Dallas, Texas, USA
BandHip HopChristian

Xsedus is a Christian rapper who gives the glory to God through his lyrics and music. Xsedus feels he was designed to be a poetic lyricist with his use of metaphors and parables. He wants to elicit deeper thought with his music.


A young artist located in Dallas, Texas that has been rapping for over ten years. His drive and passion for what he does is not for things of this world, but to serve the Lord whole-heartedly. Knowing his talent is not possessed by self but by by God, Xsedus is sharing God's word through rap to reach people all over. With powerful words and personal testimonies, his main purpose is to let everyone know that God is real and that God is love. With a strong interest in today's youth, Xsedus attends many youth events encouraging them to lead positive lives and to enhance their educational opportunities.
Throughout his lyrics many SAT levels words are incorporated to promote a strong vocabulary for today's learners. To everyone he stresses the importance of not letting anyone hold you back from your dreams. Along with attending events state and nation wide, Xsedus has traveled to Trinidad and Tobego for ministry. He has appeared on several TV shows, including two while in Trinidad and has also been aired on radio for interviews. As a messenger for God, Xsedus encourages that we each love by these words and allow them to penetrate our lives.


First album "Freedom" is available on Itunes and amazon.com