individuals in the audience come away from the ceremony transformed and healed. More than singing about his devotion, Xavier Hawk actually leads a creative and unique ceremony where the people in the audience direct prayer through the music that goes out and cymatically affect change and heal the planet and the beings that dwell here.

In the culture Hip Hop an MC’s skill is judged by his ability to freestyle. What makes Xavier Hawk’s shows truly remarkable is his ability to freestyle entire shows, from the music to the lyrics, with such precision and lucidity that audience members never know that the entire show was manifested on the spot. Xavier Hawk is truly a Master of Ceremony.