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Xavier Persad

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Irrational EP (2006)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Xavier Persad's involvement with music and singing began as early as he can remember. "As a child, I remember my entire family - mom, dad, my four brothers and my four sisters - gathering nightly to have bible study and sing praises to God...We had a choir in our living room every night - it was awesome!" It is at these family gatherings that Xavier's love and appreciation for music ignited.

At age fifteen, Xavier penned his first song. "I just felt compelled to write about the indescribable hope that God offers humanity...it was amazing to me how easily the words and melody came. I couldn’t believe how much of a connection with God I felt just by penning a simple song in my bedroom…Soon, songwriting became a therapy for me, a way to connect to God and people on the deepest level.”

Just months later, a burning desire emerged in Xavier’s heart – the desire to play the piano. “I was visiting a church in my hometown of Orlando, FL. I walked in and saw Angie Taylor – now a great friend and fellow musician – playing the piano and leading worship. I was amazed at the heavenly sounds that pierced through to my innermost being. I thought, ‘I would love to do that someday.’” Inspired and determined, Xavier set out to learn the piano.

Remarkably, in just a few months, Xavier was playing the piano and singing at that very same church as the Youth Choir Leader. “I couldn’t believe how far God had taken me. I had no formal training – not on the piano, not in songwriting, and not in youth ministry; it was just me and God, and that was more than enough. I am still astounded beyond words – to have discovered the thing that makes me the happiest, that I enjoy more than anything else in the world.”

Now nineteen, Xavier has one desire: to reach the world. “I don’t know how, and I don’t know when. But if I’ve learned anything in my life, it’s that God will make a way where there seems to be no way.”

With his very first EP Project - entitled "Irrational EP" - recently completed, Xavier hopes that people will connect to the messages of hope found therein. “I really want people to see a real, unmasked me and cling to that sense of honesty.” Beyond the innovative compositions and catchy melodies are lyrics that reaches out to the broken hearted, to the outcast, to those unhappy with the person they are. "Anthem of Love," the opening track, is a cry of desperation to the human race, calling for unconditional love one to another. The title track, "Irrational," questions what most view as reality and truth, and speaks to those closed minded to the message of God’s truth. “Only you can open your eyes, to see the truth they hide….Am I irrational? Or is it you?”

“The reason why I chose 'Irrational' as the title track is because it’s more than just a title; it’s a movement. Can we as Christians gain the courage to stand up unashamed and boldly say, ‘I am not crazy, irrational, or illogical for believing in Jesus.’? Yet on the other side of that is the question: Can we stand up and say, “Yes! Our faith is irrational – irrational only in the world’s view.’? What Jesus did for us was indeed irrational, yet beautifully so. As the song says, ‘Wait! Maybe this is irrational – Irrational love, Irrational Sacrifice, Irrational Beauty.’

"Reflections" carries on this same message of rejecting what the world had to say about us and accepting the fact that we are all wonderfully and beautifully made in God’s image. "Forgive Me," with its jazzy, piano-driven sound, documents an intense cry for redemption and plea for grace. "Hallelujah" leaves a mark as instrumentally innovative and beautifully raw. With only the violin, piano, and acoustic guitar, it is a pure and honest song of praise and adoration. The collection finishes off with "Watching," a very personal song written specifically to one of Xavier’s family members. This track is purely acoustic guitar, and is nothing short of pure sincerity.

“I really hope that people will find a place for my songs in their hearts. This is my hope, this is my vision, this is my dream – that one person will be touched and encouraged by the tunes that I put all of myself into.”