X Darawish

X Darawish

 Árgos, Peloponnese, GRC

X Darawish’s different origins in their songs combine different elements between east & west,having a common reference the musical idioms of the Mediterranean.By using the Dervishes philosophy in their music have the ability to transmit their performances into a unique "ritualistic'' live experience


Greek & Italian X-DARAWISH is a world music band, established in Bari (Italy 1997). They combine different elements which reference to the music dialects of Mediterranean. They appeared in hundreds TV & radio programs, they gave more than 600 concerts all over Europe and they participated in many festivals. They shared the stage with musicians like Elvis Costello, Bob Dylan, Nick Cave, Noa & James Taylor and they represented Greece & Italy in the same collection with U2. Their cd single “NARGHILE” was included in the collection “TOP OF THE EUROPEAN POPS”.


1. “Al Darawish” (il ponte sonoro-1992-Italy)
2. “Radio Dervish” (il manifesto-1996-Italy)
3. “Una ratsa, mia fatsa” (fm records-1998, il manifesto-2000-Italy)
4. “Domino” (Music Mirror-2008-Greece)

Set List

1. Gana de trabajar ( 4:55) - XDarawish
2. Sto choro (4:50) -Efstratios Diamantis
3. Jerusalem (3:40) -X Darawish
4. Tsigaro krasi (3:50) -Vincenzo Leone
5. Narghile’ (4:58) - Efstratios Diamantis
6. Handra (4:00) -Efstratios Diamantis
7. Funiculi funicula (3:59)- Luigi Denza
8. Ksipnima (3:50) -Vincenzo Leone
9. Yedikule’ (3:30) - Vincenzo Leone
10. Arga (4:00) -Vincenzo Leone
11. Pikrodafni (3:20) -Traditional Greek
12. Anapse to tsigaro (4:50) -Gerasimos Klouvatos
13. Nuova vecchia realta’ (3:40) -Vincenzo Leone
14. Bomba Nucleare (3:10) –Efstratios Diamantis
15. Vassilikos (3:30) -Traditional Greek
16. Misourlou (3:58) –Nikos Roumpanis
17. Erotissi (3:40) -Vincenzo leone
18. Peta peta (3:50) –X Darawish
19. Intifada (5:50)- Al Darawish