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XIT, remember the name! The three ladies known as Detour, DaGeneral and Martikz, are set to be the biggest new act on the hip-hop urban scene. The group born and bred in North London they have been close friends since 11, after having a tuff childhood; instead of going off the rails, the girls decided to express themselves through the poetic expression know as rap. At 14 they started writing lyrics and since then they have been nurturing each other’s writing, vocal and performance skills, now at the tender age of 19 the ladies are ready to hit the big time.

The name XIT acts as a metaphor which symbolises the closing of one door and the opening of another, the group believe that it illustrates their progression, that you have to “xit one situation to move on to the next, that’s the only way that you can grow and progress, it’s the chain of life”. The group describe their music as funky, fresh and organic “we don’t ever really categorise our music, although it fits under the genre of hip-hop when we listen to our tunes it’s just ours! Our distinctive sound!”.

XIT have been involved in various projects, in 2003 XIT won the London heat of Mobo Unsung competition, however due to ‘industry politics’ the group were pulled from the final only days before.
They were also approached by TWResearch who are keen to shoot a documentary about the group, capturing their weekly rap sessions and following their day-to-day endeavours, the company have plans to present the project to channel 4.

Shortly after the directors of Coca Cola for the Bacardi Breezer campaign had a meeting with XIT. The group were asked to compose a track in just two days. The group wrote and recorded their track ‘Breezer Lovers’ and are awaiting a response from Coca Cola.

This year XIT have done various PA’s at London hip hop events, ranging from Lyric Pad to Deal Real records. Their most recent performance was at the Carling Academy Islington where the group showcased some of their recent material alongside other hip-hop artists such as Ricochet Klashnekoff. Later this month they will be supporting the JUNGLE BROTHERS on some of their UK dates. They are also getting a lot of interest from the radio stations just based on the promotional tracks they have put out so far.

XIT are unsigned, and are currently in the process of recording their album. The group first record will be released by a independent label early February entitled ‘Feels Good’, but a promo ‘XIT Strong’ will be hitting the airways before the end of 2004.