XLR is an urban soul/hip-hop group out of New York City.


XLR is the NYC band whose unique brand of romping urban soul, hip hop and R&B flava is infecting the world over with a style they've dubbed as "hip pop". Their music is part deep dish R&B with sprinklings of retro/soul, complemented by kicking beats, sweet organs, tasteful guitar, subsonic boom bass, clever raps and snug vocals. The band's core trio, Goldi, Switch and Anu, come together to create a seamless mélange of sounds ranging from mellow smooth to raucous groove.

Anu Dai (lead vocals), who has been compared to N'dea and Eryka Badu, has a sweet, sultry, buoyant vocal style that draws you in and presses you ever so close to the music. Goldi and Switch (instrumentalists/producers) are veterans of the NYC music scene with past works appearing on soundtracks for MTV and major movies. In XLR, they interweave phat beats and delicious melodic stylings with their own sharp rapping style and Anu's honeyed vocals to create the panacea for the current state of urban music.

XLR fashions hot sounds for lounges, and yet still maintains a commercial urban edge with their catchy melodies, unique lyric delivery and fresh attitude. XLR's 15 track 2003 independent debut started selling immediately in New York and Japan, and is already in rotation at 2 independent UK radio stations.


XLR 15 track debut (self-titled)

Set List

8-10 song set, 55 minutes:

Chinos & Beads
Back at the Ranch
Belgrade Bombshell
When We Come Thru
Boogie Oogie (adaptation of the classic)