Xoel López

Xoel López

 A Coruña, Galicia, ESP

Born in A Coruña in 1977, Xoel Lopez is one of the most representative and influential artists of the new Spanish song. Although it has always moved between the sounds of alternative pop-rock and folk classic, it is defined as a free artist.


Xoel has left behind a successful career in his country and consolidated under the pseudonym "Deluxe" for, in January 2009, across the sea and start a new phase in America.
In October 2010 he returned temporarily to Spain for a tour in which he invited about 30 musicians from different countries to share the stage and repertoire. An event called "Xoel Lopez and American Caravan" will also give title to the documentary directed by Arturo Lezcano and have own Xoel where the incidents of this tour of Spain and part of the singer's previous adventure throughout the Americas. The premiere is scheduled for next year 2012.


As "Deluxe"
2001 - Not What You Had Thought - LP
2003 - If things were to go wrong - LP
2004 We create, we destroy - LP
2005 - Los Jóvenes Mueren Antes de Tiempo - LP
2007 - Fin de un viaje infinito - LP
2008 - Reconstrucción - LP

As "Lovely Luna"
2004 - Las cosas que nadie debe ver- LP
2009 - Chany Eng - LP

As Elephant Band

1998 - For cold days - LP
1999 - La Fábrica de chocolate - LP