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Clowns EP, May 2012:
XOV - Crashing Stars
XOV - Angels Calling
XOV - Soldier
XOV - The Evil Eye
XOV - Winston Churchill



XOV is an artist, songwriter and producer from Stockholm, Sweden. With roots in Europe and Asia, XOVs parents fled the violent war of their native Iran and came to Sweden as refugees. After loosing his father as a young child, XOV started writing poetry to express his emotions. Eventually, the poetry evolved into songwriting that came to change his life.

"I don't talk about my emotions, I write songs about them. In my teens, I remember feeling rootless and doing stupid things to fill that void. I entered the world of gangs, drugs and violence. I remember being hospitalized at thirteen after getting my face crushed in act of racism. It was like pouring gasoline on a fire that was already out of control, but music came to save my life." - XOV

The story of XOV is about a troubled kid that took control of his life by refusing to become a victim of its obstacles. Using the skills he learned on the streets, he entered the business world when he was seventeen. By twenty-three, he had successfully climbed the corporate ladder becoming a powerful CEO. But even with all this professional success, something was missing.

"I had everything a kid with my background could ever wish for; money, power and respect... but I wasn't happy" - XOV

In 2009, he left it all to pursue music. In the spring of 2012, XOV released his debut EP "Clowns" on his label Qryptone Music. Today, you can find him in the hills of Hollywood recording his debut album.

"Every song I write is a true story, eternalizing real emotions while they are still in existence. That is what my music is all about. - XOV"