This band "xenocryst" is a one man operation. I play all the tracks on these songs, with a drummer who is better than I to help out. I write all originals, with a range of blues to alt. metal. I also jam with a full size band every week, who would be willing to help out wherever needed!


I've been playing music since high school, where I played the marching snare. Since then, I've taught myself to play the complete drum set, guitar and bass, with guitar being my favorite instrument. I started playing guitar due to a friendship I developed in the navy with Char - the "Jeff Beck of Japan"!
I write alot of instrumentals, which are great for soundtracks and video games!!
One nice thing about this "band" is that with just me, you get practically the entire musical package - songwriter, guitarist, bassist, and drummer!!
Right now, I'm leading the band for the Bikers' Church in Lansing, MI, where we seriously rock out on a weekly basis!!


I have not produced anything except for my demos that you will hear here! New stuff is coming all the time, though...

Set List

With the group of friends that I jam with, our sets can last up to an hour, depending what's needed!
We cover everything from blues and boogie woogie to Alt Metal!