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Synthesizing music, film, and an unforgettable live experience, this innovative indie band, X: THC is evolving and redefining how a live show is presented and experienced within the model of the music industry.


"The important thing is this: To be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become."- Charles DuBois

If you've ever had the experience of feeling
or "different"...

Hypnotical Entertainment
invites you to discover
the unique music and HD Video experience,
"X: The Human Condition"

A love story of a different kind...




Synthesizing music, film, and an unforgettable live experience, this innovative indie band, X: THC is evolving and redefining how a live show is presented and experienced within the model of the
music industry.

X: THC combines chilled, shattered beats, soulful vibe, and edgy indie rock songwriting to create a lush, ambient soundscape. The songs conjure shades of post-punk, new wave, and electronica- yet they weave a seductive, hypnotic sound all their own.

The immersive, live concert performance is accompanied by X: THC"s original film, X: The Human Condition, whose wistful and mysterious imagery creates an utterly unique and uplifting experience. Citing Tim Burton, Michel Gondry, Jean Cocteau, and The Brothers Grimm as major influences, X: THC's visual companion to the performance is a surrealistic, psychological trip inside the human subconscious.

Post-performance, you will be invited to access hidden pages within the website, to uncover the mysteries and meanings on a deeper level ...

X: THC's music is currently in rotation on Continental Airlines' Ambient Groove Program, Aircalin's "Jetstream" program and in rotation on 102 college radio stations and counting...


X: THC's Michael Nova is an existential explorer. A powerful performer, composer, filmmaker and producer, Michael is releasing his multimedia music and film project, X: The Human Condition after over a decade of, at times, seemingly insurmountable challenges, countered by an innate creative perseverance.

Michael worked for 12 years, with the help of hundreds of actors, musicians and crew, who volunteered or cut their rates to work on the project, because of the message of the music and film. His goal was to do "one good thing"- to create a live music and film project that would inspire people to overcome challenges in life, but he was about to face more challenges than he ever imagined.

With no previous experience, Michael had directed and was in the process of co-editing the film, when things took a turn for the worse. He suddenly developed multiple serious ailments. He lost his vision, was diagnosed with kidney disease, and at high risk for heart disease. X: The Human Condition seemed doomed.

But though all this, something incredible was happening. The story of X: The Human Condition was now reflecting through to his real life and his real life reflected the story. They were coming together in a twisted, yet beautiful way. And it was when he could not see, that he saw what could not be seen.

With this realization, he underwent intense rehabilitation, strengthening his resolve to complete this "one good thing." A full recovery was not expected, but it is amazing what you can do when you are passionate about something.

With the goal of inspiring people through the music and film, the behind the scenes story of X: The Human Condition now became an inspiration in itself. The project is a tribute to humanity - it's flaw, and it's perfection. We can all hurt; we can all feel alone - yet we can all heal ourselves with our emotions, our beliefs and our minds.

In order to affect concrete change in others' lives, X: THC is donating a portion of proceeds from ticket and album sales of X: The Human Condition to www.halfofus.com and www.afsp.org.


X: THC's musicians are diverse artists who have produced sound design for HBO, Showtime, ABC, SciFi, USA, and Oxygen networks, performed with, or played on albums by Public Enemy, Popa Chubby, DJ Red Alert, The NY Chamber Opera, and shared stages with Costanza, Mudville, Natalie Walker, Boom Boom Satellites, J.Viewz, and many more.

X: The Human Condition's production team has produced projects for Shaggy, Todd Terry, India, Louie Vega, The National Football League, The Partnership for a Drug-Free America, and Latin America Superstar Ednita Nazario and Johnny Sigal.

X: The Human Condition 's actors have appeared in productions such as Saturday Night Live, Law and Order, Law and Order: SVU, Morgan Spurlock's Phoenix, Guiding Light, Gossip Girl, Moon Over Miami, and the feature films The Good Shepherd, Forgiven and Final Analysis.


"The realization of X: The Human Condition is absolutely remarkable...a fascinating experience"
-Side-Line Music Magazine

"Deeply and genuinel



Written By: X: THC

she never played the part
of the happy girl
there’s no depth in that
she’d explain

living by the moon
and what is felt
not seen
and most importantly
the mood

and no one
how could anyone

the creature from the blackened room

i found the creature’s smile
in my box this year
many human friends
she explains

living by the sun
and what is seen
not felt
and not to fall into
that mood

and someone
now someone

but in some room
darkened by a cloud
of it’s own design
a creature sits in depth

understanding every word
she ever said
but a thousand words too late
and a million miles away

and no one
how could anyone

the creature from the blackened room
we are
creatures from blackened rooms


Written By: X: THC

come aboard
feel the railway sun
when the bored
awake at fall

can’t abide
where you hide

one more stairway
one more ticket to
azure grey
one more cloud away
one more stair

come aboard
run the railway sun
i watch you hide
eyes so soft to me

but i can’t abide
where you hide
and it’s
one more stairway
one more ticket to
reason away
one more feeling
one more please

i’m cold
i’m cold


Written By: X: THC

take a beating
make it everything
you’ve dreamed of in your life

it’s when you’re bruising
inside out
that you feel at home
in bed


and you cry
how much it feels like love
when you feel the pain
so bittersweet inside

you’re only happy when you’re sad
without the kind of love
you need

with one eye open


"X: The Human Condition"
(Hypnotical Entertainment/Nova Music)
CD/DVD Release: March 2010

Set List

A Human Flood
Sleeping With One Eye Open
The Creature From The Blackened Room
Don't Cry
Mr. Happy
Like Violins
Woth Fighting For
TAG, You're it