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"10 Bands by Fans"

XO boasts warm legs, cold stares and hot saliva. And that’s only the beginning. The band’s music is a hard driving, tobacco kissed mixture of disheveled folk-metal and rose-tinted blues–raucous, but haunting. XO is a sepia toned, grainy Western with a Noir-ish tendency to bite your lip, press a revolver into your side and propose marriage over smeared red lipstick and a shot of Jack Daniels. "Overall when I write a song I go into feelings of love and being fucked over," says singer/guitarist Brian Evans. "Basically, sex and death…sexo y muerte." And that’s just the phrase on their T-shirts.

Based in Pasadena and completed by sexy girl drummer Alin Babasoloukian and keyboardist Cecy, XO has spent the past five years and a handful of EPs seducing the ears and libidos of L.A.’s underground rock audience. They’re the band you unexpectedly stumble across in a dark, seedy club on a rainy weeknight, not expecting to hear anything of value besides scratchy Nina Simone tunes on the jukebox. But before you know it you stop pouring your drunk heart out to the bartender and drag your barstool to the front of the stage instead. And yes, by the end of the night you too are shouting, "Sexo Y Muerte!" www.xodeath.com. Playing August 6 at the Old Town Pub, Pasadena. (Erin Broadley) - LA Alternative


XO self -titled EP 2002
XO self -titled Single 2003
XO Get Out Alive EP 2006


Feeling a bit camera shy


xo is a three piece from the U.S. who came out of Pasadena, CA in late 1999. Alin Babasoloukian (b. 1980, Glendale, Ca.) and Bryan Colby Evans (b. 1979, Washington D.C.)met in high school and gigged around L.A. county as a guitar and drums two-piece for well over five years until they hooked up with another former classmate, Cecilia Enriquez (b.1979 Glendale, Ca.), who would add electric piano and organ to the band's oily, bluesy, grunge-throwback style.

For the Past 6 years XO has performed at almost every L.A. area venue you could possibly think of. They perform with the same passion, charisma, & intensity whether it be a crowd of 50 or 5,000

xo sounds absolutely nothing like what has been commercially successful in the last ten years.

xo believes that it is too easy to successfully sell most contemporary rock or pop music because the majority of musical acts out there are overwhelmingly mediocre.

rock and roll isn't dead, just bored.

XO has been heavily influenced by the doors, nirvana, pixies, heavens to betsy, Bowie, ENO, Zeppelin, sonic youth, leadbelly, the beatles, leonard cohen, the need, johnny cash, daniel johnston, t rex, bob dylan, velvet underground, talking heads and the yard birds.

xo would love nothing more than to tour, tour, tour, perform on live television, affect people's lives through their songs and get drunk and fuck, get drunk and fuck, get drunk and fuck.

xo wishes to put out records for the rest of our lives that will bring honesty, audacity and tenacity to all who listen.