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I didn’t come into the hip hop game to change it, but rather give a message of hope, peace and most importantly love.


When X-DOZ hit the rap scene with his deafening group, the X-CLAN THANG in his high school days, all hell broke loose. Why? you may ask, well, primarily because there had never been any young hip-hip groups in IDEAL COMPREHENSIVE HIGH SCHOOL who revolutionized the sound of hip-hop music as fast as they did.

They are the only group who knew how to precisely give you lyrical food for your mind while simultaneously making thongs shake and drop (check out the meteoric rise of their platinum demo single"Tha breaking Atomz").

Plus, they redrew the rap map and became an influential force in the musical genre.
Now, as one of the toughest and tightest emcees to ever grip the mic, X-DOZ, tha X-CLAN THANG's front man, is on the move to jump-start his solo career in Nigeria with his unprecedented album "THA FIRST EPISODE" which due to its brilliance and a tight production by DAFLOW, is destined to go down in history books.

The infamous X-DOZ "Okunlola Olufemi" has built a career on the backs of wanna-be wise guys unaware of his lyrical dexterity. He has been since early childhood.
Word on his witty rhyme prowess began spreading 9 years ago as a potential-laden twelve-year-old rhyme animal clawing at opponents on a battlefield. Its not that his opponents were lyrically weak in any shape, form or fashions, as they would come to battle equipped with some 16-bar ammo,It's just that the born to kill X-DOZ would extinguish whatever little fumes they'd create with fire lines.

All from the top of his head."If anybody was winning a battle it was me",says X-DOZ confidently in reference to his early street, lyrical brawls.I had millions of rhymes that just tore people's head off.


Still I Rise

Written By: X DOZ

You can't run me down, cuz on this block I'm gonna keep it locked.
Waste no more of ur idle time cuz like the sun X.D.O.Z Still Rise!....STILL I RISE


You may write me down in history
With your bitter, twisted lies,
You may trod me in the very dirt
But still, like dust, I'll rise.
Does my sassiness upset you?
Why are you beset with gloom?
'Cause I walk like I've got oil wells
Pumping in my living room.
Just like moons and like suns,
With the certainty of tides,
Just like hopes springing high,
Still I'll rise.
Did you want to see me broken?
Bowed head and lowered eyes?
Shoulders falling down like teardrops.
Weakened by my soulful cries.

Does my haughtiness offend you?
Don't you take it awful hard
'Cause I laugh like I've got gold mines diggin' in my own back yard.

You may shoot me with your words,
You may cut me with your eyes,
You may kill me with your hatefulness,
But still, like air, I'll rise.


Does my sexiness upset you?
Does it come as a surprise
That I dance like I've got diamonds
At the meeting of my thighs?
Out of the huts of history's shame
I rise
Up from a past that's rooted in pain
I rise
I'm a black ocean, leaping and wide,
Welling and swelling I bear in the tide.
Leaving behind nights of terror and fear
I rise
Into a daybreak that's wondrously clear
I rise
Bringing the gifts that my ancestors gave,
I am the dream and the hope of the slave.
I rise
Aint no stoppin to ma shine this time.
Still like morning I rise.


On The Ground

Written By: X DOZ

Ladies and gentlemen, this is 2 double 0 3,
Phelim Records, introducing X. D. O. Z, you don't need to be scared
it's about tyme we spit the rap sh*T
Check it out! HUN!

[VERSE 1:]
See my true creativity leaks like a slick freak
X in the rap like medelling thang, I aint gone shift no bling
I play my rap thang and I started to fling
I strike mind and target in film I play it with rap and I splat your back,
I'm not to be trusted
and i spell that out with a fake smile and funny stare
It's not fair to tell you that i tell more lies than Tony Blair
I've got a ferocious heart combined with roars from my thunderous head
and I'm hiding all Sadam's weapon of mass destructions under my bed
all hail the kid..anyone who can't clap..I go impale the flid
and plant in you a destructive seed,
all verses is writen again,
letz see the which mc will flee the fastest, like sending
troops into battle wearing nuttin but a neon target and a gun
that looks like a lawn tennis racket.
I'm a freedom act, I'm known to breaking locks and chain
All hail when I get out of my cage no number of mc
could survive the rage
u need to see me battle rhymes garbage and their interpreters
live on stage, wait till the rap lord hit ur phraze
cuz i dunno wat tha f**K u think u play, I'm spittin this sh*t
directly into ur faze.

X is on the ground wack emcee been turn around
lock it down for this is how we start.

I'm coming with an hard act like a touch of spice
ready to set it on the ground with ma lyrical might
be on the line the rap sultan is about to spit ur rhymes
Im too mean to be dissed cuz i sting like bees
that scares all 'em to face me in the ring
cuz i come with sh*t too tick, and locked it down for no reason
than just to spit for fools and cause terror for y'all
throughout this season, I'm too strong and firm
none of you can ever uproot me from this ground
call me tha lyrical highness, that set your eyes ablze
and cause you a broad day blindness
X DOZ slam tracks with too much brawness,
just to make u feel ma lyrical brawness
You can stand the ground with me cuz of my rawness
AND that make you think thats the phillies in me
come clean like a medicines used for crack spot
I shot ur stunt-gun with a bare slippers
I'm a rhyme snipper, tha lyrical cipher and X wanna eat ur supper soon
Throw my track like 'em bending the ball
I come tough like lyrical hawk, kicking the gall
X dey yan lay low I aint moflow this is Daflow
X dey yan everybody na freestlying dey go,
It's ma time to be mean dare u to come close to ma dip crib
This is time for flow (Come.. Common)....... GO!


this is my word again for y'all who think X is Insane
I don come again but this time na to come teach una lessons
How dare you call the gods invane, not knowing the seriousness
of his name as blessing, we moving in unmarked van
disguised as a light tan with plastic phasers in a rubber hand
begin take shape and form cuz when the gods get on it
we gonna crash your college doom!
I broom sweep the room wack emcees halt when colt start stomping
thunder stike ur mind with a jolt, your stamina level is low
like a volt from the roll. So wack emcees u better be firm
cuz the DOZ is gonna blow off your defense
You don't have to relent your strenght, cuz this
party song aint suppose to dey make una sweat
itz ma testament to play heartricks in rap
X is about to spit it all no doubt give it up to the mic lord
itz a way u gonna die u dont have a choice than to roll along
Put your Phelim Fingers up and X gone fresh along
we dey make rhyme go party and everybody put it on
Itz me D. O. Z dey yan lay low, don't u f**k with me
I can flow this is XCLAN and Daflow.


Yeah you don't have a choice than to give it up to the lyrical being
It's X and Daflow Phelim records for life X CLAN thang
Fades with Instrumental.


Written By: X DOZ


Well e don tey when i dey try hard to explain meself girl
e don tey when i dey hope well for wetin i go tell
maybe u no understand my acts and gestures in the past
so listen to my words as them dey fill with facts
i gat so much to say and so little time to speak
i hope u make my day for ur yes is wat i seek
e no dey easy if u run away and let ur love leave me
hun! as u pop into this message please let it sink
as u flip from page to page see the missing link
all i need from u is 5 mins to make u smile with 6digits
on knees down with 7 hommies (7 hommies?) yea well I'm tripping
for the first time in my life can't see myself thinking
I might too late we should love and not hate
for e don tey wey my cup full and nutting i fit do now.

Take this message to my gurlfriend
tell her that i care
when u get there never forget
that I'm always there for her

well itz not fair this is too much to bear
come back gurl to my heart I'm gonna hold u like a teddy bear
common lets advance my baby i've got an oil pumping
let me provide u provide u with ur daily bread
u gat me crazy daily when u called me ur honey
u and i alone is gonna spend all of my money (funny?)
let me take u around cuz this is my world
feel around baby u aint committin no crime sure itz ur guy
take this message to my gurlfriend
tell her that i care
when u get there never forget
(sing it for me shawthy)
damn! shawthy my heart is beating too fast now
I'm scared u may not understand
how u made me frown when u dropped me to the ground
on my head ur worn like the king's crown
come see for urself shawthy how i hold u to my chest damn!


through the misty eyes i see the lonely sky
lonely road to babylon, heaven knows pack my bags tonight
here's a jacobyte who must leave or surely die
put me on a train in a pouring rain
where all eyes dim and all gold GLITTERS
say farewell but never say goodbye
days we spent apart is a friend that trash my *** so hard
that make me lean that things I've done is bad
every bit of my heart tears me further apart
I am lost and alone in the dark gurl let behind
how i miss her now is my saddest hour please don't make me cry
cuz the plan was to have you as the mother of my babies
now i am struggling with the pains that i have to bear
please don't wave bye come back I'm still here
take this message to my babe say Pope still luv her.

Hey girl sorry for the pain i caused you
please forgive me
remember a second without u is like a century of mystery
i know u can't see me but u can feel me
I'm down here on my knees hope u forgive me


X DOZ it Again

Written By: X DOZ

INTRO: Yea! Ah unh! X DOZ it again, yeah Phelim Records basement((for real)
Daflow's production (wooo! aint no stopping this)yeah

X DOZ... tell me how u get this ground
wat stuff ur made of boy
wanna get straight with you
X DOZ... can't really figure out 'sup with you
now I wanna get locked with you
cuz now you does it again
Aight i'll tell u how X DOZ dey roll,
ma rhymes might hit y'all like a blow
cuz am droppin with CAVE along side Daflow
Get wrapped up and get clapped up, dare u to act up
and get smashed up, thinking u can flapped up
this is my game, so don't fall lame cuz i'm doin it again
hitting u with lyrics thats gonna make u shake (make u shake)
check it out my rhymes are strong, so tough so buff like jadakiss and puff
y'all aint got choice say X DOZ rapaul
Itz about time to play real sound and make it real balm
no more wack fake stuffs from some sort of riff rats
my style shot y'all like a stunt gun shake make u raw song
I'm right here dropping hit from the yard core
now that I'm here y'all cant sleep cuz I'm ur worst nightmare
whether signed or unsigned x just don't give a damn
itz tactically warefare so get prepared
itz right here hope u come fully with ur shield and hardware


It all started in the winter of 83,
my mum gave birth to nuttin but an holy seed
my inner voice was a prisoner waiting to be freed
i drop tight and hard lyrics like a destructive seed
now 20 years after here to silence the luaghter
if no one is real why shouldn't X DOZ i have ta
let me tell u about the way i finess..
Every microphone i touch i bless and every microphone i bless I'm touching
itz like the meaner i look the harder i'm clutching
you can't run from me cuz itz useless when ur dodging
I'm the one who drop knowledge in a rage
forcing fake ass to turn the page you locked me in a cage
and i just burst ur gauge close lining u lyrically in a mid rage
like an angry sage I've been working since the age of juveline
dropping continous hot beats and a fat style
walkin tall yet stolen profile and now ur in court
time get ready for the trial.


It baffles me how wacks mcs got guts to spit at me
when i wanna spit back they saying X we aint battling u
my style too skill to be a half of me
You couldn't be half of me even if ur mini me
or rapping on ur both knees,
if u're rain I'm a paraplet, army fleets starts to retreat
faster than record breaking track athlet
I outsmart cats like Jesus did the pharases
I'm lyrically phat don't need gravity to stay on my feet
I shine the brightest rhyme is my feet and my kit
Ever since the earth creation I've been shining
God said let there be light and i started rhyming
That's why cats should never battle me
I'm the first out to there to be fly like a petrodis
me and the mic is connected like ur hand and ur wrist
my style is like a lighhtning flashes
cuz after i strike emcees are reduced to a pile of ashes
I don't strike twice in the same place cuz
the first time i strike i get ur frame erazed.


X DOZ: Hey Yo daflow
DAFLOW: Watz up X
X DOZ: Are u pondering wat am pondering?
DAFLOW: Han hun
X DOZ: Letz get ready for the next track
DAFLOW: what happens in the next track?
X DOZ: Same thangs that happened in ever track we drawn
X DOZ & DAFLOW:han hun! Taking over the radio! For real!


Written By: X DOZ

Brand new from X DOZ
Phelim Records stables Daflow u ready? letz do it. aight!
(daflow's productions)

itz X DOZ again this time comin with a big bang
me and Daflow just lacing beats with this track
break dance or native dance anyhow u want am just get down
we've taken over this room no throughfare at the exit route
just let loose ur inner spirit and follow me groove
you can't run from this joint cuz
itz like running from ur shadow in a glaring hot sun
I'm an X CLAN breed born to run things from intro to exit
flash ur ***** like GSM phones with no credit
omo gbabe naija babes can shake thangs than awon ti yankee
Bawo lo se fe si? solo tabi igo pepsi? won plenty
all kinda shape and all kinda sizes
all your old timer one side cuz ur skills are rusty like the ship anchores

Hey bar-tender bring for two
X and Flow dey pond dis ah groove
Everybody come make we rock and cruise
cuz u can't do without this gbedu

ah! - just like a flick i click then i open ma eyes
push em forward sight and see haters cry
Daflow and X bursting up dead bones with lyrical wings that make em still fly high
now i hear of one big head wanna make me wanna sick big *** wanna
bit by bit as i stand proud as i break y'all to the trash u aint sh*T
awon enemies olori nla won gbori kiri bi eran nama
won fe gba stage name mi ma ki won inu omi DAFLOW the baptism
silly as aguntan wa ma shebi pe omo pe daflow lo ni na lowo
no wonder u are so poor breading around with wackness sours ja jo!



ha ha ha - We living it up yea bursting why we wrapping it up
ha ha ha - we leadind this game ouh! dropping why we leaVing with fame
ha ha ha - we fishing 'em out yes rapping as we washing 'em out
make all them bad belles get out!

show you my own way of droppin tracks
nobody can really compare and contrast cuz i can't be estimated
i took an oath to rip every track i spit on
an emcee like me should have carpal tunnel syndromes
from gripping the mic this long sing the thong song
time to come out from this spot and nail all y'all to a kriss kross
itz ma track and i've got more flows to run big shows
beats and strings on my headphone make me erupt like a volcano
try to test this and i get u evict from ur very spot
courtsey X DOZ tha L2 I'm just a lil fish in a big pond
i raise the underground with rhymes that cause the earthquake
the big X is back making beats go boom boom like on super cat (super cat).


WHOOO! Phelim records has done it again
all ma Phelim Soldiers standup
Daflow! I luv u men u tha bomb dawg
slang Edition, T-boy, X CLAN baby
eyin boys kilon shele?
Bu:zman, Heckla (If i hear Peren)
X has done it again! DUO AGE I luv u bro
sign off - Phelim records exclusive


BIRTH OF A NEW TRYBE - was a singles released on air and enjoyed power play for a very long time.

MY NAME IS X DOZ - is also enjoying air play right now and it's doing well so far.

ONE THE GROUND - A single track released Febraury 2003, and was used as a Theme song for a Soap Opera titled: On The Ground. Also available as download and mix disc at www.myglobalsound.com/artiste/xdoz

TABLE FOR TWO (featured Daflow) - Promotional CDs on every Local Radio Station in Lagos State and will soon be distributed to all other states of every part of the country. This song is definitely going places cuz itz a regular play on every request show. And Also available as download and mix disc at www.myglobalsound.com/artiste/xdoz

MESSAGE: X DOZ, DAFLOW & POPE - presently working on the video shoot, directed by Onil for Phelim Records Production an Independent Label, watch out for it on every Local and National TV Also across the UK and Africa, watch out on Channel O, MTV BASE, BENTV e.t.c

X DOZ IT AGAIN (featuring NIKE) - A newly released single, doing well on air right now and definitely going places. Still working on the precident Album entitled: THA FIRST EPISODE.
Also available as download and mix disc at www.myglobalsound.com/artiste/xdoz

All track written and arranged by X DOZ and produced by Daflow at the Phelim Records Inc.

Set List

TABLE FOR TWO featuring Daflow
X DOZ IT AGAIN featuring Nike
ROCK WITH ME (A dance track)

still working on more songs right now in the studio. I'm an everyday studio man.