BandRockCover Band

We are an Original Modern Rock Band that also plays classic, modern , and Metal covers. We really believe in our band and our original music. We are a hard working band and pride ourselves on being short on ego and long on work ethic.


The songs are windows to our souls. Sometimes it seems like we have no control of them. Like they have a life of their own.
Performing our original music is one of the greatest things that can be experienced to us. Sharing them with our fans, family, and friends. It's about our belief in the gifts we've been giving and sharing them with as many people as we can. Our originals have helped so many people through tough times including us and they will continue to be a beacon through these dark times.


Xit18 - Limited Edition Demo 30,000+ Copies Sold
We have headlines every major festival in West Michigan.
We have several tracks streaming on internet radio and have received radio airplay on several college radio stations.

Set List

Our typical set consists of 10 songs. Each set would be between 45 minutes to one hour. We will play up to 4 sets per event if needed. Cover songs are played only when required. We prefer to play our songs. We are an Original Modern Rock Band.