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Miami, Florida, United States

Miami, Florida, United States
Latin Reggae




"Xperimento Mixes it Up Miami-Style"

Fusion is a way of life in Miami. Spanglish may as well be the official language. Restaurants boasting Asian fusion cuisine are popping up everywhere. And mixing up musical influences is an ancient tradition by now.

Xperimento, named New Times' Best Fusion Band this year, blends the band members' Latin roots with the American culture that they all grew up with. Each of these five guys hails from a different part of Central and South America, moving to the States at a young age.

They all have different musical backgrounds too. But together, Xperimento blends cumbia, reggae, merengue, ska, salsa, and funk with elements of rock, R&B, hip-hop and dancehall. It's a style the band has dubbed, "Latin reggae urban soul." - Miami New Times

"Xperimento Takes a Risk with New Musical Fusions on First Album"

MIAMI – The name of the band Xperimento is relatively new on the music scene, but its members are artists with long careers who found common elements among themselves from which they created what they call a “Latin reggae urban soul” sound for their first album, “Second Floor.”

The band members come from different parts of Latin America, such as Argentina, Puerto Rico, Venezuela and Colombia, and they have figured out a way to fuse the sounds of their places of origin with others that they liked.

“If the music can’t be danced to, for me it doesn’t have that spark,” the group’s lead singer, Camilo “Tumbao” Sierra, told Efe.

Xperimento gathers together the divergent sounds of cumbia, reggae, merengue, ska, salsa, funk, rock, R&B and hip hop.

“Our laboratory was Jazzid (the popular nightclub in Miami Beach) and the public was the thermometer to measure our lyrics and ... fused rhythms that hadn’t been done before,” according to Emiliano “Che” Torres, who formed the group in 2008.

Accompanying Torres and Sierra are Guillermo “Chamo” Cabral (guitar), Marcos Delgado (bass and backing vocals) and Alan Reyna (percussion). Some of the bandmates have been playing professionally for almost a decade with groups like Locos Por Juana.

The album, which went on sale in late April, was recorded in the Miami studios of Latin Grammy-winning producer A.T. Molina. EFE - www.LAHT.com


Still working on that hot first release.



Xperimento is a bilingual, multicultural band that blends world sounds such as Cumbia, Reggae, Merengue, Ska, Salsa, and Funk with elements of Rock, R&B, Hip Hop and Dancehall, creating the original genre called: “Latin Reggue Urban Soul”. Their electric performances and catchy-upbeat songs get the attention of everyone who listens and dances to their unique rhythm.