DEPRAVITAE is Industrial Horrorcore ShockRock Metal for the Masses


Established in December 2004 and based out of Eugene, Oregon, DEPRAVITAE was the creation of Gideon Gash (lead vocals/programming), in an attempt to bring an evolutionary genre to the industrial music scene. Having experience in the hardcore techno genre as a DJ, Gash decided to take his musical knowledge and create a band that would outlive the stereotypical “fads” and “new crazes” of musical standards.
Taking his love for horror films and industrial metal, along with the aid of original bassist Das Stilla and guitarist The Scourge; he set forth to create the sound that fit the band’s namesake. Deciding to keep the band’s musical lineup simple, they decided the best bet would be to program all the songs without the need of a live drummer. With musical influences that span a generation, from Tchaikovsky to Mudvayne, with a little Rammstein fit in, the band has engineered a sound that is both recognizable and satisfying to the eardrums. After recording and finalizing all the tracks for the album “Apocalypticusadisticon”, as well as creating new personas for all the main characters in the band, it was time to create a visual image. Particularly fond of the Clive Barker “Hellraiser” series of movies, Gideon began fabricating set designs and costumes for their live stage shows.
Once that was complete, DEPRAVITAE began booking shows. At a live stage performance by DEPRAVITAE, you are taken into a new world, filled with scantily clad women, blood-stained staged ritual sacrifices and music that leaves you shivering for more.
DEPRAVITAE shares a wide audience of music fans, promoting throughout the USA as well as Europe and Asia via their MySpace page,, as well as through their own website . Not only do they cater to the industrial music fans, but the electronica, metal and gothic scene as well. Not to mention the fans that just love their stage performance and characters’ personage.


APOCALYPTICUSADISTICON (Released:10/31/07 on Malbogia Records, Distributed by & Super-D Distribution)

Set List

Set List:
1)The Oath
3)Cutting Room Floor
4)The Brood
6)Never Wrong
7)Problem Child
8)Nothing Is Sacred
9)Vertically Deep
10)March of The Sick

Typical set duration: 40-50 minutes w/stage show