X-Patriate (Alan J. Lipman)

X-Patriate (Alan J. Lipman)

 Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C., USA
BandAlternativeAdult Contemporary

A third of a million listeners in the U.S., Italy and France. Deep beautiful voice, gorgeous songs, lyrics with intellect and depth. "Indescribably beautiful". Leonard Cohen + Tom Waits + Nick Cave. Standouts: "After the Fall", "The Cost", "Dirty Little Secret", "Pennsylvania Ave.


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“Pennsylvania Avenue” from X-Patriate: Alan J. Lipman: Song From New Release CD by Doctor/Lawyer, CNN/BBC Commentator Tops iTunes Popularity

“Pennsylvania Avenue” is the bold new ‘state-of-the-nation’ narrative from Alan J. Lipman, aka X-Patriate. 2008 has seen this song reach top popularity status on iTunes. It is taken from the remarkable new album “Greetings From Lafayette Park”, newly released on OneSuch Records. This record, with its echoes of Springsteen, Dylan and The Beatles, has been making waves all over the world – first in Italy and France, and now in Japan and the US too, word-of-mouth has drawn over a quarter of a million viewers to X-Patriate’s MySpace page. And with other album tracks “Dirty Little Secret” and “Dirty Life” also achieving top popularity on iTunes, it seems that Lipman has something to say that people want to hear.

Lipman writes all of the music and lyrics, plays all of the instruments, and sings every word on the record. He also has a unique background. He has been writing music since the age of 8, but he is also a doctor with a private practice in the heart of Georgetown, in Washington DC, has served as a professor at Georgetown University, is a graduate of Georgetown law, a published author (represented by the country’s leading non-fiction agency, as cited in the “New Yorker”, Dupree-Miller), and a commentator for CNN, the BBC, NBC News, the Washington Post, L.A. Times, and Agence France Presse, among other media. He has lectured throughout the world, served on White House initiated campaigns and as advisor to nations and the State Department, and, in his clinical work, has worked at the most elite institutions such as Yale University School of Medicine, The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and Georgetown, as well as with the most bereft souls on the streets of Washington. Lipman’s work has ranged from the most powerful politicians, journalists, attorneys, and other leading hearts and minds in Washington DC, to those struggling to keep heart and mind, body and soul together–as well the many minds and souls in between, who daily walk the streets of the city and the nation. He is certainly not your typical musician!

Yet through everything else, each year, Lipman has been writing lyrics and music, singing, playing all the instruments, and recording. He now records his music in a studio that he has built located just a few steps away from the Capitol and the White House - in the very heart of the nation. “Greetings From Lafayette Park” has now delivered this music from the heart of the nation into the world.

“Greetings” has been lauded far and wide for its musical diversity and lyrical depth. International publications such as “Whip art”-Italy’s National Art Publication based in Rome, and Nighttime Magazine are amongst the new devotees of this extraordinary album, with feature stories and in-depth interviews of Lipman. Even the cover shows the levels of thoughtfulness and invention Lipman has brought to the project. Combining the famous “Abbey Road” cover with an ironic nod to Springsteen’s “Greetings from Asbury Park”, and the apples and oranges presented to us by DC brilliantly captures the musical diversity, emotional depth and lyric complexity of the songs within.

Greetings From Lafayette Park

The epic “Pennsylvania Avenue” uses DC as Springsteen used Asbury Park, with the inner emotions, darkness, passions, power, and hope of the many different groups in DC used as a prism to reflect the power, passion, dreams, and often undiscovered darkness of humanity. The powerful political message has since seen the track included in a very popular Obama IMix on iTunes.

The haunting “Dirty Little Secret”–also having reached top popularity on iTunes–evokes Dylan in its lyrical sharpness, while Lipman’s deep, warm, powerful vocal performance has been compared to Nick Cave. The cool, knowing “Dirty Life” with a driving backbeat, reminds the listener of Lennon’s irony and his direct biting insight. Lipman also shows full out orchestral power in the beautiful ballads “The Cost” and “I’d Rather Close My Eyes” , and the multiple string sections and extraordinary close of “A Physical Thing” is like a modern take on “All You Need is Love,” rising to a powerful crescendo that includes carillon, wedding bells, stereo sweeping subway chimes, telephone–and barking dogs!

These 16 songs represent extraordinary musical artistry, with lyrics of rare insight, intellect, and depth, and with layers of meaning that invite – even demand – multiple listens.

With almost no prior publicity, every song on the album has already reached top popularity on iTunes in France and Italy. It has received over a quarter of a million views on MySpace, where countless listeners have left unsolicited rave reviews about Lipman’s deep voice and powerful and moving songs. European press have hailed Lipman as a new star and his music has received airplay across


Pennsylvania Avenue

Written By: Alan J. Lipman

Pennsylvania Avenue
Music and lyrics by Alan J. Lipman
Copyright 2008
Alan J. Lipman/X-Patriate Music.
All Rights Reserved.

Silly little girl makes a video
Tilts her head so cute and tired
As the steam rises from the grates

And outside the Big House
The reporters scatter round
Like packs of nervous birds
Behind the steely gates

And let the steam rise up
And let the people wise up
As I drive down Pennsylvania Avenue

Let the steam rise up
And let the people wise up
As I drive down Pennsylvania Avenue

The young debark at Union Station
New suits and bright eyes
And a gleam to aspire
And/or to acquire

And the elders on the street
Watch the town cars in their fleet
Pass to use the last of them
‘Fore they expire

And let the steam rise up
And let the people wise up
As I drive down Pennsylvania Avenue

Let the steam rise up
And let the people wise up
As I drive down Pennsylvania Avenue

Chipped paint on historic slum
A drum beat
So short so sweet
The hunger for a dance that will feel new

But the trend that brings them here
Is to be a part of History
Which means all will be the same
When they are through

But let the steam rise up
Let the people wise up
As I drive down Pennsylvania Avenue

Let the steam rise up
Let the people wise up
As I drive down Pennsylvania Avenue

Lighting flash above the dome
It lights the homes upon the Hill
Just for a moment a stop
A shock a sign

And for that moment all are still
As they hesitate to find the will
To rise above the guise of love
While there is time

And let the steam rise up
Let the people wise up
As I drive down Pennsylvania Avenue

Let the steam rise up
And let the people wise up
As I drive down Pennsylvania Avenue

Silly little girl makes a video
I watch it from my bed
As the light streams in
Between the monument and the grey

As the vendors, tenders
Menders, benders
Spenders and amenders
All rise to seek the hope within a brand new day

And let the steam rise up
Let the people wise up
As I drive down Pennsylvania Avenue

Let the steam rise up
And let the people wise up
As I drive down Pennsylvania Avenue

As I ride down Pennsylvania Avenue
As I rise up Pennsylvania Avenue


After The Fall

Written By: Alan J. Lipman

After the Fall
Music and Lyrics: Alan J. Lipman
Copyright 2008 Alan J. Lipman/X-Patriate Music
All Rights Reserved

After the fall
She went down to the cellar
Slept on the floor
For awhile
After the denoument

She was a teller
Of lies
And guile

After the wall collapsed
She went insane
They mangled her fine brain
With thoughts that were false

She'd wander the town
Scattering brown and gray
Ideas that they would slip
Inside her walls

And all through the day
She would say
"Hey Boys!"

And all through the night
They would sing to her

And all through that night
She would pound
At her head

Trying to forget
What she'd said

After the Fall
The walls came quickly
Everyone said she was sweet
She was cool

And school wasn't what
She had needed

Just a fool
Just a fool
Who would ease
Her troubled mind

Just a fool
Who would ease
Her worried kind

Just a fool
She would
Never Ever Find

Hey boys!


"Greetings From Lafayette Park": Album (OneSuch OS1004) released. Carried nationally and internationally by iTunes, Target, Rhapsody, EMusic, Amazon, Napster, CD Connection, and major retailers worldwide. Receives national and international play, including hit "Pennsylvania Avenue", "Dirty Little Secret", "The Cost".

"Pennsylvania Avenue": Released January 2008; Top popularity on iTunes both nationally and internationally from January 20-Present.

"The Cost": Released January 2007; includes international hit "The Cost", top popularity in France, Italy.

X-Patriate sites have grown up in extraordinary grassroots fashion online at Myspace, as well as Last.fm, particularly around "Pennsylvania Avenue", "The Cost".

Set List

The Cost
Pennsylvania Avenue
After the Fall
Future Remembers
Issues/Smoke and Mirrors Suite
Salvation >
More and More Like A Civil War
Dirty Life
I'd Rather Close My Eyes
Hold Yourself Against the Day
A Physical Thing
Alright >
Be With Me >
Break The Handle >
Cordon >
Constitutional Practice and Crime >
Fifteen or 20 Years From Now
He Would Ask No Questions About Their Methods >
Grape Soda
Holding in Line >
I Wrote The Book >
Healed By Art
If What You Want >
Cardinal Perspective
Its All About To Change >