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Ocoee, Florida, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012

Ocoee, Florida, United States
Established on Jan, 2012
Solo Hip Hop




"Xavier drops some heat with his latest single “What’s Real”"

A can’t miss talent out of Florida

As lowkey production sets the tone, Xavier’s poses the age-old question in his latest single: “What’s Real?” The Orlando, Florida native’s laid back delivery compliments his beat selection perfectly as he sits in the pocket while examining the authenticity of his relationships and life itself. With lines like “They told me, don’t wear yo heart on yo sleeve/cuz when you bleed, then it’s out they all will see,” Xavier displays a certain vulnerability that most artists aren’t able to tap into. One thing’s for certain, Xavier’s talent is what’s real, and we’re looking forward to hearing more. - Gritty Vibes

"PREMIERE: Xavier Shares A Short Film For “Lil Gardener”"

Orlando, FL artist Xavier gives us the green light to premiere “Lil Gardner” a short film inspired by his latest EP 1447. The film was directed and edited by Kamryn Harris of Ryn Productions and previews 3 of the 7 songs on the EP.

While the 24-year-old artist is leaving the video up to one’s interpretation, 1447 speaks on growing pains, family, desires, love, and pursuing goals. The character in the film represents each of these emotions and thoughts. The 10-minute film is an incredible execution of Xavier’s artistic ability and properly tells the story of the EP.

You can check out “Lil Gardner” above and look out for Xavier’s first full-length LP in the near future. - Music On The Dot

"Xavier drops a short film 'Lil Gardener', inspired from his latest EP 1447."

Xavier releases a new short film with director Kamryn Harris. The short film 'Lil Gardener' is centered around music from his latest EP, 1447. The project was self-produced alongside Chelsi Cocking and Ta Nycia Wooden with sound design handled by his good friend and engineer, Apollo.

You can get in tune with Xavier creative visual below, via Youtube. - Illanoize

"Premiere - Lil' Gardener"

Catch this Dinner Land Network exclusive from Xavier "Lil' Gardener", a short film that supports his latest EP "1447".

"The cover art uses an abstract depiction of the sun to represent the "moves" made from sunrise to sundown. The EP talks a lot about dreams, desires, love, family, and heartache that the artist has and feels daily during this "move" in life. The sunrise/sundown visual appeal is also used to represent the tranquility and mellow tone of the EP; each song's vibe tones down successively creating a 'sonic sunset' in the end."

This short film directed by Ryn Productions features a character working relentlessly on his garden with care - while planting, delivering a few songs, and building his vision. The title of the film originates from a song on his EP and a figurative character that represents the realities faced while Xavier was working on this project. He shares with us that the character represents "everyone who hasn't given up on their dreams, desires, goals, and faith." Press play above and be sure to follow Xavier for more flavor like this.

Director/ Editor - Kamryn Harris/ Ryn Productions
Producer/ Photographer - Chelsi Cocking
Production Assistant - Ta Nycia Wooden
Sound Design - Apollo
Executive Producer/ Artist - Xavier - Dinnerland

"Xavier: Harvesting Growth and Patience Along the Journey (Interview)"

Xavier, an artist based out of Orlando, Florida, whose ideas and plans are broader than the city he currently resides in.

In 2018, he released his 7-track offering of 1447, a sincere body of work highlighting the ebbs and flow life brings, through that alone of existence. He raps about becoming an elite artist, acquiring assets for his people and past relationships.

“Use a pen to put emotions on a sheet so I can get big like Drake,” Xavier raps, on track five, “Big Like Drake.” Drake’s career is mentioned as an aspiration for Xavier’s career, but not the type of artist he wants to emulate. This proves to be true on the second-to-last track, “Lil Gardener.” The song rebirths 1447.

“I’ve been planting seeds since 17,” Xavier raps “Lil Gardener,” symbolizing his artistic highs and lows to create a reality out of dreams.

“There was a lot of doubt this would happen because the EP, released May 2018, was only recognized by a small niche. However, it didn’t feel right not to complete this project with something more than the music. Kamryn [Harris] (director/editor of the film) brought up that she really wanted to turn ‘1447’ into a film. At the time, I began to accept that the film was too ambitious for me to handle so early in my career. This is only my third music video.”

Nonetheless, the responsibility was not immense enough for Xavier to handle, as he worked with Kamryn to shoot a year’s worth of work in one day. The film, Lil Gardener, is the summation of work presented in 1447. Together, the songs help tie in a theme of harvesting, endurance, and patience.

“The hardest part of the process was shooting a year worth of work in one day. The largest piece of this project was figuring out what we wanted to do. How did we want to use music very personal to me (references to past relationships, family breakthroughs, and my heart’s desires) and translate it into a film for everyone to understand and relate to?”

Xavier sustained the ability to tell his own story and relate it back to the listener/viewer. Symbolic messages are unveiled as the film plays out. “Must be planted on a hill to grow,” became the exclamation point of Xavier’s film.

Craig: During the film, you find a pack of seeds for harvest. “Must be planted on a hill to grow.” I have my own interpretation of this, but I’d love to know yours.

Xavier: It can be interpreted a lot of different ways, which is why I like this question. I look at it as the goal or dream you’re working towards comes with its own set of battles, challenges, obstacles, and/or risks. The picture on the front of the package is the vision/goal. The instructions on the back simply say ‘getting to your goal won’t be easy unless you’re putting in the work and pushing through those obstacles.”

An artist’s absence can appear to be their demise, causing the manifestation of frustrations and anxieties. Whether the creative has taken a break for whatever the reason may be manifest for an artist who’s either taking a break or further expanding the creative vision. Nonetheless, the fear of being “out of sign, out mind,” can creep into the psyche.

“Honestly, there’s no rush on something that’s intended to be timeless. My homie AJ Bank$y told me that when I told him I felt bad about leaving ‘1447’ incomplete without the film. For some reason, I thought I was moving backward by not immediately dropping new music solely focusing on this film. For that reason, I’d say I learned not to be too hard on myself. Let loose and create.”

Xavier put energy back into his craft — investing in himself — helping shape the vision he had for the short film. Working alongside fellow creatives from college, Xavier executed his vision with a small team.

“I supported a large portion of the funding independently which is what pushed it out even further. My crew was 3 fellow creatives from college who I don’t think worked on a production of this scale before. We shot in March 2019 and took another 3 months in post-production while creating some promotional content. I’d do it again with this group; we’ve grown tremendously since.”

Xavier is an artist backed by patience, mindfulness, awareness and staying power. “Lil Gardener” is the results of an artist with a vision. “Lil Gardener” also showcases artistic advocacy for Him reaching the said vision.

Shortcuts only short yourself of a goal. Obstacles surface and we learn to go through it — grow through it — all while avoiding deep suffering. There’s sacredness in the advice that helps you along the way. But your story is unavoidable and growth must be harvested from the soil of your soul. May the trials and triumphant moments hold experiences you wish to be equal parts of your journey. Trials and triumphs are all a part of the story; don’t forget to enjoy your travels. - Bluntiq


skill (Single) - 2019, ftc (Single) - 2019, sugar plum forever (Single) - 2019, what's real? (Single) - 2019, 1447 (EP) - 2018



Xavier is a writer and musician residing in Ocoee, Florida. He released his first song in 2010 after moving to Norcross, Georgia in high school. Since then, Xavier has performed a series of shows in Atlanta, including a showcase at A3C Festival, and released 2 EPs independently in 2016 and 2018 respectively. Xavier produced 3 independent music videos, including 2019’s lil gardener - a short film concept to his EP, 1447 (2018), that he also starred and co-wrote.

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