We are a 3 piece progressive/experimental metal act from Surrey. We're passionate about our music and like to surprise our audience, giving them something they won't expect. We also like to provide an energetic and entertaining live show that leaves people more than satisfied and craving more.


We started way back in 2008 as a rock/metal band and were writing pretty average material as most bands do at the beginning. We played a few local gigs and got noticed by the local rock followers. After recording a debut EP we played a few more shows and continued to write but soon enough we lost a few member and the band came to a halt. In 2010 we decided to bring it back with new members and a new style. By this point we had all progressed as musicians and i had discovered progressive metal. We decided we would experiment with a new sound combining the calmest of acoustic melodies, technical riffs, heavy grooves and chucking in anything else that sounded awesome along the way. We began writing new material and starting gigging far more than we previously did. We've done various demos and live recordings over the last year but have mainly been writing and gigging so we're now finally in the process of recording our first EP as Xenicibis, due mid 2012.


People of the Sun EP (2008)

Nothing Lasts
Blinded By The Haze

Set List

Nothing Lasts
The Beast
Chasing Dreams
Hate Will Pull Us Together
Sky Meets The Earth
Tried To Tell You
Blinded By The Haze