September Leaves

September Leaves

 Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg, DEU

September Leaves is a European 4-piece indie pop/folk band around Gerd M. Böttler. On stage they constantly change their various instruments so you can expect a vivid and vibrant live performance. Playing solo and by loop-station September Leaves supported The Bowerbirds & William E. Whitmore.


September Leaves is a folkish indie pop project around the composer and songwriter Gerd M. Böttler. He is surrounded by Ilja Thamm, another fellow countryman, Sjoerd Ijedema, a calm Dutchman and Enzo Fragapane, a keen Italian. The three of them shape a band which constantly changes instruments as there are accordion, piano, mandoline, upright bass, cello, 60’s banjo, trumpet, french horn, transverse flute, piano, live-looping. In consequence you can expect a vivid and vibrant live performance.

Böttler was born and raised in an area in Central Europe known as Germany. His former home in the swabian countryside apart from urban disturbance was perfect for him to grow a distinctive sense of music. Already in the years of his childhood his parents gave him the possibility to take piano and trumpet lessons. He was not yet at the age of 10 when he founded a rockband with a bunch of friends. The mixture of playing in the local brass band and besides that going from punk to screamo to acoustic should be reason enough to explain the great variety in the artistical work of the composer.

In the need of a change in his life Böttler moved to the city of Karlsruhe. Though this place is not well known for being an indie-music-citiy, Böttler was lucky to find some extraordinary musicians there. From time to time somebody discovers splendidness behind the curtain of the inconspicuous.

The music of September Leaves is contradictory. They tell us stories about failure in a true and forthright way, though they convince us that hope is still something worth fighting for.


Limited Felt-Mini-EP (2009)
Friendship Manifesto (2010)