Xkalibur Is the knight of PoP he loves to make the Ladies happy. Just think of a lyrical swordsman, That will be a picture of Xkalibur, He will make the ladies sweat.,and he will make the men look like a hero to his lady. He has something for everyone.


If music is art surely Xkalibur fits the canvas An POP
Singer,centers songs on the everyday experiences of the common man, his church,Boys Choir influence
really served him well. Some of his influence Artist are Prince.Eagles,and Luther Vandross,Sting,Beatles and Stevie Wonder


He is in the studio working on his new CD!
Which will be out soon. The audio sample is one of
his co-written songs call the Pride Before The Fall,
is a song in progress this is not the End Product!
We are working on this song, It is up for sale If you want it! More songs will be coming on site also. The video is a product in the works also. We are working on more information! To be uploaded to this site! Thanks for veiwing his EPK.

Set List

CoverTunes, Me&Mrs.Jones, Hotel california,When doves cry, any other tunes you like,as well as some of his own songs. If you like, Just let us know what you need! Example Stevie Wonder,Ray Charles, Eagles and many more. He can do 45mins.sets with a 15min. break!