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Minneapolis, MN | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | INDIE

Minneapolis, MN | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2010
Band Hip Hop Christian




"XROSS New Release OMG 2013"

ARTIST BIOgraphy | Editorial
Twin Cities based GRAMMY® and Steller nominee, XROSS, releases OMG. The new OMG album, by XROSS is the songwriter/rappers fourth solo project, loaded with 17 songs; this double CD set features some of the music industry’s best gospel soul singers in the midwest including Jamecia Bennett (daughter of Ann Nesby), Billy Steele (co-director of Sounds of Blackness) and label mate Troy “T-Hud” Hudson. The OMG project is loaded with blazing tracks, hip-hop ballads, and most notably is under-girded by strong lyrical content; which is the trademark of XROSS. The OMG experience (music, lyric and overall sound) is timely and ultimately a work of musical art; OMG is a must have CD.

XROSS notes in an interview… “OMG is a labor of love; every detail that went into the production of the CD, and certainly the songwriting, was stirred by the mastermind behind the project. OMG features hit singles “Red Lights”, “Monster” (which is dedicated to Newtown, Aurora, and Treyvon Martin).” Singles also include “Man-up” “Pray On” and “We Bout It” which are shadowed by digital music videos.

”OMG is a project that I am very happy with the sound and the overall presentation of Gods’ work in and through me. I poured over this CD, many long nights and even longer days making sure that the finite details of the song itself was complete and appropriate for the message that need be conveyed. Some songs inspire, others are written as reflection or dedication pieces, while others are simply written to positively and spiritually impact hip-hop culture. We’ve made it a point to offer something for everyone to enjoy on OMG.”

XROSS’ past works include Tellem’ tha Truth, Red Letters, and The God; and he has appeared in a host of showcases, concerts, music venues, festivals and domestic/international broadcasts for over a decade. Anyone who meets XROSS will attest that he is a mighty man of faith, genuine, firmly grounded and is a general among the Christian Hip Hop culture. His portfolio includes the launch of his son, K-Jay a solo emcee with three projects “What We Like” “God Music & Money” and “The College Life”; all of which were executively produced by XROSS. He is the CEO of 1Way Entertainment; an artist/emcee of sSWAG (Stop Satan’s Work Against God) Movement. XROSS is a mentor-leader and guest speaker for former-NFL Coach Tony Dungy’s All-Pro Dads. And in his spare time, he is actively engaged and coaching Youth Athletics – Football and Basketball for Jr High and High School students. XROSS is also the founder of the Man-Up Mentor Leadership club which is a peer group of high school males with the focus on academic development, life skills and social skills. He is also a member of Shiloh Temple International Ministries where he serves as a youth outreach minister.
“The soulful, street-wise, spirit-filled rhymes, rhythms, music and message of XROSS immediately establishes him as an artist extraordinaire, a force to contend with, and a voice to be heard”…..Gary Hines, Music Director / Producer, GRAMMY® Award-Winning Sounds of Blackness.
Bobby Z, drummer for Prince & the Revolution states, “XROSS brings his talent, integrity, and passion to his music, and his life.”
Connect with XROSS, join the OMG movement – learn more at: http://www.1wayentertainment.com
- Fusemix

"General Email"

Thank you so much for following God's call and using in the Hip-hop
genre to take the Gospel to the world. I am so thankful that God's message is starting to make some real noise in the industry, and on the streets. In case the subject line threw you a curve, I was the person
flying to Omaha out of Denver, with a Nebraska Track and Field shirt on. Whether you remember me, or not, isn't important; but
thank you for handing me that flyer, and for being a light for God. I almost did not read the flyer; it looked like so many other flyers that I see handed out that are not promoting anything holy. Nevertheless, I read it anyway, and by reading it, I found that it was a Gospel inspired
production. I bought the album, and I LOVE IT. It has ministered to me from song 1 to song 19. Continue to battle of Jesus and THE CROSS, I will be sure to spread the word about you work and do my best to get
others to your site so that they can by the CD. It is only a matter of time before the entire world knows that God's real and He isn't playing about who we are living our lives for. God Bless you and I will lift you
up in prayer as you travel and minister.

David - lostdrummerboy - Nebrasken in Denver/June 2003

"The God CD review"

Dear Xross,
Just peeped "The God" and wanted to tell you how blessed I have been by it personally. You are courageous in your faith and strongly anointed to reach the harvest with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I will be sharing you cd with youth primarily instructing pre teen, teen and college level females on biblical
principles to life issues they face daily. I have informed power jam ministries - outreach in Cleveland and holds a monthly youth night at Rainbow Family Christian Bookstore - of your ministry.
Also, I will be bringing you to the attention of Youth Pastors' in the northeast Ohio area.

May you continue to be directed by the Spirit of the Lord in all you do.
His Blood is Fierce..................

Awaiting His Return!

12/10/04 email from
Rev. R. K. Foster, Founder
Bride Of His Son Ministries
- Rev. Regina Foster

"XROSS Among Top Gospel Stars"

11/11/08 Las Vegas (MGM Grand)

On Tuesday night, this “Reunion” turned into a Revival Service with a “Men of Gospel” showcase that turned into church. Hosted by Byron Cage, V. Michael McKay, Deitrick Haddon and Tye Tribbett, these men were nothing short of representing the Kingdom of God. Special guests of the evening included the Prince Rod Dance Company, Dr. Bobby Jones, Bishop Leonard Scott, Lance Williams, Jonathan Nelson, Micah Stampley, Myron Butler, Mali, The Williams Brothers, Troy Taylor, Vashawn Mitchell, XROSS, Ricky Dillard, Stephen Hurd, Beau Williams and many more.

Making a special appeal to the youth were Deitrick Haddon who encouraged some of the men on stage to pray for those standing in front with their hands raised. Quick to move were Stephen Hurd and XROSS who began laying hands on various individuals in prayer.

Las Vegas or not, God was in the room changing lives.

- The Belle Report

"XROSS: Between Jesus and Jay-Z"

Music: Xross: Between Jesus and Jay-Z
The word of God came to local rapper Xross in a strip club, and he has been fighting to save hip-hop ever since.

By Chris Riemenschneider, Star Tribune

Last update: January 29, 2009 - 8:49 PM
Few people love hip-hop more than Xross. And few people hate it more than the Twin Cities-based rapper/minister, who is part of a growing -- and, some might say, wholly unlikely -- genre known as holy hip-hop.

"Hip-hop culture has been hoodwinked and basically just lied to for way too long," said Xross ("cross"), aka Korey Dean.

"It glorifies money, drugs, a promiscuous lifestyle. It's leading a generation to believe that everything can come to you like something out of a microwave oven and you don't have to work for anything. I wanted to write an album that spoke the truth they need to hear."

The truth Xross refers to, of course, is the gospel of Jesus Christ. It's all over his new album, "Tell 'Em tha Truth." And it consistently defined an interview with the 34-year-old rapper two weeks ago at Nutty Boyz Entertainment, the Brooklyn Park recording studio owned by former Timberwolves player and aspiring rapper Troy (T-Hud) Hudson -- who has enlisted Xross as a spiritual adviser, while Xross uses T-Hud's studio for some of his recordings.

Christian rap is not an entirely new thing, but it only recently started to get some respect.

Two weekends ago, Xross was in Atlanta receiving an award at the burgeoning Holy Hip-Hop Awards. The BET network, which covered that ceremony, also now airs a weekly Christian rap show called "Generation Gospel" at 11 a.m. Sundays. Even the Grammy Awards has started to recognize the genre, albeit a bit clumsily: Xross and his wife, Mariaha Markel, earned a nomination in the best rock-gospel album category with a track they co-wrote for the 2005 compilation CD "Holy Hip-Hop: Taking the Gospel to the Streets." (The disc lost to rockers Third Day, but at least Xross can officially call himself a Grammy-nominated artist.)

"Early on, Christian rap earned a stigma of being kind of corny," Xross admitted, "but that's gone away. The production is a lot better, the beats are better and then there's more substance in the lyrics."

Another key difference might be the ever-important and somewhat intangible quality known as street cred. Many early Christian rappers looked like TV's Urkel when he got older and tried to shake the nerd traits, and their music sounded about as edgy as a DC Talk album.

Xross' music, on the other hand, is laden with hard-hitting beats, street slang and songs referencing gun violence, drug-slinging, one-night stands and all the other gangsta-isms that have made 50 Cent a multimillionaire. The difference, of course, is he puts all that down.

"I know what the enemy looks like, and I'm about to smoke him out," he raps in the album's title track. "I told them about the dope game and the cocaine on the block/ I told them about the Hennessy and the girl that got shot/ We talk about the church and the disconnection from the street/ When the church is disconnected from the street, there's more beefs, more crime, more murder / Disciples falling asleep."

Make no mistake: Xross' lyrics are consistently devoid of profanities and clean enough for churches, where he stages about 50 percent of his performances, including his CD party Saturday at the Shiloh Temple in Minneapolis, where he is a member. But were it not for the Christian message in every one of his songs, Xross would probably be deemed too racy to get played in KDWB's hip-hop-lite rotation.

"The music has to be culturally relevant," Xross explained. "That's key for Christian hip-hop, or for ministries period. So the craft of Jay-Z, Diddy, Kanye, 50 Cent definitely influences me because they're masters of the craft. It's just that their information is not conducive to building healthy families."

He added, "I think having street credibility makes it easier for some people to relate to you, especially someone going through a tough time."

Xross was going through his own rough patch when his breakthrough moment came in 2002. He says he heard the voice of God in -- of all places -- a strip club in Orange County, Calif., where he was living at the time and aspiring to be a secular rapper.

"I was just doing the usual: tipping dollar bills to the strippers, hanging out, getting high," he remembered. "God just kind of came to me and said, 'Hey, man, are you really happy?'

"The power of God is really strong when he speaks to you, and you know it's him. Of course, my partners just thought I was high. I didn't really realize it was the full power of God, but the full emotion started to take over, tears were streaming down my face. I knew I wasn't really happy. I wasn't fulfilled. That night, I gave my life to Christ."

A native of Louisville, Ky., Xross came to Minnesota to play football for St. John's University as a running back. He later joined the U - Minneapolis Star Tribune

"2009 Holy Hip Hop Music Awards honors XROSS!"

2009 Holy Hip Hop Music Awards Honorees:

* LG Wise*Young Prayzr*IROCC*S.O.M.*D-M.A.U.B.*Gospel Gangstaz*The Great Commission* Danny (D-Boy)Rodriguez (posthumous)*Legacy *XROSS*Dice Gamble*Christafari. Ambassador Award: Kurtis Blow Walker and Josh Niemyjski

2009 Holy Hip Hop Awards Re-Cap; and Live Internet Stream Statistics Snapshot

WebCast Viewership Hours Rocket 700% for Holy Hip Hop Awards ShowTime (6 P.M. to 1:45 A.M. (Close)

January 19, 2009. Atlanta.

To the Global Holy Hip Hop and Gospel Community, Friends, Family and Supporters Worldwide. The following is a Re-cap Summary of the 2009 Holy Hip Hop Awards:

After opening with the traditional Summit and UGA International Mixer and U-Zone Magazine on Thursday, January 15, 2009 and Ministry Classes and Seminars on January 16th hosted by Crowne Plaza hotel, 2009 Holy Hip Hop Awards closed in Prayer by Kurtis Blow Walker on Sunday, January 18, 2009, with the last Ministers of the Gospel closing at 1:45 A.M. (Eastern Daylight Time), closing out a 16 Hour Non-Stop Marathon led by over 100 Holy Hip Hop Ministers of the Gospel, Honorees and Aficionados Raising the Roof in Praise, Honor and Glory for Him through Powerful Beats, Inspirational and Uplifting Lyrics and Dance; Go Ye DJs keeping the FreeStyle Sessions Flowing in the Vendor/Lobby area, combined with Praise & Worship & Altar Call; Saturated Media Presence (BET, TBN/JCTV and Dense Mass Media presence (Radio, Print, Internet Correspondents and Individuals getting pictures, audio and video footage for TV, Magazines, Newspapers, Internet Media and Personal memories); Sponsor Booths filling the hallways of the arena and Shoulder-to-Shoulder Fellowshipping, Networking and Rejoicing in the Gospel, The Good News from over 146 different cities and over 40 Different States and 5 countries from the time that they entered Center Stage Arena and from the time that they left Center Stage Arena to return to their respective homes and Citizens of Mayor Shirley Franklin's City of Atlanta covered again by Street Ministry and Street Promotions powered by CIO and MTM; combined with a Powerful Element and Participation from Viewers Worldwide Who were Able to Watch the Holy Hip Hop Awards Live on Their PCs via Streaming Technology deployed Using the Power and Reach of the World Wide Web, Share the Event and Support the Ministers of the Gospel and Interact with each other via Thousands upon Thousands of Chat Instant Messages as Internet Viewers were also able to Simultaneously experience and participate in the 2009 Holy Hip Hop Awards in Digital stereo and Video online with RapZilla even traveling from over 1000 miles away to capture highlights of the entire event in Digital photography real-time.

The Global Holy Hip Hop Movement Remains Focused on the Mission to Uplift, Edify and Evangelize Youth, Children and Adults for Generations to Come. The stage is now set for the 10th Annual Holy Hip Hop Awards, so please mark your calendars early for: January 15-16, 2010 (Ministers of the Gospel Music, Bio and Ministry Statement Submissions window to open in May 2009). Special Thanks to Everyone Who Played their Part in Making the 9th Annual Holy Hip Hop Awards a memorable and enjoyable time from all of the Ministers of the Gospel (Emcees), Labels, Sponsors, Attendees and Viewers On the Internet to all of websites, program directors, tv and media who all came together as one in effort, faith and prayer for another successful event in Christ. May God Bless You Always and We Will Do It Again Soon and next Stop the Sonshine Festival in Minnesota so stay tuned for more Good News to Come. Yours Truly, Minister eDDie Velez (a/k/a "Da Preachin Puerto Rican").

- Holy Hip Hop Inc.

"Holy Hip-Hop 2004 - fellow artist - Lil' Short E"

To: info@xrossmusic.com
Sent: Sun, 14 Mar 2004 23:16:31 EST
Subject: God Bless!!!

Hello Xross, My name is Erika. You don't know me but I was the girl talking to Origin in the lobby on the last night of the Holy Hip Hop awards while you all were packing up. Anyway I just wanted to tell you how much of a blessing your
music has been to me. I bought your c.d and i've been playing it every since. I really love song # 3 " Wasting My Time." The beat is like Crrazzzy, but more than that your lyrics are on point. I also liked the "Daddy,Daddy " song. My partner and I wear that song out. Ohh and the Dearly Beloved song is sooo nice too. What can I say brotha, you is just anointed.
I also do Holy Hip Hop music. I actually got to minister again this
year so that was a blessing. Your music is making a difference in someone's life. I pray that God will bless you and your family as well as your music ministry as you continue to obey him.
We need more men of God like you in this world. Keep on doing what you do!!!!!!!
Ya sista in Christ,
Lil' Short E
- Bridled Tongue

"XROSS performs at Elk river High School & Graduates from Univ of Minnesota!"


Wow, now that is a "Major" accomplishment and something I have yet to do myself. I am very proud of you!

Every time I am around you and your family, you guys bless the socks off of me.

The Holy Spirit was really speaking to me last night through your beautiful wife. I was pretty down about the attendance last night and she helped shed some light on things for me. Please let her know what an encouragement she was to me.

Also, I am sooooo impressed with your kids. They illuminate the "light of Christ" as does your ENTIRE family. YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!!

Lu Ann Smith
- Elk River

"XROSS set to reach millions with KOCH Distribution"

Minneapolis, MN (December 1, 2008) ---- One Way Entertainment gospel hip hop artist, XROSS, is set to reach millions with the upcoming release of the much anticipated CD "Tell'em tha Truth". Scheduled to hit store shelves everywhere on January 27th 2009, "Tell'em tha Truth" is the third independent project written and executive produced by XROSS, and the first nationally distributed release by XROSS backed by a powerhouse, leading distributer of hip hop music - KOCH Distribution.

No stranger to the Christian Hip Hop scene, as a part of Holy Hip Hop vol. 1 and vol. 3, XROSS is a GRAMMY® NOMINATED songwriter, for "Dedication to Holy Hip Hop" by wife Mariaha Markel, which topped the billboard charts at #15 [2004]. XROSS landed on Gospel Billboard's top 40 list, with hit single "Who's Ya Daddy" ranked #39, [2006] the initial version released in a partnership with Holy Hip Hop Inc & EMI Gospel.

In the recent signing of a major distribution deal with CC Entertainment/Koch Distribution for the release of "Tell'em tha Truth" Bobby Z, former Drummer for "Prince & The Revolution" & CCE Executive states, "XROSS brings his talent, integrity, and passion to his music, and his life. We are proud to be working with an artist at the forefront of the Holy Hip Hop movement."

XROSS' new album "Tell'em tha Truth" is a master piece and loaded with hits! Certain to be a major staple in its primary genre of music; the label and the artist are confident in the projects ability and undeniable appeal to move the ears of mainstream audiences and listeners. "Ride to it and let it play", proclaims XROSS in an interview...."every song is hot, so no need to skip through the CD looking for a hit, they all are bangers". Songs like 'Y U Runnin" which won him best rap/spoken word artist at Dr. Dorinda Clark-Cole Singers & Musician Conference this summer as well as a featured performance slot along with his 14-year-old son KJ www.sonicbids.com/kj2 on Gospel Music Channel's "Next Generation". "Tear It Up" is a club song in which XROSS brags about living a saved lifestyle. This joint is sure to win over the listeners in the mainstream markets; XROSS is bold about the rich quality of Holy Hip Hop music - which is not only good for the ears, but good for the soul.

"Look 4 Me" is the Holy Hip Hop anthem, the cornerstone of hip hop ministry which proclaims "If ya looking for the truth, I'll leave it up to you, but you know where to find me at... I'm not just in the church but I'm on the block, and that's where you'll find me at" XROSS becomes very transparent with his hit Look 4 Me, with piercing lyrics that clearly articulate the method of fulfilling the great commission. It's not about religion or just church as usual, but it's about going out of the four walls into the community and reaching the lost where they are. "Who's Ya Daddy {Remix}" is simply out the box, revamped that proves XROSS to be more than just a performing artist, but musically a creative genius. XROSS goes into the enemies camp and literally takes back what the pimp stole, the phrase "Who's ya Daddy" and delivers it back to its rightful place; Who's Ya Daddy on this album boasts of our one and only "true father" - Jesus Christ. "He's Still With Me" is a love song God commissioned XROSS to write a couple months in advance of the untimely deaths of his Grandmother (Big Mama) and his older brother, Michol Dean. A great loss for XROSS and his family; both pivotal members of the Dean family died less than a month apart after the song had been completed.

Hit song "No Water" is a smooth laid back melody that speaks life into the young person who is struggling to find purpose. The hook of No Water says, "I'm standing in a boat with no water, wasting my time away, I'm sitting in a car with no keys, throwing my life away, I'm going to the store with no money knowing I'm about to cause some trouble, I gotta, (I gotta) do something" The song "Tell'em tha Truth" was birthed after much prayer and fasting for God to reveal his true and ultimate purpose for Holy Hip Hop ministers world-wide. The song cuts like a double edged sword and sends a crystal clear message to repent for the kingdom of God is at hand! This cut will send chills down your spine!

Tell'em tha Truth is a universal album with endless boundaries as to whom it will reach; the compact disc in its entirety defies all rules of music theory & business that relates to target markets. It's articulate and harmonious enough to inspire the most seasoned or mature Christian, while versatile and crunk enough to capture and encourage youth of all ages. Tell'em tha Truth deals with real issues that challenge the churched and the un-churched to be transparent with God; a requirement for finding and fulfilling the truth that God placed in us. This CD is a collection of songs that reaches deep into the back pocket to tell some of life's most vile and/or successful moments while celebrating the saving grace of Christ.

"The - www.Illspot.net


EP 'Came A Long Way' (2016)

Single 'Together2016' (Theme Song) (2016)

Single 'Fearless' (2016)

Single 'Keep Hope Alive' (2015)

Single 'My Story' (2014)

Album 'OMG" (2013)

"Live Free" 2012 Hit Single

Executive Producer: K-Jay -"The College Life" Mixtape 2012 release

Producer and Co- Writer of "Fly Again" by 3-time Grammy Award Winning Sound of Blackness Featuring:XROSS currently #24 on Billboard

Executive Producer and Writer: K-Jay -"God, Music & Money" album 2011 release

XROSS "Tell'em Tha Truth Mixtape" 2010

Tell'em the Truth Album 2009

Holy Hip Hop Vol. 3-Released world-wide Oct, 25 2005

Dedication to Holy Hip-Hop by Mariaha Markel/EMI Gospel (GrAMMY NOMINATED)for Best Rock Gospel Album)

Red Letters (LP) 2005
"What We Like" (LP) by KJ 2005
Do It For Daddy Compilation single/EMI Gospel (release Fall 2005)
"Behold" - Single by KJ 2004
"The God' (LP) by XROSS 2003
"Bout Christ" - Maxi-Single



Korey "XROSS: Dean (pronounced cross)
CEO of 1 Way Entertainment a premier Christian Hip Hop label.Twin Cities, MN.

Founder and Executive Director of The Man Up Club, a non profit mentor leadership organization for African American males age13-24. 

Super Bowl Gospel Celebration Minnesota Marketing representative/Consultant.
Member of 2019 NCAA Final Four Breakfast Committee.

Founder of Sang Choir Gospel Fest, showcase of the top emerging gospel artists in the midwest.

Founder of Man Up Minneapolis Fest, an urban youth outreach festival in North Minneapolis, designed to empower the urban millennial.

National Prayer Breakfast, Minnesota Delegate.

XROSS served with national spokesman Tony Dungy's NFL All Pro Dads program, a program designed to help fathers build a stronger relationship with their children. XROSS is spiritual mentor and advisor to several pro athletes and inner city youth.

XROSS songs are featured in Oxygen hit TV series Preachers of LA, Detroit and Atlanta. 

XROSS topped the billboard charts at #39 with his debut album Tell Em Tha' Truth Featuring the hit single, "Y U Runnin'" topping the Christian Rhythmic Charts at #7. 

Executive Producer & Songwriter of "Together" the official theme song for a global movement that bi annually gathers one million believers on the National Mall in Washington DC.

Pulse Urban Relation Director, one of the largest youth evangelism outreaches in the world.

XROSS producer of the Malaco hit single "Fly Again" for 3-time Grammy Award winning group "Sounds of Blackness" which topped the charts at #24 on Billboard and nominated for 2 NAACP Image Awards."The soulful, street-wise, spirit-filled rhymes, rhythms, music and message of XROSS immediately establish him as an Artist Extraordinaire, a force to contend with, and a voice to be heard".....Gary Hines, Music Director / Producer, GRAMMY Award-Winning Sounds of Blackness.

Gospel Music Channel's and Bobby Jones, Next Generation of Stars,recognized by Dr. Bobby Jones  

XROSS plays the Main stage at many of the major Christian music festivals. He has shared the gospel through hip hop and as a speaker with prominent leaders such as:
Nick Hall, Pulse Movement, High School Tour

Greg Steir, Dare2Share, My Story

Reid Saunders, Reach Out Don't Freak Out

Steiger International/No Longer Music,European music missions tour

Bill Darpino and Ben Comer, Sonshine Fest

Dave Gibson, Grace Church of Eden Prairie, My Story High School Tour 

The mayor and City of Minneapolis has also endorsed and partnered with XROSS to write and produce inspirational music and videos to address youth violence prevention. 

XROSS' passion for youth and ministry has led him to earn a BS degree in Youth Studies and Sociology from the University of Minnesota.

Featured in Christopher "PLAY" Martin's blockbuster film "Holy Hip Hop" and a pioneer of Minnesota based Christian Hip Hop Movement. 

More than all the above XROSS' greatest achievement is as a Loving Husband and Father.

Korey "XROSS" Dean is the Executive producer and producer:

K-Jay (Son) The College Life (Album)

CELENA the Rapper (Daughter) "Filipino & Black (EP)

Tytist (Son) I Am Liberty (Album)

Listen to more of XROSS Music, his artists and label at:www.soundcloud.com/sswagmovement

Website: www.1wayentertainment.com

Twitter: www.twitter.com/heyxross
Facebook: www.facebook.com/heyxross

Listen to more of XROSS Music here: www.soundcloud.com/sswagmovement

Band Members