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First Luv

Written By: Go'dilox (shawn taylor)

Verse 1
Since we were young, you had this thing for me--
U always thought that, I couldn’t see--
You couldn’t figure out, exactly what it was--
Till we got older and you knew I was your First Luv--
I knew how you felt, but you would neva tell--
How you wanted me, boy I knew you well--
All the luy notes thatu left just because--
Boy you knew I was yo’ First and only Luv

The First to make you smile
The First to have yo’ mind
The First to see you cry
The First to dry yo’ eyez
I was the First to give you more-
than you’ eva had before--
We’ll neva be apart--the Fist to have yo’heart

Verse 2
As long as we’ve been together, I neva told you boy
I’ve always had a thing for you,
‘Cause you my pride-n--joy
I remember when we shared our First kiss--
And from this moment on--
I knew I wanted this--
So we can take this next step in our relationship,
don’t start ackin’ all scared on me now and shhh
There somethin’ I wanna tell you--
There’s another First I wanna do--

Hook (twice)

Bridge (repeat 3 times)
Boy I Luv U
I will trust U
I adore U

Verse 3
Baby, I treasure every moment that I spend with you--
Doesn’t matter whereva you go, as long as Im with you--
I wanna love every second, minute, hour, of every day
as long as you neva change, I’ll always feel this way--
Bridge(3 times) with Hook (4 times ) and together----