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Xavier Moyano

San Miguel de Tucumán, Tucumán, Argentina | INDIE

San Miguel de Tucumán, Tucumán, Argentina | INDIE
Band Rock Acoustic


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""Introducing Xavier Moyano: Argentina’s Best Kept Rock-n-Roll Secret""

Introducing Xavier Moyano: Argentina’s Best Kept Rock-n-Roll Secret
By Reb Sixxx
(SugarBuzz International)
SugarBuzz Magazine

Look out Steve Vai and Joe Satriani: there’s a new guitarist rising in your ranks. His name is Xavier Moyano and he’s Argentina’s best kept secret.

A few months ago I was trolling Facebook and landed upon a page for some guy named Xavier Moyano. He was hot, so of course I had to see what this dude was all about. At first it was just my general interest in his Latino sexiness, but then I noticed that his page said he was a guitarist and rock instrumentalist. Being the sort of curious rock-n- roll wench that I am, I had to investigate this new rocker. So I followed the links to his Myspace music profile and pressed PLAY. Lightning instantly surged through my quivering body, as my tongue fell out of my mouth and rolled across the living room floor. I was shocked into silence. Not only was this dude sexy as all Hell, but he could actually play. Immediately I set out to make his acquaintance.

The first few conversations were a bit awkward as he mainly speaks Spanish, but after a few rough starts and inhaling copious amounts of Google Translate, I found out that he was very nice and a wonderful conversationalist. We eventually got to talking about his life, career, and future aspirations.

The first thing I noticed was that he was extremely humble about his talent, which is almost unheard of in this day and age. We seem to live in an era of talentless guitarists bragging endlessly about how great they are, so when I met Xavier Moyano, a guitarist who actually has real talent, I was surprised by how quiet he was concerning his ability. I even asked him about that and his response was that he would never brag about his ability because that’s not who he is. So from that point forward, I just figured his music was great enough that it did the talking for him. And since I could not get him to tell me how he became so great at playing guitar, I had to research his talent through other interviews and various websites instead. And the more I researched, the more impressed I became. I have never ever said this before, but in my professional opinion, Xavier Moyano is the best guitarist I’ve ever heard in my life. His talent, creative ability, and soul-stirring music is not of this earth. If God played guitar, he'd play like Xavier Moyano.

At only 28 years old, Xavier Moyano is an accredited South American Guitar Master and I agree with whoever gave him that title. He is absolutely amazing. He is so good in fact, that I have smashed all my guitars into smithereens and will never even attempt to play again. I fucking quit, man.

Not only is Xavier Moyano an awesome musician, but he’s also a fine producer, audio/video recording engineer, and teacher. He has performed in more than 50 cities in 5 countries (Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Peru) and conducts many guitar clinics in conservatories, academies, institutes, and schools of music all over South America. And when he’s not playing solo performances, producing, recording, or teaching, he’s playing in one of his many bands. Currently he performs with the bands “Seliger” and “Ël Último Cocalero”, but also lends himself to other musical projects as time allows. Do any random Youtube search and you’ll find him playing everywhere...except the USA. But that’s all about to change.

Rumor has it that Xavier Moyano has sights set on the USA. He recently inked an exclusive management contract with MoonShine Management Services located in the US, and is now being represented by international band manager, Rebecca Hohm. If the rumors are indeed correct, then Xavier Moyano will be landing in the US later this year. Keep your fingers crossed because we desperately need him here. As you already know, we’re all currently suffering from Pop Fever, and Xavier Moyano is exactly the sort of rock-n-roll injection that this country needs to be able to recover from the onslaught of Putrid Gaga Disease.

Xavier Moyano plays all styles of music from rock to metal, reggae to punk, folk to blues, to all other genres in the musical spectrum. The really bizarre thing is that no matter what style he happens to be playing on guitar, it sounds as if he’s dedicated his entire life to learning just that one particular style. And then you'll hear him play a completely different style of music after that, and again you’re shocked at how flawlessly he plays. He makes guitar playing look completely easy to do. Just watching his fingers glide up and down the fretboard is nothing less than totally spell-binding. I am in total awe of him. Others are too apparently, because Xavier Moyano is constantly being interviewed on South American television and radio, and shows up in newspapers from one side of South America to the other. Xavier Moyano has also shared the stage with many well-known bands, including the rock legend Motorhead, and just last year he performed with Orquesta Sinfónica, the symphony orchestra of the National University of Tucumán (Argentina).

The reality is I could go on and on about how awesome Xavier Moyano is, but I think it's best if I just stop right here and allow you to hear him play for yourself. He has graciously allowed SugarBuzz Magazine readers an exclusive free download to his song, “SoLa”. Just click HERE and Turn It UP! (You can also hear “SoLa” later this year on the upcoming extreme sports film, “We Are Family: Re-Evolution”, being produced by Boston Enjoy Productions in Barcelona Spain.) Xavier Moyano’s career is on a very exciting path and I really look forward to seeing how it evolves.

I promise you will not be disappointed by his music and I also promise that you will become an instant fan. Rarely does anything impress me anymore, but Xavier Moyano’s talent is a rock-n-roll miracle of Biblical proportions. You gotta hear this guy play.

So in the future when you’re all mulling over your record collections and gazing adoringly at your favorite Xavier Moyano albums, just remember that you heard about him here first at SugarBuzz Magazine, courtesy of the one and only Rock-n-Roll Hell-Raiser, Reb Sixxx.

Keep your horns high, your fists in the air, and never EVER stop ROCKIN’!

That’s an order.

Peace. - Reb Sixxx for SugarBuzz Magazine (USA)

"Xavier Moyano: "Clinica de Guitarra""

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2001 Judas - "Jerusalem" (Heavy Metal-Trash) EP

2002 Xavier Moyano (Instrumental) SINGLE

2003 Argón (Heavy Metal) SINGLE
2003 Triunfal (Power Metal-Clásico) EP
2003 Templarium (Power Metal-Progresivo) EP
2003 Adrian Llovera - "Cuadros" (Canciones-Disco)
2003 Ave CesaR - "Rompeparedes" (Hard Rock) EP

2004 Reino Infame - "Cae El Sol" (Rock-Ska-Punk) EP
2004 Ave Cesar - "Revolucion de Rock & Roll" (Disco)

2005 R I S K - "Project" (Heavy Metal-Rock-Trash) EP
2005 KaDaNeK Demo (Power Metal-Progresivo) SINGLE
2005 KRÜCK - "2005" Demo (Rock) EP
2005 G.X.Project (Hard Rock-Soul-Pop-Baladas) EP
2005 Ave CesaR - "La Otra Parte De Mi" (Rock) SINGLE
2005 Adrian Llovera - "Bajo La Lluvia" (Rock) EP
2005 Malas Noticias - "Nunca Voy A Madurar" (Punk-Rock) SINGLE

2006 Initial Gravity (Metal-Progresivo-Instrumental) EP
2006 Harder - "Project" (Hard-Rock) EP
2006 AVE CESAR - "Nueva Dimensión" (Rock-Pop) EP
2006 Xavier Moyano (Rock-Instrumental) EP
2006 Reino Infame - "Lágrimas De Sangre" (Pop-Rock) SINGLE
2006 Furtivo - "Engranajes De Papel" (Rock-Punk) SINGLE
2006 Adrian Llovera - "Rojo Oscuro" (Disco-Rock) LP
2006 VITAL - "Personalidad" (Disco-Hard Core-NüMetal) LP
2006 AVe CesaR - "New Dimension Rock Show" (Adelanto DVD)

2007 AVe Cesar - "New Dimension Rock Show (DVD Live)

2008 Xavier Moyano - VCD: "Videos En Vivo" - Bolivia, Tucuman
2008 Ronald Villegas: "Primeros Pasos" - Sucre, Bolivia EP

2009 Adagio: "Espectáculo Lírico Musical" - (Vivo) - DVD, CD
2009 Orquesta Sinfónica UNT - "Concierto Pop" - (Vivo) - CD

2010 SELIGER - Buenos Aires, Argentina (Metal)
2010 Ël Último Cocalero - La Paz, Bolivia (Rock)



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Músico \ Compositor \ Productor \ Docente \ Grabación y Edición de Audio & Video

Guitarrista Solista ; llevó su show a mas de 50 ciudades en 5 paises (Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay y Peru) ; dicta Clinicas de Guitarra en Conservatorios, Academias, Institutos y Escuelas de Música.

Giró junto a Pablo Soler (Buenos Aires) en varias oportunidades y en el 2009 junto a Carina Alfie (BsAs) por el NOA (Tucuman, Salta y Santiago); Compartió las giras South American Guitar Masters en 2004, 2006 y 2007 junto a Marcos De Ros (Brasil) ; el S3 Ibero American Guitar Fest 2008 con Manuel Seoane (España); el 15 de Octubre de 2009 se presentó en el Guitar Fest '09 BsAs junto a 11 guitarristas de Colombia, Korea, Salta y Buenos Aires.

Fué Guitarrista & Productor de su banda de Rock\Pop Ave Cesar (2003-2007) con la cual participó en Cosquin Rock y Tucuman Rock compartiendo escenario con Bersuit, Los Piojos, L.A. Spinetta, León Gieco, Intoxicados, Carajo, Kapanga,Viticus, NoTeVaGustar (Uruguay) y muchas otras; giró en el NOA con LA RENGA x 3 ciudades (Tucuman, Catamarca y Salta) y teloneó en Cordoba a la mitica banda inglesa MOTORHEAD. con esta banda grabó 2 EP's, 2 discs y un DVD en vivo.

En Septiembre de 2009 fué invitado por la Orquesta Sinfónica de la UNT a participar en el Concierto Pop de Primavera con música de películas, fueron 4 shows en el Teatro Alberdi y uno en Concepción.
En Noviembre de 2009 participó de "ADAGIO", un espectáculo Lírico\Musical del baritono de la Orquesta Sinfonica interpretando "The Phantom Of The Opera", "Music", "Adaggio" y "Roxanne" version tango de la pelicula "Moulin Rouge".
El 20 de Diciembre de 2009 hizo su debut SELIGER, banda de metal de Buenos Aires, fué en El Teatro, Flores junto a ANGRA (Brasil);
27/12: 2º fecha de la banda con la participación especial desde Brasil de Thiago Bianchi (voz de Shaman) & Elodia Agostini (Italia).

En este 2010 tocó en: Formosa, Chaco, Tartagal, Tucuman, Lules; en Febrero & Marzo realizó su 6ta gira en BOLIVIA con clinicas y shows en las ciudades de: Santa Cruz, Cochabamba, Sucre, La Paz, Montero y los carnavales en Camiri!; en Marzo se presentó junto a Ronald Villegas (Sucre, Bolivia) en el NOA (Salta,Tucuman); luego viajó a presentarse con Seliger en URUGUAY (Montevideo) & Buenos Aires (Asbury) ; también tocó como solista en Capital, GranBsAs y La Plata. En Junio se presentó 3 veces en Salta en NewTime junto a Frack (Espectáculo Humorístico Musical). En Julio inicia RESURRECTION Tour: en BOLIVIA (LaPaz, Cbba, Sucre, Potosi, Yotala, Oruro, El Alto y Copacabana) & PERU (Puno y Cuzco) ; Septiembre: Tucuman y Catamarca; en Octubre se presentó nuevamente con Seliger el 28 en Groove (BsAs) compartiendo escenario con Sonata Arctica (Finlandia), luego se presentaron en Rosario (SantaFé) y Capital Federal (StratoFest2). En Tucuman, junto a 50 músicos; En Noviembre\Diciembre en Bolivia en: EcoRock (Cochabamba), Rock por la Ecología y Dia de la Musica, Oruro y en La Paz compartió escenario con Gilby Clarke (USA, ex Guns N' Roses); para despedir el año cierra la gira en: Potosi, Atocha, Villazón y Tupiza para finalmente llegar a Tucuman, Argentina junto a su banda boliviana.

Desde el año 2009 es endorser de Amplificadores Wenstone, DS pickups de Argentina ; Kikemol Straps (Sucre, Bolivia) y MST (pedales: LaPaz, Bolivia).

Actualmente ademas de su carrera solista es Guitarrista de: Seliger (Metal - Argentina, Brasil); Criminal Mind (Beer Rock - BsAs, Arg) ; SuperCocalero (Rock - La Paz, Bolivia); tambien se desempeña como músico sesionista.