A breath of fresh air, these four classy young men bring back an old school sound and style.


Xquizite in their passion for love, life, and lessons, this group of four young men are destined to change the game and stamp their place in R&B and Soul music history!

The R&B sensation of 4 (D' Jo, TAE-D, Nova, and P-Scott) have all been producing, composing, writing music, and singing for as long as they can remember. Born from different areas of the South (New Orleans, Houston, and Dallas), but now residing in Dallas/Ft. Worth, this group is dedicated to bringing their audience R&B music and unique harmonization's that not only correlate with the core movement of R&B but also music that their listeners can truly relate to and apply to situations in life. Music with confirmation is what they call it. From their courage to break the major market with a “grown and sexy” image to their many different unique sounds they produce within their music, Xquizite is determined to provide an experience that touches and sends chills down your spine. “We are influenced by those that paved the path for us and still stand with respect as vocalists from Otis Redding to Michael Jackson to the Isley Brothers to Jagged Edge and H-Town.”

They distinctly stated, “We want to continue to grow to be legendary artists….we want to remembered 30 years from now.” And from the hard work that they produce from in the studio to their weekly workouts, these four young men (ages ranging 19-21) are definitely on a path to creating music that changes… Legendary Music.

Working on their debut album due for national release winter of 2008, Xquizite has already received rave reviews, backing, and support from professionals in the likes of Gary Hines with Sounds of Blackness, H-Town, and more. They have a tight strong support team of top vocal coaches, choreographers, producers, engineers, managers and agents from New York to LA whom are dedicated to producing the product of passionate and legendary R&B artists.
They all continue to pursue completing their educational ventures in order to provide a foundation for their future that no one can shake.

Stay tuned into the career of this young group as you will for sure be hearing more of the name…. XQUIZITE!


Weather Man will hit DJ Pools in about 1 week.