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1. "Above Da Cloudz" (Prod. by Be.Water) - Single
2. "Ninja Like Me" (Beyonce Cover)
3. "Nay Say" (Kanye West Cover)
4. "F4" (Prod. by OzBourNe) (Obama Tribute) - Single
5. "SpaceGhost" (Prod. by OzBourNe) - Single
6. "Interludacris" (Prod. by C-Sick)
7. "Such a Shame" (Prod. by Alchemist)
8. "Dig The Tune" (Missy Elliot Cover)
9. "What Can I Say" (Prod. by OzBourNe) - Single
10. "Now & Later" (Prod. by Be.Water) - Single

"Above Da Cloudz" and "F4" have received Radio Airplay.
All of our tracks can be streamed online via SoundCloud.



Fly.Xpress - "It's Fly to Xpress You!"


Fly.Xpress is a due of two solo artists that brilliantly unifies distinguished talents and perspectives.

The two artists are:

Don Royel

"I just want to be comfortable with the person that I look at in the mirror everyday" says Don, A South Suburban Native. Don Royel discovered his passion for music when he was immobilized by a broken leg. He spent 6 months as a homebody, stimulating his gruesome routine by studying the dictionary and ultimately mastering Word Play. He grew up an absolute stranger to Hip Hop up until his senior year of High School as his primary influences being legendary artists namely James Brown, Sam Cooke and The Jacksons. However, he's more recently developed an interest in the styles of G.O.O.D Music leader Kanye West as well other artist such as Tupac, Biggie, Jay Z, Common etc. Don thrives off the fact that he is something different to the HipHop community with the significance he places on remaining true to self through becoming widely recognized as an amazing artist and unlike most, Don didn't grow up having a favorite rapper. He blindly entered Hip Hop, creating his own lane and vision based off personal truths. His passion and undeniable aggression makes him HipHop's longed for Future.


"I can't live my life thru everyone else's lens...only the eyes of the Divine" says the 19-year old Duke. Hailing from the harsh streets of Gary, Indiana, Duke was raised by his Grandparents, revered leaders of his troubled neighborhood. He’s modestly a scouted high school basketball player, and Ivy League Marketing Student who graduated high school at only 16. He rigorously toiled with the academic opportunities presented to him, but they weren't much self-fulfilling. His athletic competitiveness and witty genius makes him an abstract artist in his own right. He's the perfect example of not only looking at the box from the outside in, but also looking Around the 'box.' Ironically, he seemed to have everything, but he always felt like the unwanted child since his parents weren't his caretakers. His metaphoric style embodies his pain of feeling unwanted, growing up too fast, and embarking on a deep romantic relationships while quite young. His study of Rap moguls such as Kanye West, Andre 3000, Tupac and Jay-Z have nurtured him in his growth as an artist. He is also an old soul at heart being raised by his grandparents who introduced him to his favorites such as Bill Withers, Anita Baker, James Brown, and Stevie Wonder. He's is now a man of his own and 'owns' all of life's teachings. A misunderstood Gauguin of Rap, he is ready & willing to share his artistry with the world.


United, these young men seek to captivate your minds in the experience of their music. They are here to inevitably change the face, style and stereotypical undertones of HipHop. Diligently and relentlessly nurturing their talents, Fly.Xpress will undoubtedly take off!