xThrough Thick and Thinx

xThrough Thick and Thinx


xThrough Thick and Thinx is a Christian, Straight Edge band from Jacksonville, FL.


A band that started 2007 in a small tattoo shop on the corner of Dunn Ave. in Jacksonville, FL. Romeo apprenticing at Kadillac Tattoos, had been looking to start a new band with his brother Mickey who plays drums. while working, both Joe (guitarist) and Rhudy (bassist) both came up in the same week for a tattoo. After two weeks of talking and becoming friends, they were already having band practice. The band has been steadily progressing since its sudden start. With alot of support from Kadillac Tattoos and friends, xTTATx is a Jacksonville hardcore band, inspired by straight edge and christian beliefs. out to make its name on the world, this band is nothing less than family


(Tried and True EP)
Turn The Tides
Hope For Tommorrow
After the Storm
Heart of Gold
The Strong