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I try to take the art of hip hop seriously and expressing the heart of God upon my music. Through my beats and lyrics I potray realness and in depth realism of my life and how God works through me to deliver a critical message to the masses.


Aritst Bio: Xoduz

Born on September 6, 1982 in Jacksonville, NC on Labor Day.....God knew exactly the date and time was for a purpose he would be a young man who would produce a harvest for his kingdom. Humility is what Exoduz tries to bring to the table.He's a current youth leader at River of Life Church in Jacksonville and been saved since the age of 7. His mother Patricia Ladson showed great love and direction over his life and later his father became saved and showed him the love and guidance that he really needed. XO is 24 years of age and has been emceeing for sometime and discovered the gift at the age of 13. He found later at the age of 18 how great his lyrics can deeply sow seeds into someones life. Among hearing his freind Rico and Maurice play Holy Hip Hop Music (Tunnel Rats and Cross Movement), Exoduz became highly intrigued at how these emcees articulated the heart of Jehovah upon wax and it was something that was crafted to perfection.

Later on his life Exoduz had huge struggles with pornography and he could steadily see the damage it caused in his relationship with God and others. He got a huge wake up call when his sister gave birth to a son named Nezier and other young men within the church were looking up to him with all their hearts.
Prophet James Lavesque and his Pastor Urshel Metcalf helped lead Exoduz back upon the right road a road for transformation and to explode with a desperate need for change in his life and the lives of others close to him.
He wondered at times why God gave him this gift to be able to be so expressive with his words and he went through the book of Exodus. He saw the life of Moses and how Moses broke chains off of God's people lives who were in bondage. That's when he decided to go by that name and exercise the gift that the Lord bestowed upon him. Xo believes, "My music is to break chains of bondage off of those who are dealing with depression, fear, anger, hurt, and etc ; to show all that there is a way and that is by Jesus; He's the way the Truth and the LIFE!!" He also states " I'm here to make disciples and break chains that's what you'll feel through the music of this man focused on the Yaweh!"


A Spirit Tribe

Written By: Exoduz

Verse 1
You see the devil he had his hooks in me
But through God's power I have the victory
I see a tribe of those young and old
Never giving up and trying to save souls
Those who were formally broken are now lost in God's love deeper than the ocean
Those who had death approaching in they sins they've been soaken
But through God's power and mercy they're awoken
Daily we carry the cross till our backs are broken
To our own ways this tribe is steadily growing
Passionate about our Saviour who love keeps on growing
Lead by the Spirit towards the direction that we are going


This is a Spirit Tribe
United to together as barbarians we ready to fight
Laying down our lives for the mighty prize
To see others come to Christ(x2)

Verse 2

Some men shoot with they eyes closed
Not fit enough to play the role of Rambo
But these group of individuals went up against those who were dispicable
John the Baptist prepared the way for the Son of Man
There are others who are following the same plan
All across the deserts and in the dry land
Crafted daily in the will of the Potters Hands do you understand
Their faith was untamed, stoned, sawed in two, locked in chains
Blood spilling from their veins
Get this embedded in your brain
They never forsaken God's name even until their death mayne


Critical Thinking

Written By: Exoduz

Verse 1
I had to open my eyes during the past months started viewing myself in different ways
How selfish I was in going for material things instead of chasing the heart of the King
My girl says you need to not worry bout clothes
He knows what you needs so get that of your mind bro
So... I decided to open my word
Turn to the book of Proverbs
Went Chapter 17 verse 8 hey
I saw and read how we are to freely give
Especially to the poor and less fortunate
Got on my knees asked God to show me
Those who are close to me and need more than me
This was a great opportunity
For me to critically think as He does
So please open up your ears and keep listening brah

Critically think don't be mislead
Continue to keep yourself fed
With His Bread
Hunger to renew your mind daily, so you won't be left for dead
Critically think don't be mislead
Continue to keep yourself fed
With His Bread
Hunger to renew your mind daily,
for the one whose blood was shed

Verse 2
The first verse I dropped was just a little warning
This verse is gonna be stinging you just as hornets
I feel at times we're not corageous as we should be
Like Joshua and Caleb in Numbers 13
Some may not know the scripture but I'll break it down
Moses sent 12 to give him the low down
To men I mentioned gave a report of faith
The others gave a report that was fake
Corrupted snakes
Their fate was the fiery lake
Speaking of which, turn to Revelations 21:8
The following verse made my heart quake
Those who are cravingly lacking in courage
Will share a place in the eternal furnace
DON'T BE AFRAID OF MEN..Be afraid of GOD who can destroy hell and all my freind!!


Without A Doubt

Written By: Xoduz

1st Verse
Christ had to carry the cross on His back
So I gotta do the same thang on this track
Some were stoned to death just as Stephen
Speaking truth to all those stiff necked heathens
Offering themselves up as living sacrifices
Obey the Lord doing works in his eyes which are righteous
My Saviour has risen He's no longer dead
Someone else tells you something different don't be mislead
Into what they say cause they living in they carnel mind
Can't walk in the ways of those who are blind
I pray that my rhymes reaches you in time
So you'll meet the Saviour who's the Greatest of All Time

Without A Doubt...I know that the Saviour is Christ
Without A Doubt...I know that'll chage your life
Without A Doubt... I Know that'll definently save you
Without A Doubt...have faith in Him and He'll see you through(x2)

Verse 2

I'm thankful for the mercy God done shown me
Never leave or forsake me when I felt lonely
Took time away from different distractions
So Christ can dwell in me to fulfill the satisfaction
That he so desires and longs to see within me
A longing to be changed in His name through the flames
Circumsising our hearts transformed by an inner change
Romans 1:16 states never ever be ashamed
To spread the Gospel or speak in His name
Pushing ourselves to be renewed by the word
I told the Lord I'll let the message be heard there are others who feel how I feel and will agree that...

" "...

Verse 3

Without A Doubt I know that the Saviour Is Christ
Without A Doubt I know that'll change your life
Without A Doubt....he'll definently change you
Without A Doubt... he'll see you through(proceed..)
Please be convicted in what I say
Jesus wants me to let you know that He's the way
The Truth and the Life
No man comes before the Father except through Him He's Light
If we confess our sins He's faithful to forgive em
These words alone should lead us to be driven up to his throne
He'll anoint your dry bones
He's Great enough to supply your needs true indeed



Currently in the works with John R Ceo of Unified Music Groups on Holy Hip Hop Mixtape and his album to drop this July and Summer respectfully.
I have tracks on www.soundclick.com/exoduz
and a song on streaming radio station

Set List

1. Without A Doubt (3:56)
2. A Spirit Tribe (3:20)
3. Critical Thinking (3:20)