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Xodus Recording Group is a fresh new group staright out of Savannah speaking life into their own generation using the presence of God as their guide fused with their brand of Holy Hip-Hop. Artists on the label include Toure, RB, Carnesha "CJ" Jones, and PDA.


Xodus Recording Group is an up and coming label in Savannah, Ga. From the start, the label's vision has always been to inspire the minds, hearts, and souls, of their generation and beyond. The family oriented record label has been together for two years now, but some artists on the label have been ministering the music of God for 5+ years.

Toure (Pronouced Toor-Ray), 17, is a unique and fresh gospel singer and songwriter. His music is a distinct blend of R&B, crossover Hip-Hop, and soul. The recipient of many writing awards, one of Toure's greatest attributes is his ability to convey his message using many styles of writing. With an anointed mixture of biblically based lyrics, laid-back vocals, and bass killing tracks, Toure can get any church house crunk for christ!

RB, short for Ronald Boston, 18, is a very anointed producer, singer, and songwriter. With his own exceptional production behind his smooth soul-like vocals, RB sets a "groove" for God like no other. RB is the in-house producer for Xodus Recording Group with the skill to produce a wide-range of tracks from Soul, to R&B, to Hip-Hop, to Techno all to advance to kingdom of God!

Carnesha "CJ" Johnson, 15, has been rapping in the Savannah area for years. She's been featured in many of the area's hottest hip-hop compilation CDs. Deciding to give her life and music COMPLETELY to God, CJ joined Xodus over six months ago and hasn't stopped working on God's work since. Her dominant delivery on songs makes her one of the most sought after gospel talents around.

PDA, comprised of Eddie "Lil' E" Harris, 16, and Johnathan "J. Keezy" Kennedy, 18, is a local holy hip-hop group out of Savannah. The group came together after Lil' E and J. Keezy spent one "flow session" together and realized that their styles had to come together. Once they realized one of the biggest things they had in commom, their bold love for God, it was only fitting to name the duo PDA or Public Display of Affection. These are definitely two young men who work on their craft and don't just talk about it, but ARE about it. With their crunk brand of Holy Hip-Hop they've managed to give many young people an alternative to the negative hip-hop of the world and a bird's eye view into heaven.

The Xodus Recording Group plans to release their compilation featuring all the label's artist in August 2005. Individual artist releases will soonafter follow. Xodus Recording Group will is also scheduled to be apart of the Georgia Gospel Showcase held in Savannah later this fall.



Written By: A. Mitchell "Toure"

C'mon and dance
We got the victory
C'mon and dance
Down with G-O-D!
C'mon and dance
He has set us free
C'mon and dance
It's a praise party

[Verse 1]
Now its a party goin down right here,
spread a little praise, a little fun, a little cheer,
A man I see ya wit ya dew rag on,
got ya hair done girl bouncin to this song
Now we gone ride, we gone have some fun,
uplifting Jesus Christ, the son,
It's an afterparty for the battle we've won,
it's bout to go down like it weighs a ton.


[Verse 2]
Now thunder clap,
stomp it down,
wave ya hands,
it's not that hard, just give it a chance.
Go 'head y'all and do ya dance
See me myself, I'm bout to break it down.
I'm not ashamed to praise, I ain't lookin 'round.
Just nod ya head if you like the sound,
move to the groove if you upward bound.



[Rap feat. Remidee]


"In Your Will"

Written By: A. Mitchell "Toure"

Keep me in Your will o'Lord,
show me how to walk
show me how to talk
I just wanna be more like you.
New lessons teach me everyday
keep me in Your will
keep me in Your way

[Verse 1]
Now Lord I know you know how hard it gets,
sometimes in my spirit,
you try to clear it,
but my flesh it won't hear it.
Sometimes my mind gets clouded,
I try to find the path to you,
it's hard to say, but yes, it's true
I know my life's not perfect, but nobody's is,
all i can do is try to be true,
and be a living vessel for you
In you I find my peace,
Lord your word is my remedy
And I'll praise your name forever more,
for what's in store
and all I ask....


[Verse 2]
My Lord, my Savior, and my friend,
I carry you everywhere I go,
you live in my heart everybody knows.
Sometimes people they question your worth,
at the lunch table,
you're just a fable
fools, believing in foolish things
I pray my heart is never led astray,
tricked into thinking
Night is Day
Your word I stand upon trusting you alone,
and I won't let that change,
make me better than what I am today,
keep me in your will,
Lord teach me your ways,
that's why I say


Sometimes it gets hard,
to stay in the light.
The temptations there,
gotta make a choice,
do what's wrong or what's right.
But you have a plan,
you've already paved the way.
Now, I gotta do is pray to stay in your will...



"Look2the Sky"
"In His Arms"
"In Your Will"
Carnesha "CJ" Johnson-
"La, la, la"
"Time for Jesus"
"Let's Go!"

Set List

"Time for Jesus"
"Let's Go!"
"La, la, la"
"Look2the Sky"
"Xodus Theme"
"In Your Will"