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"well...aye, better than terrible, what are ya called again?" - Anonymous - The daily drunkard


Coming good - Single ( Digital release) 02/13



We started off the usual way friends at school made some music managed to get signed as teenagers with the Astrofirs , went on tour, played some rock music got disheartened and decided to call time on that band .

You`ve seen it all before right? Then we took some time apart , doing a little bit of this, bit of that, dabbled in electronic music, wall collages and mushrooms.

Now at 23 and 24,

we have moved on and for the last couple of years we have built up a little studio for ourselves called it Rocket , yeah OK its not original but we like it , and came to the conclusion that we just like playing rock n roll music. From surf re-verbs to the dirtiest crunch garage you can get, we love it!!! From Jon Spencer to the king of surf himself, Dick Dale to The Kills, Iggy Pop to Fugazi, we take influence from all genres of music Rnb,funk,soul rockabilly garage/trash to name but a few . we like what we like, we don’t need a star system to work that out for us.

So what did we do next ? well we put a new band together, called it Xeno(Translation: Latin for stranger) Brought our old buddy Joe into the foray who’s main goal in life is to out riff the surf-kings, and laid down one rule, to enjoy every waking minute of writing, producing, playing music and getting shitfaced on tequila to wind down,

The songwriting is based loosely around Xeno, the name of a fictional character and its induced delusional disorders which contain heartbreak, revenge,murder,catsuits,tequila and all that other cool shit we crave to hear about.

With the D.I.Y approach of ” if you don’t know how to do it boy, learn how to do it” method we have learnt an assortment of music and video programs as well as instruments, including drums, bass, piano,synths, tambourine ( which I am very proud of) and an array of smaller instruments such as the triangle and its fellow percussion box lodgers, though the egg shaker still eludes me.

we don’t stop there, if its trashy 60s pulp art, 1950s memorabilia, hair pomade and long debates about how Link Wray can stand wearing leather pants in the Californian heat(unsolved mystery) whatever floats your boat, we keepTumblr/pinterest sites updated with all things decayed, creating a digital montage of the past in an ascetically pleasing fashion.

So, if you wanna catch a show or just share the moment with us we dwell at home on the Falmouths beaches (lookin at peaches) and spend most our days recording ,hanging in the tumblr , searching for jobs in a jobless town and occasionally drinking more tequila. Hell we like tequila so much we have mentioned the cactus juice three times in this blog, and wrote a song about it. well that's it for now,

And now I am off to record a song I have been working on , I well might put it up tonight , it involves stamping on a case with a tambourine in it .