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"Does XO Man have the X Factor?"

By Kate Finburg »

If I had a crystal ball and my name were Meg, I would be predicting big things for a Mitcham man called XO.

Not his real name, (he wouldn’t reveal that to me which got me pondering on whether he was actually called Nigel or Clive), the 26 year old just walked off with the Hugo Urban Rules prize - winning over a judging panel which consisted of The Sugababes, MOBO-award winning Kiss FM DJ Manny Norté and 1Xtra’s Twin B.

“The Sugababes were cool, they seem like the want to be taken seriously, they are really down to earth and were smiling and cracking jokes, plus they are nice to look at!” says XO Man.

And the Babes of Sugar were equally as complimentary about him: “We loved his track ‘Lady Dog’ and there’s definitely star quality about him.”

The competition offers new urban talent the unique opportunity to have their music professionally recorded and released and XO has just wrapped his first music video for ‘Microwave,’ his witty song about broken white goods.

“XO Man’s music is a mixture of everything good and great in the world. I put it in a bag, shake it up and out pops me!” says the man himself.

Described by the people at Urban Rules as ‘the UK’s answer to André 3000’, XO certainly has the charisma and the, umm, eclectic dress sense of the Outkast singer.

“I get my clothes from anywhere, if they don’t have the right size I wear it differently, like rolling up a sleeve or something.”

But he won’t be following Mr 3000’s foray into basketball (albeit in a dramatic capacity as illustrated by his appearance in the Will Ferrell film - Semi-Pro) despite his 6ft 10in height: “I was offered to go to America to play but never went, I find basketball boring, I prefer going to the gym and do Thai boxing.”

Modest XO Man bought a bottle of champagne to celebrate his success but hasn’t popped the cork yet: “I bought it but haven’t opened it, I don’t want to celebrate in the beginning, I’ll celebrate when I’m 35 chilling on a rooftop in Tahiti!”

He shouldn’t be so hard on himself though as his tunes are catchy, his lyrics humorous and importantly in the music business, he doesn’t seem to take himself too seriously: “I know a lot of nonsense! I pay attention to things that other people don’t, like if there was a three legged man walking down the street, I’d notice, actually everyone would probably notice that!”

XO MAn is staying true to his Mitcham roots: “I love Mitcham, I know no different, its a cool place.”

Perhaps he should do a ‘Good Shoes’ and do for Mitcham’s credibility what they did for Morden.

For more info about XO Man look him up on Myspace Music - croydonguardian news paper

"XO Man the unstoppable"

by Daina Anderson
He’s been hailed as the UK’s answer to Andre 3000. He was recently crowned the 2008 Hugo Urban rules champion and he has more tricks up his sleeve than his computer game alter ego XO Manowar! He is XO Man, the up and coming UK Rapper bursting onto the UK music scene with his eclectic music style, unstoppable energy and phenomenal talent.

Last week the south London rapper performed on stage in front of a jam packed venue at London’s trendy nightclub Cargo. After being officially crowned the champ at the Hugo Urban Rules event he was invited to warm up for headlining act of the night The Sugababes. The south London rapper rocked the crowed with tracks such as Lady Dog and Microwave and raised the roof at the exclusive invite only gig. When asked what they thought of XO Man Sugababes said: ‘XO Man had character to match his height. We loved his track Lady Dog’ and there’s definitely star quality about him.’

XO’s music seems to hold no boundaries, mixing rock with hip hop as well as other music genres. He is a welcomed breath of fresh air on the urban music scene right now. I caught up with the charismatic 6ft 10 rapper to find out just who is XO Man?

What does XO Man stand for?
The name comes from the computer game XO Man and Iron Man. The character I’m named after is called XO Manowar. I just shortened the name down to XO Man he’s like the black version of Iron Man.

You were recently crowned Hugo Urban Rules 2008 Champion. How did that come about?
Well a friend of mine sent of some of my tracks to the organisers and then the next thing I know they were calling me back telling me that I’d got through to the last 15 entrants. Then I just turned up to be honest and performed on the night. I performed two of my tracks Lady Dog and a song called Microwave.

You were invited to warm up for the Sugababes afterwards. How did that go?
That was amazing it was really cool. The place was jam packed and at least 200 people couldn’t get in. There was a cue about 2 hours before the door even opened.

How was the crowd’s response to your tracks?
I don’t know if they’d heard me before but they’ve definitely heard me now. They were singing along with me and I always train my crowd by teaching them the chorus. So they were definitely singing along.

Your music is quite different and you’ve been compared to Andre 3000. How do you feel about that?
I’m cool with that. If I’m being compared to him musically then I’m happy because I think his music is amazing. He’s definitely an innovator in his own right. But on the clothing side of the fence, I can see where people are coming from but I like to say my clothes wear me I don’t wear my clothes I look better naked! (Oh really?)

What were your musical influences when you were younger?
This might sound a bit funny but I was never really into music. I was never a music buyer or someone who would go to HMV and buy music. I just about remember buying Salt n Pepper’s Push it. I bought Ginuwine’s Pony once as well and that was on tape! I’m not even a downloader so everything else I just don’t remember.

When did you start getting into music then?
I got into music around 2001. I listened to everything but in the area I grew up in music was very garage/grime based. That was the sort of stuff I was listening to at the time so I was just writing lyrics and spitting at house parties and stuff like that.

xoman1What made you get into music eventually then?
When I started writing lyrics I never really sounded like anybody even if I was doing garage. After a while though, when you grow up and you’re not a child anymore and you don’t succumb to peer pressure you start to realise that there are actually other types of music. Then suddenly it becomes cool to just do you because you’ve got your own style rather than just following the latest trend. As a child that’s just what happened sometimes you know, but as I grew up I realised I could actually incorporate the other stuff that I liked rather than just listen to it. So now when I get a beat I just write whatever comes to me because each beat I get I can work with if the producers good enough.

Who are you working with at the moment?
I do work with my producers and I co-produce everything, I’m working with people who are at the top of their game right now. For example if it’s my guitarist I’ll get him into the studio and we’ll put down something and I’ll work around it, but there’s nobody famous. I mean it’s not like I’m working with Pharrell although he’s been ringing me but I’m too busy.

In terms of genre how would you define your musical style now?
I fit anywhere they decide to put me. I can’t answer that because it’s not like I’m trying to become an innovator of new music or anything but I get beats in my head and I just make them. I don’t really know what to call it. At the moment I just like anything that sounds good. That’s the type of music I listen too, I’m an all rounded artist.

What can we expect from your album then?
You can expect anything because if you hear some of my other stuff you’ll hear I’ve got so many different types of tracks. You can get anything from my album just be prepared to be surprised!

xoman2Have you got an album coming out soon?
I’ve got so many tracks at the moment. I’ve got well over a hundred songs so it’s just about picking the right ones. I’ve got enough songs to do an album but I think too many artist jump up and say you know what I’m going to put an album in HMV. You can get in there but where the problem lies is in the promotion. Nobody knows it’s there. I could have the best album in the world but no one knows that it’s there. All that’s going to happen there is me suffering depression because no one will be buying it, but the fact of the matter is they don’t know it’s there. So I’m just holding onto my music, I make future music anyway so it doesn’t really matter when it comes out.

Are you signed to a record label at the moment or in the process of looking for a record deal?
No I’m not signed with anyone at the moment but I’m open to anything. If someone offers me the right deal then by all means I’ll take it. I’m not going to sit down just thinking that I want to be independent and do it all myself. I’d love to be waited on hand and foot who wouldn’t.

Is it easy to get disheartened in the music business?
You can get disheartened very easily. A lot of my friends have said to me, you know what you deserve it you’ve worked very hard. To be honest though I still push myself because I honestly think I haven’t worked hard enough. I’m not ready to celebrate yet; I’m not celebrating until I’m performing in front of so many people it begins to look like water.

Where can people check out some of your tracks?
I’m setting up my website as we speak. At the moment I’ve got a sample CD and a DVD of myself that’s called Your well spoken Menace. Everything gets shipped out from my Myspace though, so a lot of people ask for stuff through there and then I’ll do like a PayPal thing and send it straight to them that way.

What can we expect from you for 2009?
Well I’m renaming it to 2000 and mine so that should explain it all!

Don’t forget to check out some of XO Man’s tunes at MySpace.com/xomanmusic - www.flavourmag.co.uk

"Noughts & Crosses"

Congratulations once again for winning HUGO URBAN RULES. So, tell us who is XO Man?
XO Man is an artist that’s not going to stop until he’s sitting on the top chair.

Where did the name come from?
My name comes from a video game that I used to play when I was little called Iron Man and X-O Manowar.

How did you feel when the Sugababes announced your name as winner?
It was surreal. I still can hear Heidi, in her Liverpudlian accent, announcing ‘XO’. It was sexy as hell. All smiles, no frowns from me.

What did you think of their comparison of you to André 3000 because of your fashion style?
It’s better than being compared to Andre the local kebab shop owner! André 3000 is an amazing musician and style icon. It’s a great complement, but I always tell people I don’t wear my clothes, my clothes wear me. I look better naked!

Where did you hear about the event?
I heard about HUGO URBAN RULES for a few years now and I’m quite sceptical about music campaigns, but a friend grabbed me by the neck and forced me to enter. What I soon learnt that HUGO URBAN RULES was actually nurturing artists by fellow artists, people who have been in the same situation as us. Looking back at it now, I’m so happy that I was led down this direction. C’mon! I was in the Daily Mirror!

What gave XO Man the edge over 200 entrants?
I just do me. If you follow your own self, you can’t go wrong. With lyrics, you need to write from the heart. Fakers are spotted a mile away!

What lesson have you taken away with you?
Manny Norté’s comments about presentation of your wares. It is a must that you present your music well. Like the saying goes – ‘You judge a man by his shoes.’

Part of your prize was performing before the Sugababes at the exclusive invite-only gig at Cargo. How did it go? Were you nervous at all?
Honestly? No. I just wanted to get out there. I love crowds – the more the better. My ideal goal is to perform in front of a crowd with so many people that they start to look like water. I was chuffed with the event - happy, amazed, excited, ecstatic. I was playing on the same stage as the Sugababes and the place was packed, with another 200 people outside waiting to come in. I could not have asked for more.

With the help of HUGO Fragrances now, you will head into the studio and record and release your music. What can we expect for 2009?
I call it two thousand and MINE! It’s going to be impossible for you not to see me - all 6’10 of me. I’m going to show the world what a UK artist can do.

Where can people see/ hear you next...?
Head over to the Myspace.com/xomanmusic or my new website which is under construction - Xomanmusic.com. I'm on MTV thanks to the good folks at HUGO Fragrances. I’ll be putting out the video to Microwave early next year. Remember, it’s two thousand and Mine! - www.rwdmag.com


Microwave and Lady dog
have both been released on download but only for a 12week period from march 12th 2009

From The Curb (mix tape)
3 XO Man sampler CD's to date.



My music has the power to change peoples existing listening habits, by being quirky and expressive. It's like listening to a story teller and feeling that you know the character like your best friend by the end.

The genres in my music blend into each other taking influence from the most intimate, delicate acoustic sets to the most powerful rock bands visiting everything from hip hop to electro to ska along the way.

Whether it's the beat that becomes infectious or the lyrics that stop you in your tracks, every second of every set I do commands attention.

The tracks evoke every emotion from energetic to empathetic. I want my character to come across in my music and touch every single person who witnesses my work.

My full band makes my sound complete as every single strum of the guitar and kick of the drum is conducted and appreciated to be entertainment itself. We work together in harmony providing a live show brimming with enthusiasm.

Being a cardigan-clad, bow tie wearing, barrier breaking artist who is as comfortable with a guitar as a heavy bassline is the best job in the world. I am an outspoken lyrical individual that is interested in creating something with staying power.

Rewarded for my hard work in December 2008, I won Hugo Urban Rules defeating hundreds of hopefuls and impressing industry execs. I performed on the MTV broadcast show alongside the Sugababes. Although my love for music began many years prior to winning, this was when the real journey started. The track that got me there is titled 'Microwave', which I recorded and filmed the video for in early 2009.

The last twelve months have been a rollercoaster ride of progress, consisting of:

* Getting the support and links from world renowned producer and DJ Arthur Baker.
* Increasing my fan base tenfold (Shout out to existing fans I would'nt be here without you).
* The single 'Microwave' has been played and supported by BBC Radio 1 DJ Rob-da-Bank.
* Performing at Bestival, Big Chill, and MTV Europe Amsterdam.
* Most viewed music video in 1 day on youtube in the UK.
* Hosting MY very own 'Nothing to Launch party' which saw the famous London venue Sosho filled to the brim with fans supporting his music
* Securing a contract with international company Nokia to write and rap over a new animation project.
* The planning and creating of the sensational EP that will be dropping in Spring 2010.

This is a collective of the finest talent spearheaded by myself, I believe XO Man is not just an artist, it's a movement.