Never clinging to trends or fads, XE LA takes the mind on a journey through our mutual soul. Performing with a variety of talent including classical musicians, hip-hop turntabelists, modern dance & street performers - This troubadour is as versatile & adaptable as the music XE LA contributes.


An old sound with a new soul, many forms of music have been explored in the works of XE LA 3io, XE LA KooSchtik and XE LA solo, known equally for originals & covers. This freshly creative songwriter stages a sound that spans time & culture. As dreamy as Jeff Buckley & as captivating as The Police.
Just as busy on the streets as in the studio, XE LA has toured the country traveling through venues such as CBGB in NYC, Molly Malones in Los Angeles, and The Agora Theater & The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio.


Songster & Artist XE LA has composed & produced four records independently. Riddled with jazz, punk, rhythm & blues& reggae, each album is enlightening in it own theme-

CARTOONOPOLIS - this album comes with complimentary 3D glasses to view the enclosed, XE LA composed comic book. Performed with the XE LA 3io this album is the first in a series of Rok-Comic-Books

LUV MUTHA - An acoustic release

CLUMBSY LUV - All Acoustic, all about luv at it's goofiest

XE LA KooSchtik - Featuring XE LA acoustic, and Nick Gaudette on Upright Bass

UNEARTHED - release date for the new album is slated for September of 2005

Set List

4 solid hours of music - 90% original material---covers range from jazz standards to rock, folk, rhythm & blues, reggae, and the occasional motown classic-